Saucy Revenge

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6- Rescue?

Author pov,

After locking the door outside she rushed to leave the place along with her handbag. In her hurry, she forgot to put on a face mask. When she was hurried taking long steps in fear. She was collided by a muscular man rising her fear.

"I'm sorry" she whispered to looking up, but the person standing was lost staring at her for a second, before she leaves he grabbed her wrist pulling down his face mask with a smirk.

"R... Rickk" she muttered in disbelief looking at the devil standing holding her wrist.

"Yes, finally I reached my prey" He smirked stepping to her.

"Leave my hand!" She snapped yanking away her wrist.

"Not yet, sweetie!" He smiled dragging her onto him. She sensed him drunk and she was sure about his mischief behaviour.

"Not again, Rick. Let me go... It's not the way you behave with your friend's wife!" She shouted struggling in his arms, but he kissed her neck freezing her for a second.

"What the hell!' She snapped smacking on his face.

"You bitch!!" He growled holding his sore cheek. Taking the opportunity she grabbed her bag and run to exit this place. He started chasing her. Due to the shut down of transit, there is no trace of tourists or staff in the resorts. She run through the isolated in search of rescue, but nothing worked. At last, she rushed to her villa where Manik is lying on the bed unconscious.

Rick held her hair in his fist preventing her from running inside the villa.

"Ahh!" She screamed as he harshly pulled on her hair halting her. She ignored her pain and kicked with her elbow on his abdomen and ran inside. She was about to lock the door before she do so he kicked on the door breaking its lock pad and stepped inside.

His eyes fell on Manik who is lying on the bed in deep sleep. She rushed up to Manik and tried to wake him up, but he didn't even move an inch.

Rick smirked knowing the fact his best friend has dozen off.

"Haha, so lovebirds on secret honeymoon" he smirked stepping to her.

"No, we are not. It's just he came and I will never be his wife" she shouted. He just laughed stepping to her.

"Look, it not as you think. I divorced him and I want to run away from him forever. Your best friend is nothing to me. Then why are you hunting me?" She cried crawling away.

"But what about the things you did in past? Such a smart play! And I was searching for you like a crazy lover, but every time your escaping and today you came yourself. You are a very good girl so definitely you will land in heaven, but I will show help right now" He shrieked stepping on her ankle.

She screamed in pain holding his shoes to pull her leg away but he pressed harder and left her. She pushed herself to the bed and patted Manik who is in deep sleep.

"Manikkk wake up" she cried for help.

"Wakeee upppp-- all my fault... Please wake up" she cried cupping his face. Rick sat of the bar stool enjoying her pain. His eyes fell on the capsule sheet lying on the floor.

"Oh, gave him pill! So no disturbance for us" Rick laughed stepping to her.

He dragged her up by her hair drinking her fragrance like a psychopath.

"What are you doing!! I'm your best friend's wife!" She shouted in disgust pushing him away.

"Yes, once upon a time, but you changed it. You ruined my life. You destroyed my friendship and you destroyed my dream to Marry his sister. You destroyed my happy life! You ruined my everything and here you're enjoying yourself in Maldives. You get what you deserve and you deserve only pain. All those days I just filled his brain against you but now I will fill you with my hate. Remember now time 10 pm by morning 7 pm you will be ripped apart with bursies on your every inch. I will wait to get you conscious and then you will beg me for death. We honour I will gift you a wonderful death and get rewarded twice" he laughed like mad shaking her. She was astonished listening to him.

"M... Manikkkk " she cried louder holding his hand. Rick pushed her down beside the bed and pulled out his tee hovering over her. Her eyes searched for a weapon to rescue herself and She grabbed the butter knife from the bed lamp corner to stab him. At that pace, a strong grip pulled her hand back.

She looked high to find its owner and was shocked to see Manik lying on the bed with his left hand under his cheekbone smirking looking at them.

Rick moved apart horrified seeing Manik fully conscious.

"Unexpected, wifey!" Manik chuckled taking her knife sitting on the bed. She jumped on him hugging him tight pouring out her fear in his secured hands.

"I'm sorry!" She cried in his embrace. He pulled her in a tight kiss sealing her emotions in a dominating kiss. Rick took the chance to run away.

"Bro, thanks. I need to talk something then you can leave happily" Manik smiled still looking at Nandini. Rick and Nandini looked in surprise seeing him calm.

Manik ignored them and leaned to her ear whispering "You told I forced you, then how come you didn't stab me any of our two nights? Why? And seriously your so wet for me then but now it's just panic. Don't you like my friend?" He smirked in a husky tone. She was stunning hearing such a nasty question and smacked his face.

Rick was shocked seeing her slapping him.

"I got my answer and you get your share soon! And trust me you will regret for this betrayal" he squealed walking out of her.

Rick got a smile seeing Manik's anger on Nandini.

Manik got the capsule and forcefully pressed her cheeks to open apart and pushed the pill into her throat and gave her water to drop it down.

"Can't risk sweetheart. You take rest and we guys will enjoy a peg together. Good night!" He smiled pulling her on the bed. He left the room along with Rick locking the door securely.

"M... Manikkk, I'm sorry. I just thought" Manik stopped raising his hand.

"Your right, she doesn't deserve me or my love. love she just fit for my hate. I trust her over you and got ready to leave everyone including my family, but she just left me." Manik said in his upset tone.

"It's ok, bro. Don't feel bad. Atleast now you realised." Rick said with venom.

"Yeah, by the way, you never said to me that you had that nasty fantasy on her" Manik smirked.

"That's" Rick stammered.

"Tell the truth. Now she is not my wife" Manik cheered.

"Yes, I do and dammit, I hate her to the core" Rick muttered in anger.

"So you want revenge. I had a better plan than this. let's discuss in detail in my private place." Manik grinned patting his shoulder.

He took the jet ski parked by him in the morning. Carrying few Scotch bottles he drove them to a private island to enjoy the night together.

Under the front light of the jet ski, they settled on the dry tree branches and started drinking.

Manik smirked unsealed the new scotch bottle and passed it to Rick hitting their bottles.

"So what is your plan?" Rick chuckled sipping in his drink.

"Once I did a mistake betting on her emotions and paid thrice, but I felt she forgiven me and married her, but after the happiness of two years giving me taste of happiness. She ditched me again and enjoying here. Now it's my turn."


"Now I will make her believe me and will get her back. Once she totally trusts me then I will kick her in the trash. She should get more pain than anything."

"Why to kick her bro? She has such a sexy figure we can use her longer to satisfy us" Rick smirked in a lusty glare.

"Savage!" Manik laughed.

"And how you got here suddenly?" Manik asked curiously. Rick paused for a second.

"I was just going around and collided with your chick." Rick lied purposely.

"Anyways we are on the same ship and cheers for this reunion of three long years. I miss our bachelor life." Manik grinned.

"At last you realised. It's us! We can rock it, but I had a request?" Rick asked hesitated.

"Anything for you, just tell me" Manik assured.

"One night stand with her!" Rick asked scared a little.

"Just one is enough?" Manik groaned shocking him.

"As of now!" Rick laughed.

"Sure, but she is unconscious. She won't cry or scream at this point so you can't get satisfaction." Manik advised with a grin.

"It's ok for the first time. I want to see her complete first. Once it's done, I can do it twice and thrice morning making her scream" Rick smiled devilish.

"Let's finish this bottle too then we can try dual together!" Manik cheered.

Screen frozen on his red eyes looking at the clouded dark sky.

Is this a Recuse or Real trap?

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