Saucy Revenge

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9- Exchange 😉

Nandini pov,

As he walked out giving me peace I got up with great difficulty to visit the office as Aman asked me.

"Where are you going, Mam?" Aman asked looking me tired.


"I just lied seeing your tears" he spoke out surprising me. I got a smile seeing his concern.


"Why you're encouraging his shit! Can't you sue him for harassing you" Aman growled in anger.

"There was nothing like that, don't curse him too much, bro. He loves me truly that is why he was not ready to accept my divorce!" I said with a smile.

"But Mam!"

"First cut it, don't spoil my mood and call me as Nandini as of now." I requested.

"I tried but you're bossy look not letting me. I will defiantly use name off duty" he smiled.

"Ok, now let's discuss work. Take a note"

We worked on the planning and merged dates to create a purchase order for the requirements and by afternoon 3 pm we settled it perfectly and forwarded the fax to all our vendors.

"What's next?" I asked Aman who opened his mouth in amusement.


"Lunch! Only work always, in between we have a lunch break." He cried hungrily.

"Oh, sorry. Go have it" I told him.

"You didn't have lunch too. I can't eat alone all may be completed. Can you join me, Mam?" He asked with a pout making me nod.

"Thanks, we try the food here." He smiled excited and ordered food for us."

Looking at the plate served with Italian pasta I just remembered my hubby. Did he had lunch or not? What if I ask him? No! He will know that I'm still caring.

While battling with my mind an idea knocked in making me jump. I grabbed my phone and dialled the room service and enquired about orders received from his villa. Yeah, he had lunch. I felt much happy with confirmation and had my first spoon of pasta.

As I raised my eyes to look at Aman. He was already glaring at me in shock.

"What happened now?" I scoffed hitting him with a fork.

"You're angry with him and why you are showing concern? What is going on?" He question in surprise?

"Cut your questions. By the way, did you tell anyone else about it?" I asked my doubt ignoring his.

"No, Mam. Please tell me your story? I promise it will be our secret." He begged like an excited kid.

"It's a long story. Just leave it"

"Please, just once. Please... It's arranged marriage" he asked curiously.

"It's love marriage. I'm a middle-class girl working in his firm."

"He is your boss!"

"No, his sister is my boss, when we are in love. He was not this serious in his profession a spoiled brat and still, I loved him accepting his bad. We struggled a lot and I almost gave up on his arrogance. He turned good to win my love. A complete changeover and I couldn't stop myself from falling for him twice and thrice. In fact, I started loving his anger too. I loved everything about him. Although our status was a mismatch his family welcomed me with golden flowers." I mumbled with tears remembering my happy days.

"Then why separated?"

"Aman, love is enough for happiness but lot more is needed to get respect from others. I felt myself unfit in his rich society. I felt so inferior and low standing on there. I lost myself in that place. I felt its suffocating to stay in that relationship with pressure all around. So I said a quit to lead a happy tension free life. He wasn't wrong nor me but I want happiness. He wants me. Just a matter of days. He will leave me after this lockdown and everything ends" I confessed.

"But he told me you will resign and go back with him?" Aman raised a question.

"It's his confidence, just wait" I smiled.

"But I feel he is more confident" He chuckled making me rethink, but coated up my thoughts with a smile and completed my lunch and I looked few more arrangements and read the feedbacks.

At 5 pm my official time was over I decided to disburse for the day as I walked out I saw my monster waiting for me with his smirking face looking into his phone. Might be the vibrator again!

I took quick steps and snatched away his phone from him stepping away.

"Hi, wifey. I'm not chatting with any girl. Just checking my mails" he grinned.

"Mask?" I remained.

"Hell with that mask! No person in this resort is positive and all the services are blocked. There is no point of infection. Keep those rules sealed and come with me " He scoffed dragging me with him.

"No, I want to go to my place and rest." I argued not moving.

"Of course, we will rest beach view. I want to view the sunset with you" he insisted.

"Please, understand. I'm feeling uneasy" I whispered embarrassedly. How can he forget about the metal he pushed into me!"

"Oh, let's do that in the washroom." He smiled.

"Ok, fine. Wait here" I said walking. He ran behind me blocking my way and stood.

"I will help!"

"No thanks," I snapped irritated walking beyond him.

Already it's a big mess holding in. My steps are halted by hearing his nasty conclusion "Just think. You have nails it can damage your walls and mostly it's deep inside what if it goes deeper?" He muttered from behind shaking me up.

I paused thinking out the possibilities.

"Need help or!"

"Ok fine, but no more games. Just you should remove, ok!" I implored in my serious tone.

"Hm, let's go then" he got his bag and followed me to the common washroom. Lack of guests 80% of the resorts was empty giving us privacy.

He followed me locking the door. I felt myself shivering as he started moving closer to me. I just held my hitched breath as his hands moved on my waist and pulled my skirt down totally. I resisted a little but he sighed to stay quiet. I waited for a second and let out a moan feeling the metal moment inside me. He turned on the vibrator and clutched my entrance making it touch me deeper.

"Ooo....M...Manikk" I moaned in unbearable pleasure.

"Yeah, enjoy this moment. Don't hold" he encouraged rubbing on my switch. I flooded hitting my climax messing my inner. He pulled out my last piece and the metal slipped out with my juices. The metal turned slippery in his fingers. I was red like strawberry seeing his happiness admiring the dipped metal. Not to make it more awkward, I snatched it and watched it under the water and gave him back.

"Give my skirt and get out" I faked anger to hide my horny state.

"I feel you need something else too." He whispered in his husky tone stepping to me.

"N... Nothing" I stammered nervously.

"Don't need to be shy. Tell me" he insisted.

"We both had the same thing now, but you link everything with divorce. If you want this moment then tell me. I don't want permanent headache for ten minutes pleasure" I sighed exhausted of arguments.

"As you feel. Can I love you this moment?" He asked like a gentleman looking into my eyes.

"Not love just an exchange of pleasure. Nothing else ok"

Without any more delay placing me on the counter beside the hand dryer he unbuttoned himself and buried inside me with a harsh thrust. I screamed in too much pleasure mingled with pain yet enjoyed him roughly.

Harshly unbuttoning my shirt he pinched my curves making me go insane in his love while pounding like a hungry lion taking me on a ride of pleasure with horror. With few hard strokes, he sowed his seed into me.

"Your too rough" I complained panting resting on my back against the wall.

"Of course, as your demand" he smiled moving out buttoning his jean.

"My dress" I whispered.

"Do one thing, remove that last pieces and try shower and here you had new dress" he smiled showing the bag.

"Ok, wait outside," I said getting down from the counter. He just rolled his eyes glaring at my thighs as it's flooded with his rough session.

"Get out" I added again.

"I want to watch that. No more arguments. You have five minutes complete and join me to watch sunset. If the sun disappears before we go out! trust me, you will not get a break till the sunrise." He passed a deadly warning making me jump in hurry.

He is seriously so dominating. I completed my shower under the open shower cabin and dressed in a beach suit. He watched every bit of me from all angles until I completed my dressing and packed my used clothes in the bag and we rushed to the beach to view the sunset.

We lied on the sand holding each other watching the warm sky witnessing the beatific sunset. I want my life to freeze at this happy spot forever and ever, but my mind remained me it's just a phase.

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