Saucy Revenge

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7- Conditional acceptance

Nandini pov,

Opening my eyes I felt myself lying in a tight grip around my waist. I lifted my gaze to see the one sleeping beside me.

My fear and anger washed-out looking at his peaceful face and his messy hair. I miss a lot pulling his half curly hair. It's overgrown too much.

I took my hand full of his hair and pulled it a little to tie a pony. When I was ready to tie with my band my eyes caught him glaring at me. I left his hair and turned to leave. He pulled me back on him and I fell on his face.

"What are you doing?" I yelled as he harshly pulled up my tee and removed my bra.

"Nothing much, you can tie my hair as much as you like but I like to get something now" He whispered in a husky tone kissing on my curves before sucking on my right one.

As his lips brushed on my cherry it directly rosed up giving him the grip he desired for.

"Umm," I moaned out loud as he bit my cherry. I felt his eyes looking at me folding my tee in his fist, still chewing on my curves.

I have bitten my lip to hold my moan when shited to the left one squeezing in his palm. I screamed as he has harshly bitten chewing one more. After a long session of his sensual torture, he left me out of his grip and pulled me down.

"Enjoyed!" He smiled with a grin.

"No!" I lied purposely.

"Oh, really? Let me check once" he said holding my jeans and unbuttoning it.

"Stop! " I yelled, hush no mood to get tired already I'm sore running and fighting. Suddenly I remembered my horrible night how Rick stepped on my feet crashing it. I automatically shifted my eyes to my feet. To my surprise, it's sealed in an elastic bandage and I was not feeling any pain now.

"Where is your friend? I thought you will go with him!" I snapped in anger.

"No, I helped him to reach his destination. No mood to join" he said smiling.

"When you're locked, how can you send him?" I growled.

"Wifey, you forgot. I'm a billionaire with my network I can do anything anywhere" He whispered in my ear rubbing on my thighs as he already pulled away my jeans in between our words.

"How can you be so calm when you're best friend tried to molest your wife? Isn't it disgusting?" I snapped frustrated pushing him away and crawling out of his bed.

"Stop there!" He screamed making me jump.


"Did I said you can leave? Did I?" He shouted in a dominating tone. I hate him for scaring me every time. I don't want to obey, but my fear of getting in rough session sucks. I should be calm and join my work.

"I... I wantt to use washroom" I stammered making it reasonable.

"To use anything you should earn it" he chuckled with a nasty glare.

"What?" I gasped in surprise.

"Yeah, it's your policy like you told said cant use my money as I never worked and changed me like this. Now, this villa is booked by me and everything I paid by my earnings" He poured out his anger in this way.

"If you feel so why not you leave me. I had my place" I yelled frustrated.

"Ok, go," he said with a smirk sitting on the bed. I turned to leave when I realised I lost my Jeans. He took my jeans and it's hanging on his shoulders like a towel.

"Give it" I shouted stepping towards the bed.

"Not for free" he tittered I moved to the couch and smacked my bag on his face. Take all my cards just give this" I shouted.

"I need an exchange. Give me the thing covering my treasure and take it" he smirked pointing his finger to my lower, shifting my eyes as per his shown direction my eyes burning in frustration.

He never leaves a chance to tease me.
"Such a nasty discussion! I know he will not let me go still like an idiot I trusted your words! I hate you moran!" I snapped walking out. I saw my bag and opened it to get extra pair of clothes, but his words dropped my hope.

"Sweety, I give a chance orelse I will burn your bag as well" he warned with a grin.

"What the hell you want now?" I shouted freaking up.

"Get on the bed. I want something better this morning"

Not to waste my energy I got in the bed.

"Get that tee out and let me see what's mine!"

"It's not your!" I shouted in too much anger. He leaned on his knee and with one pull on my tee he pulled me onto the bed. I gasped by his brutal force pulling out my tee.

"Then whose is this!" He yelled harshly fisting my curves making me scream in painful pleasure.

"Tell me!" He growled pinching on my knot.

"My body is mine" I argued holding in my pain, not willing to give in this time.

"Oh, but why you are body always enjoys my touch and why I fell to touch you every time?" he shouted leaving his grip and his hands reached my undies caressing my wetness over the fabric. I tried to push away his hands but he pulled me on his lap, spreading my legs apart on either sides he settled me on his hardness.

My argument turned mute and may be invalid. He was rock hard rubbing on me between the tiny fabric of his boxer and my lingering.

"Got my answer right! My monster raises for you and loves to sleep deep inside you. Not once, it starving to get infinity times." He whispered in a husky tone poking my desires. Although I don't want this to continue, my body is on fire to erase all the things I saw and heard last night. He can make me feel best, only he can make me feel best.

As I expected him to rip away my last piece. To my surprise, he dropped me out and removed my elastic bandage and said "Go!"

I didn't utter a word more. I just walked inside the bathroom and completed my things and suddenly I heard him stepping inside. I forgot to lock the door. I looked up covering my nakedness with my hand over my assets and palm lower.

"I want to use loo," he said casually crossing the shower cabin. This was not so new we used to shower together a lot of times, but after a long gap, this was feeling embarrassed. I tried to overcome my feelings and turned on my shower washing the foam over me.

As I closed my eyes heading the footsteps closer to me, I felt he left out. I felt something poking my butts as I turned back. I have seen him looking at me with his magical eyes hypnotising me with his love and his monster was pointed straight touching my belly.

All my resistance flew away at that point I felt to get his love. I sealed the space between us kissing him tightly. He lifted me and taking my acceptance he pushed his monster filling me with his passionate love. He knows how badly I want him! My words can lie, but my eyes can never lie to him.

Just like the other times he made it rough yet sensual with kisses and left his warm seed deep inside me with a sudden push.

"The end was so harsh!" I panted catching my breath.

"Of course, it's your punishment. That pain remains you that your mine. Only mine! Remember, you're not even yours!" He whispered kissing my lips shortly. Yeah, our souls are connected to each other and it's inseparable, but how to tell him that love is not enough in marriage.

He helped me in the shower and got me dressed and got breakfast for us. After Somerset we had our breakfast.

"M.. Manik" I mumbled in a low tone to check on his mood.

"Tell me, wifey!" He smiled wiping my lips with a tissue.

"I understood, you will not leave me. I accept this deal of quarantine together, for this all I want my job to." I uttered looking at his expression.

"Tell me straight" he demanded.

"I was confident on us that I can't conceive, but for your satisfaction, I will let this all. On a condition!" I added.

"What condition?"

"I will have a rapid pregnancy test after this quarantine. If it's negative you should sign my divorce and let me free forever. No more drama! Deal?"

"Ok, till then be my wife. I'm sure about my result" he smiled confidently.

"Whatever, I need my job. Let me work daytime. I'm the manager here and a lot of guests are suffering. Stop this locking me!" I expressed he rolled his eyes top to bottom and paused for a second making me curious.

"No running?"

"Yeah, all whales are around, I realised it! One is enough!" I muttered exhausted of my escape plans.

"Sure, we will return to your resorts evening," He said making me happy.

"Hey, you! Morning you told me this villa is booked by you? You stupid! It's me who used my network to hide here! I paid this all" I scolded in anger realising it.

"Yeah, you paid to hide and I paid thrice to the owner to lock you safe" he laughed hugging me. Annoying monster, but I love him!

Keep guessing about Rick 😉

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