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The Silent Flower

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Lilly Rose is a 16 year old Girl who was tortured, every piece of love or hope she had, ripped away from her by the one she despise the most her kidnapper. She thinks only about revenge, as she Isolates herself from everyone who try's to love her. Will she ever find love? Or suffer in despair as she loses everything to revenge? Warning, Contains Suicidal Attempts and panic attacks

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Chapter 1

It was silent until the sudden sound of voices came to ear. What is this? could it be...no it couldn’t. It would be impossible; it’s been too long. Soon a loud bang was all I could hear, then came.... people? How was this possible was I dreaming? how could they have found me? What do I do should hide? not knowing what to do, I sat chained against a brick wall. Soft tears seeped down my face as I was staring at the people in front of me.

Not even knowing what they plan to do to me, I was still happy, that at least someone found me. (Thank you) I have softly spoken in the back of my mind as I drifted out of consciousness letting the darkness consume me.

“Who is she” “She’s the-” “Shhhh~ look she’s waking up!” Voices clouded my ear as I slowly opened my eyes to a bright gleaming light pressed agent my face. (W-Where a-am I?!) “Oh, you’re right, someone go get a doctor” I heard another yell. Lightly panicking scared of what’s to come I frantically looked in all directions. Soon a tall man came running in.

“Hey, I’m Joe, and I’m with the police, would you mind if I ask you a few questions?” Joe asked breathing Heavily with his saddened hazel eyes, but no tears showed. You could tell he wanted answers but didn’t want to come out to insensitive. I looked at him wanting so desperately to answer his question but when I opened my dry lips, trying to speak nothing came out. Not a whisper, not even a sound. I looked at him mentally asking for help but all he returned was a very confused yet unknown expression.

I couldn’t tell much of what he was thinking but I wanted to know. He looked like the type of person who would say something not meaning it just so they don’t hurt your feeling, but all I hope is that he won’t think I’m ignoring him. Small little tear droplets fell from my lifeless eyes once I realized I most likely won’t be able to speak again...ever, what happens to me now? I know it’s not because I physically can’t but, it’s more than that It feels as though someone pushed my mute button.

“What’s wrong?!” He panicked at the scene in front of him. His light brown arms frantically moving around. Not knowing how to respond I formed my thin doll like fingers to look like an ‘X’ and gently placed them against my lips to symbolize that I couldn’t speak. Hoping he would understand. “Oh, ok that makes more sense now” He sighed in relief with a light grin plastered onto his maturely structured appearance.

(Yay, he understood) I thought while showing off a small plastic smile. “Can you write?” He questioned with me nodding in response. I mean I knew how to, but I can’t say it would be good. “Thank goodness, I was worried for a second” He laughed while reaching out to look through his bag for something I could write with. “Is this, ok?” He asked handing me a pencil and a piece of notebook paper. (Thank you) I mouthed, looking into his bright eyes that looked so full of life. I wonder what my world would have been like if that person never came into my life. Would I be so full of entity? I looked down at the piece of paper Infront of me. Oh no...I hope he can read this. I mean I didn’t wright much, but I also didn’t wright well. All I need to do now is pray he can read my handwriting...it’s been a while.

I quickly handed it to him, not wanting to end up talking myself out of it.

Then with a soft but deep chuckle he began reading. ” Do you know where I am? Is that what you wrote?” He asked while looking towards me unsure, his black eyebrows slightly arched.

With a returning nod he began to look happier, if that was even possible. “You’re at a Hospital In New York” He responded, you can tell he was struggling to keep his smile, but he did a good job.

I didn’t know why I was so far from home but, I’m not from here. Is that why it took so long for them to find me? It had to have taken him a few hours to get me here, I mean I am from Oklahoma but now I’m in New York.

If only I didn’t make that stupid choice a while ago.... a few years back...If only

“Hello, you still with me? You’ve been spacing out a lot over there” He chuckled, “You ok over there?” He asked again voice lased with concern while gently tapping my shoulder to get my attention. Not expecting the sudden contact, I wiped my head towards his direction so fast I about thought my head was going to pop off like a Champagne cap, as I looked at him deeply, I trembled beneath his gaze. My heart pounding, I lifted my arms up terrified he was going to hit me.

“Whoa, I’m not going to hit you! Don’t worry, please calm down.” He wisped; his smile long gone.

I slowly lifted my head to take a quick glance. You could tell he was telling the truth. So, I took a deep breath before pretending to be okay like nothing had happened. I sat up laying my head onto the pillow as I wrote a little note on the paper, he had given me.

“Sorry, I thought I saw a spider. I hate toughs” I lied; you can tell he didn’t believe me but he also never said anything about it so I was happy.

“Oh, ok If you need to talk about anything let me know” he said, as he gave a small smile while grabbing his things. (Where are you going?) I wrote, “I’m going to go back to the station, it looks like the doctor is here so I should probably get going. I wanted to stay and ask some questions, but my time is out, sorry!” He replied while pointing towards the door.

“But before I go here’s my card give me a call if you need” He smiled while handing me his business card that gave me all the information I needed. (Thank you) I quickly wrote and showed him before he got too far away.

*Knock, Knock* Taking a glance towards the door I spotted an older male that looked about early ’50s holding a thick clip board, I was kind of spooked at first to be honest, but the more I looked at his elderly appearance the more he reminded me on the old man off the KFC label. Causing me to give off an unnoticeable giggle before he entered through the doorway. “Glad to see you’re awake!” The man smiled while closing the door all the way, showing off his Australian accent. Not knowing how to reply to his words I just returned a polite closed eyed smile.

But behind that smile I was terrified, there was and still always be a part of me who wants to run away and find a place to give me somewhat of a peaceful mind, But I can’t there would be no point, I can’t continue to be scared forever. I have to be strong I’ve been through a lot worse than this. There’s always a light at the other end of the tunnel my mother used to always tell me before she passed away. So I need to stay strong...for her.

While keeping on a plastic smile, I looked up facing the old man who keeps inching closer by the second holding this tool that I’m assuming is safe...I mean I only saw them in movies... Tensing up I eyed the poor man until he was just a foot away.

“Now I’m going to place this by your heart, and I want you to take a deep breath in for me” He instructed, placing the cold metal thing against me. As I was taking a deep breath in I could soon feel my lungs quickly expand calming me in a way. Taking a deep breath out I looked up to face the old man hoping he was done for the day.

Not wanting him to stay any longer. “Don’t worry I’m leaving” He Chuckled making eye contact while collecting all his things before leaving the cold room closing the door behind him. with a slightly loud click.

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