Saucy Revenge

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8- Punishment

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andini pov,

After horrible four days, I got back my life. Finally, he accepted me to join my job and settle my things. We reached back to my resorts and slept in his villa as he demanded. I miss my villa, but can't let him inside.

He shouldn't see my place nor my heart. Just a few more days. He will be just in my memories.

After a quick shower, I dressed up formal which he has chosen for me. This devil started dictating me too much like choosing my dress too. Putting them on I realised shirt was perfect as per my wish but my skirt felt a little revealing just below my thighs.

"You want me to put on this and go around?" I asked in surprise.

"Yeah, it's not a nightie. Lots of girls like to put on short clothes even you can try them out. You look perfect in every dress" he smiled admiring me.

"Thanks, I will see you evening," I said taking out my ID card to leave for my work.

He stepped forward and blocked my way with an evil smirk. Hmm, he won't let it easy.


"Security arrangement! What if you run away again?" He asked putting a chain around my neck.

"I promised, I won't" I argued.

"Yeah, I trust you but my fear is not ready to believe it and just a day ago you mixed pills and tried to run away. That's a betrayal! I trusted you blindly but you..."

"Why that pill didn't work?" I asked don't fully.

"It used to work if I consumed, but I didn't because your too much display of love made me rethink." He smirked.

"It's for good. Thanks for the help now let me go now. I accepted your deal too" I insisted.

"Yeah, of course, but don't you think you deserve a fitting punishment for the crime you did!" He growled stepping closer to me making me flinch.

"W... Whatttt, heyyy not nowww... I have work" I muttered stepping away from his breath.

"Night the real matter but now I just want you to carry something with you" he smirked stepping to the wardrobe and got a box.

"What! Any Gps... I had my phone" I mumbled stressed up.

"Yeah, but this will be exactly fit, multifunctional" he smiled taking out a metal tiny egg-shaped metal. It's like a magnet I played in my childhood.

"What was this?" I asked confused

"This has GPS that can help me trace you and this has sensors to tell me your temperature and it has batteries to work according to me and these controls are in my phone" he said dropping it in my hands.

"Fine" I sighed taking it I walked my waist bag to drop the metal egg but he snatched it out from my hands.

"What now?"

"This stays inside you darling!" He dropped an atom bomb on my head with his dirt evil plot.

"Hey! No!!! You cant tell this.... No... I don't want to get embarrassed it's serious" I stammered stepping away from his reach.

"It's your punishment for that drink. Take this in you can join your work orelse!" He threw a sweet warning.

"Orelse what!"

"I will put this on high settings and leave you to this bed tied up!" He added.

"Stop doing this, we are not silly adults. I hold some respect here and I deal with lot of influenced persons. It gets messed up, please!! I will take anything inside the room" I begged.

"Until you behave well nothing happens and I assure it. I just want this in to get control over you. This makes you conscious on stopping you from any more mistakes. I count three come to me like a good one orelse I will use real ropes this time." He warned in his dominating tone. I felt to hit him at holding my anger. I stepped to him.

Parting my thighs he pulled apart my last fabric and pushed the metal vibrator inside me making me moan. With one slap on my cl**t, it moved deeper settling inside me.

"The temperature sensors warn me if it comes out of you and if that happens. You see my extreme, don't be on false assumptions, the good inside me died on the day you provoked me. Now you get your devil boyfriend who tortures the hell out of you and this devil never stay calm until you learn everything about us." He whispered pulling down my skirt.

"What if it falls!" My tongue slipped.

"It won't, but in case happens you can push it or come to me. We can work a little deeper. Any more games or fooling me around. It gets you messy wet like this ocean. Enjoy! Have a great day!" He smiled spanking me once.

Cursing him inside I walked out not to get in more mess. I just left my bicycle and walked on the wooden bridge.

"That's will be fun to ride bicycle" he yelled from behind irritating me more.

"Bloody hell!" I snapped walking away from his gaze.

"I love you, wifey!" He shouted from behind cheerfully. I too feel to enjoy my life with my love. I want yell loud and tell him how much I love him and every second without him hurts but I was hopeless.

Thinking of everything I left to my block to know about the issues of the past few days.

Seeing me Aman came running his face was red and his cheeks are swollen like someone hitted him. He is not wearing any mask.

"Mam, Are you fine?" Aman asked worried as I entered my administrative block. Looking at his face I felt guilt. His cheek was still swollen.

"Yes, I'm sorry" I whispered to him in regret.

"It's ok, Mam I'm sorry. In my fear, I told him your location" Aman mumbled in his sad tone.

"I know he is rude. I shouldn't have troubled you!"

"If you don't mind, What is going on? He is so bad but a billionaire and I heard he is talented with a good heart, but with you, I find it different. Why did you divorce him just for work! You work so hard mam then why you divorced just for cooking?" Aman asked making me gasp in surprise.

"Who told you that I divorced him for telling me to cook?" I snapped irritated.

"Your husband, I mean ex." he mumbled in fear. I paused for a while thinking about him.

"He was so rude maybe abused you. He might have cooked it up to look good. How many movies I seen, rich people think women as slaves." Aman scolded making me angry.

"Shut up, he or his family never treat me like so. They always respected me. You can't comment on someone without knowing anything" I scoffed. He jumped away at my rude tone. Hush! I shouldn't have yelled.

"Sorry, let's go to work" I mumbled avoiding the topic.

"It's ok mam, I'm sorry for that. Next time we will plan something new" he smiled. I got laugh hearing about my hallucinations.

"Ouchh" I gasped feeling the movement inside me. Oh God, this man got mad or what! It's vibrating!

"What happened, Mam?" Aman asked worried.

"Umm, it's nothing. You go and just get me our guests records by that we can estimate this lockdown plan and acquire raw materials. It takes a lot more time to reach our resorts" I told him my plan.


"In cabin!"

"No, please get me those file to our sea restaurant. I will sit on the side table" I said holding my moan and sitting in a corner. My phone started vibrating in my bag which I picked up furiously.

"You, donkey, monkey, stupid! Don't you have sense... I'm working and what the mess your putting on me!" I snapped in anger pouring my frustration on him. He just laughed hearing me.

"Don't laugh, I feel to smack your face " I shouted fisting my palm hitting on the table. My staff and guest around glared towards me.

"Sorry" I muttered holding in my tone.

"Yes, you should feel sorry for everything, sweetheart" I heard a tone from my right side. It's my monster again!

"Turn that off!" I snapped glaring in anger. He grabbed his phone to do it. To my horror, its speed buzzed.

"M.. Mmm" I sealed my moan pressing my palm against my mouth.

"Is this ok?" He grinned settling beside me resting his hand on my right thigh. I tried pushing away his hand from sliding between.

"Seems speed was not enough, should I turn it to the next level?" He asked with a grin scaring the hell out of me. It's getting hard to hold the sensation as the pleasure started building high to touch the climax.

"Pleaseeee, not hereeee" I whispered catching my breath. His hand was brushing my inner thighs making it more difficult.

"Then where" he whispered in his husky tone kissing my neck rolling his finger on the next level.

"Ahhh" I moaned aloud by sudden high. Soon Aman walked to us. I was in tears holding the pleasure.

"M... Mam thiss fileee" Aman uttered in fear placing it on the table seeing Manik. I wiped away my tears which was noticed by him.

"There was some urgent work. Can you come now?" He asked sighing at me. I nodded as he walked away from us.

"Ok, you guys carry on I will leave." Manik smiled getting up from his chair.

"Hey! Don't go like this!" I almost cried with the vibration to hold in.

"I know wifey you miss me, but you have work right?" He teased rolling his finger on different settings making me go crazy.

"P... Please!"

"Please what" he whispered in my ear.

"Anything, just stop it now" I cried.

"Are you sure?" He groaned.


"But I don't feel you worth a relief. I will off now, but it stays the whole day till you reach our place" he smiled turning it off. I felt better after few seconds.

"Great day" he laughed leaving me in mess.

"Hell day!" I muttered holding my rolling head. What more he planned for me!!

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