The Apocalypse

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Would you go to any lengths to uproot evil? This man can..

Thriller / Horror
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The Apocalypse

I kicked the girl into the ground as i pumped four bullets into her skull, as her body laid still on the ground. I turned around and stared at the dead corpses of boys and girls, taken down by my smoking pistol. I put in a final bullet in any body i saw moving, as i knew a bullet to the head was the only way to kill them. I knew they had stopped being human the moment they became zombies. I stared at the hordes outside the classroom, reloading my gun hoping I had enough ammo left. As I left and headed toward their direction, I couldn't help but smirk to myself. Few months ago my psychiatrist insisted I was unfit to teach, that i was schizophrenic and harmful to my students since I was delusional. Yet here I was, cleansing the world from evil. But I was just getting started.

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