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Content Warning: explicit sex scenes, imprisonment, and torture. Mild body horror, and the insinuation of mind alteration. Please don’t read if you struggle with any of these subjects :D A revised and more developed version of "Pretty Boy Gave Me Sex Therapy" form my one shot book! Enjoy :D

Thriller / Erotica
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Content Warning: explicit sex scenes, imprisonment, and torture. Mild body horror, and the insinuation of mind alteration. Please don’t read if you struggle with any of these subjects :D

>Some of you might recognize this from a chapter in my one-shots book. This is the revised version I did for a writing workshop> Enjoy!

“Jacquelyn Coffey,” the therapist or counselor or egotistical asshole from last week greeted me as he sat a good ten feet away from the barred cell they place me into whenever they bring in “professionals” to try and fix me. Setting down his briefcase, he placed the palm-sized emergency device the guards gave him in his pocket, probably thinking he wouldn’t need it, “You know, I did some research after our last session and your surname actually means ‘victorious’ in Gaelic origins,” He licked his stubby finger to flip his notepad, “You probably don’t feel very victorious though, locked up and all.”

I pulled my legs up on the uncomfortable plastic chair, the only furniture in this cell, crisscrossed my legs and gave the old man a smile, “Victory comes in all forms, Mr. Casper Stone, father to three daughters, one from the first wife, Jenny Mcguire, one from current wife Anne-Lori Folley, and one from your personal assistant, Ashley Dansler. Well, aren’t you a fertile old man?”

His lips trembled as he took a sharp breath.

Hmm, I guess Jeremy didn’t lie to me, I uncrossed my legs and took the steps up the Hadfield steel, “How? You’re thinking,” I whispered and nodded my chin towards the camera on the ceiling to my right, “It’s not too difficult to reprogram people’s minds, especially guards with families to provide for…” I paused so I could catch the minuscule eyebrow twitches and the new shine of nervous sweat on his creased forehead, “Remember the guard who escorted you last week? Jeremy. Who knew he was so resourceful.”

“T-That’s how you did it,” the old man dropped his yellow pencil, hands spasming like he was trying so desperately to make a woman cum, “All of it…you force innocent people to do all your killi-”

My nose scrunched up in disdain, my voice tight and on edge of losing control, “And how would you know they were innocent,” my left brow twitched menacingly at that last word.

“You reprogrammed-” he spat that word out with so much disgust, why? Why is that a bad word? “...your sisters to kill your parents! And even the cats! Wh-what did they ever do to you?”

My palms slammed against the steel bars caging me, “Fuck off! You have no fucking idea what my parents were, controlling selfish cunts who would do anything for money even if it meant selling their daughters. I saved my sisters, do you hear me? I fucking saved them.”

“You’re sick,” he shook his head, the excessive folds of skin on his chin moving along.

The upper corners of my mouth twitched, “That’s what you think, and I don’t give a fuck about what you think,” I took a controlled breath, “Father proposed Ethelyn to be sold off to the Mayor to provide them offspring given she was the most mature. Have you seen that cunt? He’s probably more wrinkly than you, old fart. And Joscelyn…” I smiled in the sweet memories, “Joscelyn was a doll, but mother was going to take her away from me. Whenever mother and father called me crazy, Joscelyn stood up for me. She always believed in me when they didn’t so it was only right for me to stand up for her,” I looked away from the old foggy eyes and gazed up at the ceiling, Joscelyn’s doll face pasting itself on the gray tiles, “I still remember her words when she handed me our mother’s beating heart,” I cleared my throat and mimicked her windchimey voice, “Here, Jacky, I got you mother’s most beloved jewelry,” I closed my eyes and sighed orgasmically in remembrance of Joscelyn, “Best day of my life.”

When I opened my eyes, the wrinkly face in front of me was so pale, and the saggy muscles on his face trembled.

“Why do you look so scared of me?” I asked in genuine curiosity.

He swallowed visibly, hyperventilating for air. Hands reaching in his pocket because he couldn’t remember which pocket has the emergency device.

“Do you think I am a monster?”

He picked up his briefcase and pressed the red button.

“Tell me!” I grasped the steel bars.

He stared at the pencil, debating whether to pick it up or not.

“WHY ARE YOU AFRAID?” My scream overlapped with the opening of the gate.

He decided to abandon his pencil.

I knelt down and squeezed my arms through the bars, forcing my elbow through and back, and held the pencil close to my chest, “It’s okay, I don’t abandon things.”

The metal gate opened and my eyes snapped to the guards, pencil slipping in my bra, “Hello Jacob and Jason. How nice of you guys to escort me today, think I saw you guys last week right? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the days apart. How’s the weather outside?” I scanned their uniform and found something I needed.

“Hands,” Jacob stated after opening the compartment shaped for my arms on the left of the cage.

“I want Jason to cuff me today,” I winked at him as he walked over with the cuffs.

Stacking my hand left over right, I let him cuff my overlapping wrists as I grabbed a fistful of his collar with my left hand pulled the cable of his mic into my right palm with a quick tug of my right index finger. My lips enveloped his scarred ones for a split second between the bars as I shoved the mic into my fist.

“Hands off!” Jacob rushed behind Jason, pulling him away from me.

“Chill out Jake, just giving him a kiss, no need to be jealous,” I rolled my eyes and gave him an air kiss.

The door behind me beeped, signaling it’s unlocked.

“Back to your glass cell,” Jacob said, ushering Jason out of the room.

“Why are you two wearing a bulletproof vest?”

Jacob didn’t answer.

“Someone afraid I am hiding a gun up my vagina?” I joked as I walked back to the gray boring room where I have been living for the past two years. I just need a fitting opportunity to get out.

“Go in, Jacquelyn,” Jacob’s voice sounded through the speaker in the room as he spoke outside the gate.

I stepped into my glass cage, the door behind me shutting right away.

The gate opened and Jacob stepped through, “Hands.”

“Jacob, why don’t you let me have these for today? I’ll just play with them for a bit,” I shrugged, “If you didn’t know, it’s very boring in here.”

His eyes narrowed.

“Unless you want someone I know to pick up your daughter from the Lexington School tomorrow afterno-” I shook my head, “No, she has daycare right? I guess it would be early evening.”

“You fuc-”

“Remember when you went drinking with your buddy Jason last week? You didn’t come in the next morning, but,” I leaned into the glass, and mouthed my next words, “He. Did.”

His fists shook the glass hard, “Fuck!”

My eyes widened for a milisecond in realization, I can get them to break the glass for me, “What was that about your wife being pregnant again and not wanting to have sex wi-” The clenched fist came at me again, the glass protecting me. I am absolutely sure he would have beaten me to death if it weren’t for the glass, I gasped lightly at the thought going through my brain, “Is this glass bullet proof?”

“Of course not, you don’t even have guns,” he answered rather nonchalantly then recognized his mistake, “What are y-”

“Now, let’s take a deep breath, Jacob, listen to me,” I tapped the glass to make him look at me, “You’re going to have another drinking session with Jason, but this time, you’re going to talk to me afterward. He’s the one who ratted you out. Understood?”

The whites of his eyes were decorated with thin red lines and he blinked once.

“Taking that as yes,” I smiled enthusiastically, “Have a good drink with your buddy!”

I lied down in the tiny cot of a bed, closing my eyes as he walked out and locked the door. I am so close to getting out of here, I can feel it. Whoever’s idea it was to start sending in therapists was either a genius or a dumb piece of shit. How can they not know outsiders are always the key to an epic escape? Pressing my thumb into my palm until a satisfying crack echoed, I slipped my wrist out of the cuffs and did the same with my other hand before shoving the cuffs under the mattress. I wonder who they are sending next, maybe if I pray, it will be a sexy man…god, I am horny.

Before I counted twenty-one meals, Jacob was back to escort me to the barred cell without Jason, but with a new face behind him, too well dressed for a guard, a little young to be a therapist.

“They took away the cuffs, Jacob,” I told him and pouted.

He ignored me, chatting in whispers with the new man and handing him the same emergency device.

“Another therapist?” I laughed quietly, “At least he’s hot and not wrinkly like the previous one.”

“Press this button if you feel like you’re in danger,” Jacob said, “And please remain at least six feet from the cell.”

I stared blankly at the stranger and he stared back for a bit before speaking, “My name is Alexander Grayson and I will be your new therapist. Let me tell you about my approach to ther-”

“No need. Let’s get started. Ask your questions,” I probed and criss-crossed my legs on the damn comfortless chair.

“How are you feeling today?”

“Like dying,” I answered right away.


I sighed, tired of being asked this question in every first session of therapy, ”It’s a wonderful thing. Wouldn’t you rather be free through death than trapped for life?”

“Free you from this prison or from something else?” He asked without skipping a beat.

I answered with the truth for the first time, “From my unanswered questions.”

“And what do you want to know?” His voice softened.

“Joscelyn…” STOP, I smiled again quite robotically, “Nothing you would know.”

He held his pen with his long and slim fingers and scribbled in his notepad, “Joscelyn, your younger sister.”

I tilted my head and my feet dropped to the floor in a light tap.

“Mr. Stone mailed me his notes before disappearing.”

I repositioned my head and crossed my legs, right over left, “I see.”

His eyes lowered to his notepad and back up to me, “Do you know why you’re here?”

I folded my hands on my knees, “You tell me.”

He looked at me calmly, his eyes full of pity, “Well, I can’t tell you that, but I hope that our talks will help you feel better.”

I snorted into a burst of bitter laughter, “Feel better? Oh, you’re funny,” I composed myself and walked up to the steel bars, “Unless you can get me a machine gun and I bust out of this fucking cell.”

“No, I will not do that,” He smiled politely, a dimple made an appearance on his cheek.

I rolled my eyes and sat down again, “Well at least the cage I live in is better than this rusty metal thing.”

“Would you like to meet there instead? It’s best to talk where you feel most comfortable. As for our short meeting today, I have some questions for you to think about until next week,” He stared at me earnestly with those clear and sincere blue eyes, “Did you also feel trapped while living with your family? Isn’t that why you wanted them gone? What happened to Ethelyn? And what is the connection you feel with Joscelyn? I will see you in a week.”

He left and I stayed silent as Jacob came to escort me to the glass cage.

I sat on the floor and waited for him to talk.

“Jason has a mother living on life support and a rebellious teenage sister that is becoming a violent drug addict,” He mumbled.

“Amazing work, Jacob,” This new information made me stand, this is too perfect, “Tell Jason to bring my next meal. How’s your family by the way?”

He glanced at me, “Good. They are fine at the moment.”

“Good,” I gave him an approving smile, “One more thing before you leave, I need this,” I kissed the glass in front of me, “To be down for my next therapy session.”

His brows knitted.

“I need it gone,” I repeated, “Tell them there’s a crack and a replacement is needed, whatever, figure it out, you have a whole week. Suspend the ‘keep away’ sign and speaker hole, leave the edges up, dim the lights so he wouldn’t see there’s no reflection. It’s this or your daughter and your unborn child.”

He rubbed his suffering eyes, “Understood.”

“See you later, Jacob!” I gave him a little wave as he left. Now I just need Jason to disable the cameras.

And with that, I was once again accompanied by total silence.

Or not.

My thoughts were quite loud after talking with Alexander, I couldn’t not think about the questions he asked, did you also feel trapped while living with your family?

I did. All they’d ever do was tell me I wasn’t normal when all I wanted was to be a part of the family.

Isn’t that why you wanted them gone?

Yes. If I couldn’t be a part of the family, there should be no family at all.

What happened to Ethelyn?

I took a deep breath and sat on the floor.

Ethelyn, so smart and elegant in everything she does, but when it comes to killing, so messy and unorganized. I wish I could say I admired her, but she just had to die a stupid and selfish death, made it seem like I killed her when she simply fell down the basement stairs after slicing father’s throat open. Joscelyn was the only perfect one. She understood me one hundred percent.

And what is the connection you feel with Joscelyn?

I lied down on the cold floor, my eyes blinking up at the blank ceiling. It’s unexplainable, our connection...it’s like she was born for me. I promise I’ll find you soon, Josie.

My eyes stayed shut for a moment, sinking into the shallow silence of the room as my thoughts simmered down.

Alexander Grayson.

His eyes looked so blue. His arms were fighting against the seams of his suit. I opened my eyes and I saw his face on the ceiling. He probably has some killer abs under those professional looking clothes, I can see them.

My hands reached into my pants and found my throbbing clit, Mmm…this is it. Just imagine your hands are his hands.

I closed my eyes shut and felt his slightly calloused palms kneading my breast, the tip of his finger tugging at my aroused nipples. His other hand ran rhythmically over my clit, sending tingles into my spine, just like that…

My hips lifted off the floor, the desire of sex overwhelming my lust-filled body, I need to feel him so bad. His fingers sped up against against my clit, the tingles were all over my body and ready to explode at any moment, “Fuck!” My back arched so high off the floor as my body transcended into seventh heaven for some precious seconds.

I rolled over onto my knees and got up, still slightly entranced by the orgasm I just had, but also enlightened at the realization that Alexander might just be the opportunity I need.

When Jacob brought me my twentieth meal, he arrived with a little tool that shattered each panel of glass around me.

“No alarms?” I questioned as he swept up the glass into piles around the room.

He shook his head, “I don’t know who or how, but someone is helping you other than me and Jason,” Before I could even open my mouth, “That’s all I know and all I am saying.”

“Hm,” I bit the nail on my index finger in thought, unaware of the vacuuming going on around me, could it be…?

I shook my head, No, that’s an unrealistic thought. Focus.

“I’ll be back to put up the signs when I bring dinner,” Jacob walked out of the room rather quickly, leaving me free without glass surrounding me for once.

I smiled and breathed in the air slowly, walking around and placing my hands on where the glass used to be. Tomorrow will be epic. Alexander will tell me where he entered, I’ll use his emergency device to open the gate and go out the way he came in. I sat down in the middle of the floor and thought about each step. I wasn’t particularly worried about the guards outside, if they wore bulletproof vests, they must have guns on them, and if they do, that means I will have guns on me. There were just too many variables of my location, there was no telling geographically what kind of landscape is outside.

Think, remember, I stood up and paced, teeth grinding under the nail of my fingers, No, no, no, I stopped and thought hard, I do have an idea. Alexander came in, no, both him and the old man came in with damp notebooks. Alexander’s hair was a bit matted as well, could it be just rain? No, the old man had his notepad inside his briefcase and it was still slightly moist. I guess I’ll just have to give Alexander a lick.

“Please stay at least six feet away from the glass. Here’s a chair if you need,” Jacob said and left, not even looking at me once.

“Hello, Jacquelyn,” Alexander nodded and sat in the chair six feet away.

“Come on, why are you sitting so far away?” I smirked, “Didn’t take you for the scared type.”

“Did you think about what I said?” He said calmly.

“I’ll tell you if you come closer,” I taunted.

“That’s not necessary.”

I rolled my eyes, “Boring.”

“How are you feeling today?”

“Like having sex,” I whispered barely loud enough for him to hear.

He stood up and took a step forward, “I heard you’ve been locked here for almost two years. What about the guards?”

My smile grew wider and I got up from the bed, “Not my type.”

“Are you saying I am your type then?” He took another step forward.

“Come closer and I will tell you,” I stepped forward as well.

He gave me an intense stare with his pretty blue eyes before taking one more step. I just need two more steps.

“You’re so close,” I encouraged, “Come touch the glass.”

His right foot moved forward, followed by his left.

“One more,” I mouthed, afraid he could feel my breath.

He paused.

I sighed in impatience and reached for his collar, pulling him into me. I took his bottom lip between my lips and gave it an assertive bite, only to be shoved away with force, salty, it has to be ocean water.

He dabbed the blood on his lips with his finger, staring at me in shock, “There’s no glass...why does your voice sound like it’s coming through speakers, how did you…”

“The signs are suspended and look, a mic,” I pulled the wire out from under my shirt collar, “Shall we continue then?” I licked up the smeared blood on his chin, so sweet, god damn, I think I need to fuck him before I torture him.

He ran his hand through his wavy brown hair, “How did you-?”

“Oh my fucking goodness gracious sweet sweet Jesus Christ, I don’t got all day, handsome,” I pulled my shirt over my head, “I will tell you afterwards,” I said quickly as I wrapped my arms around his neck and jumped, my legs tightening around his waist, “Hmm...I knew you had muscles under these suits.”

I was about to latch my lips onto his when he spoke again, “The cameras-”

“Are broken today. Anything else? No?” When he stayed silent, I immediately took his lips into my mouth, sucking on his bottom lip until he pushed his tongue in my mouth, fighting for control. My fingers looped through his hair and my pussy rubbed against his growing erection, “Ahh…” Breaking the kiss, I leaned my head back and looked up, taking a deep breath before looking down into his pretty eyes, “Now I feel alive...bed now.”

He reconnected our lips as he walked us to the bed, letting me fall against the thin mattress. I reached for his collar, ripping open the fancy shirt and letting my hands run down his toned chest then skimming over his abs. I braced myself to rip his pants open when he grasped my wrists, “Hey! Don’t rip my pants.”

I rolled my eyes and sat back, “Fine. You can rip mine though,” I said with a coy smile.

He pulled his pants off, freeing his hard cock, slightly bigger than I imagained, delicious. He leaned down and his hot breath filled my ear, “You’re a fucking demon.”

I smiled widely at his words and ran my tongue up the side of his pulsing neck, “And would you like to see hell?”

He reached between our bodies and I heard fabric ripping then felt cold air on my throbbing clit, “No underwear?”

I let out a liberating moan when he dipped his fingers into the pool of wetness between my legs and slid two fingers inside.

“Fuck yes,” I moaned into his neck and held on to him, rolling to the side, “I’m gonna fuck you so good,” I panted as I positioned his cock at my entrance, sitting down and letting his cock be drenched with my pussy.

He groaned and I felt his hands on my waist, “Nuh-uh,” I shook my head at him, “Hands off, pretty boy,” I reached under my pillow to get a pair of handcuffs and clicked it on around his wrists. I sat up, letting his cock dig deep inside of me as I unclasped my bra, letting my breasts bounce with my movement. The pleasure his dick was giving me poured life into my veins, This…this makes me not want to die, Alexander, this is giving me hope there are still pleasurable things for me in life.

“Fuck, you feel good,” He grunted under me.

I grinned and rolled my hips against his as I picked up my hands and grabbed my breasts, pinching my own nipples, “I know.”

He held his hands up, “Uncuff me.”

I giggled, “You wanna touch, don’t you? Too bad you don’t get to.”

He let out a frustrated sigh as I leaned back, supporting myself with one hand while the other slid down my chest, past my stomach, and onto my pulsing clit. I let my fingers circle around my clit as I stared at him, licking my lips while I bounced up and down on his cock.

“Come on, pretty boy. Thrust that thick cock into my pussy,” I said with a huge smile on my face.

“Fuck!” He pulled on the handcuffs as his legs tensed under me, his hips working hard against mine, his cock slapping deep inside of me as my fingers sped up on my clit, letting my body be controlled by its desire and the pleasure at my core.

I screamed a series of moans as a pulsating pleasure overtook my body, “Ohh...I feel so fucking alive...cum inside me,” I leaned up and bounced up and down as fast as I could, “Do it now,” I demanded through the relevating bliss, and seconds later, his thighs were trembling as he spilled his hot load, “Yes...oh, I feel it. It’s so fucking hot.”

His chest rose up and down heavily as he leaned up to witness his cum mixed with my juices drip down his the base of his cock. His eyes still fogged with pleasure and lust.

I tightened my pussy around his dick and watched him squirm and swear under me, “Hmm, sensitive, isn’t it? Just a little more…” I ran my fingertips along his scruffy jawline, his neck, collarbone, down the middle of his tanned chest, trickled with brown curls.

“E-Enough,” He mumbled, the strong, masculine voice all gone, “Stop.”

I scoffed and tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear before pressing my breasts against his chest, “Say please.”

“P-Please,” He said.

I tilted my head and bit the crook of his neck, making sure to leave a mark before sitting up again to smirk at him, “I told you I was gonna fuck you real good,” I slide my pussy down his cock again, letting my hips bounce up and down on his until I saw that look of losing control in his dilated pupils, his eyes really are so pretty.

“Mnngh!” He growled frustratedly as I pushed down on his heaving chest and lifted my hips, letting his cock slide out of my pussy as I sat up on his thighs. I took his slippery cock in my hand and stroked fast.

“Don’t move,” I pushed my thighs down against his as an attempt to keep him still, but the shaking of his legs still made my body rock up and down. I could feel the desperate throb in his cock against my fingers.

“Fucking hell!” He cried out in the most freeing voice I have heard and I pointed his cock upwards, towards me, letting him shoot his load on my chest.

I ran a finger across the top of my breasts, getting a finger load of his cum then pushed my finger into his mouth, “How does it taste, pretty boy?”

His eyes widened, the pupils retracting to their normal size and he spat out his sperm, “Fuck off, cunt.”

“Are you sure you should be using that language right now?” I looked down at his exposed crotch and back at him, “I am thinking exactly what you’re thinking.”

I could see the deep worry in his wide eyes, “No, no, no, anything but there. Fuck, I am dumb,” he yanked hard against the cuffs, “Please, please, fuck, I’ll get you the machine gun, I don’t care, just please,” He pleaded so desperately, it was music to my ears, paintings to my eyes.

I laid my body on top of his and reached into my pillowcase, taking hold of the little wooden friend I rescued. Who knew a pencil would come in handy?

Standing up from the bed, I traced the sharpened tip along his thighs, reaching to the center of his legs as he continued to fling his body around, begging so hard. I bet he thinks there’s still hope for him, fucking optimist, probably thought he could fix me too.

“Ready?” I lifted my arm high.

“No,” He sobbed.

“Three!” I counted.

He shook his head miserably.

“Ah, actually, let me ask you while you can still speak coherently. Where are we and how do you enter and exit this place?”

He sobbed dramatically, “If I tell you, would you please not hurt me?”

I pursed my lips and traced the shape of his face, “Do you want to break out of this place and live happily ever after with me then?”

He opened his mouth, but no words came out, “I- Yes.”

“You hesitated.”

“Couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

“Hm, you’re quick,” I tapped his swollen lips with my finger, “So tell me now, where are we and how will we leave?” I leaned up and put the pencil into the key hole on the cuffs, mindlessly turning it to sharpen the pencil.

“This whole building is on an island. They pick me up from the city and blindfold me for a five hour flight then it’s about an hour on a boat. There is only one entrance and exit and it’s on the first floor. You’re on the twentieth.”

“Are there windows anywhere?”

“I know in the men’s bathroom down the hall has decent sized windows, but are you really going to jump twenty floors into the ocean?”

I stood up and shrugged, “How considerate of you.”

His face contorted into horror, wrists struggling again, “I- Fuck me, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” he screamed with every muscle in his body.

“Just for courtesy purposes, I will count again. Three, two!” I stopped for a second and decided to just go for it. I drove the pencil into one of his testicles. Pulling out the pencil right away, I finished my count, “One,” and drove the pencil into the other one.

Never in my life had I heard a man scream so loud and cry so hard. It almost made me feel somewhat guilty, but mostly proud. I pulled the pencil out again and forced it through the jugular veins on the right side of his neck, it was barely sharp enough, but it went through eventually,“Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Kinda sad you had to die though, I had fun.”

I wiped the splashes of blood off my body and stepped into a set of fresh clothes, putting on Alexander’s suit jacket. Reaching into the left pocket, I found the little device Jason gave Alexander. Pressing the obvious red button, the gate unlocked immediately as I knew it would. I stepped into the hall and ran towards Jason who was rushing my way. His feet stumbled for a second when he realized it was me running out and not my therapist, “Give me your gun.”

And he did. Because that’s what scared and emotional people do.

“Point to the men’s bathroom.”

And he did again. Because he believed all my threats and because he felt the need to protect his loved ones.

“Thanks Jason,” I aimed for his forehead and pulled the trigger before running off in the direction he pointed. I didn’t believe I had much time, two minutes at most. Or maybe someone else was helping me, because no other guards have rushed towards me yet and no alarms had been triggered, oh nevermind, they must have found Jason’s body. Now I really have to hurry. Ah, a blue sign!

I shoved the bathroom door open and ran towards the barred windows on top of the sink. I fired at the hinges holding up the metal bars and gasped in victory when they gave out, everything is rather low quality shit outside of my room. I jumped on the sink and slid the window to the left, letting the wet salty air hit my face as I looked out at the great body of water in front of me, fucking massive ocean.

I stepped on the faucet carefully and pulled myself closer to the edge of the window to look directly down to see what I would be landing on, no way…a dumpster. How much more perfect could this get? Without hesitation, I pushed myself out the window, I am coming for you, Joscelyn, alive or dead. I folded myself as tight as I could as I fell through the gusty wind and into a dumpster full of wetness.

I couldn’t believe it. Someone was helping me and no way in hell would I have thought. My hands touched the all so familiar texture of my favorite human organ around me and held one up so I could see it more clearly.

So fresh and plump. It was probably still beating just hours ago.

I tried to hug all the hearts into my chest in ecstasy. Thank you for the reunion gift, Joscelyn.

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