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An international network of terrorists. A series of terror attacks. An elusive mastermind. A prolonged chase. When RAW agent Samprit Sodhi is deputed to investigate three consecutive bomb blasts in three separate locations in India, he has little idea that he is about to become part of a much bigger and horrifying narrative. Thus begins the saga of international chases, anonymous phone calls, murders, false starts, more terror attacks, and betrayal. Samprit also runs into his old flame and fellow agent, Radhika, who had mysteriously disappeared a few years ago, and who joins him in his pursuit of an elusive terror mastermind who has designs evil beyond imagination—and who constantly dares Samprit to catch him if he can. Is Radhika telling the truth about her disappearance? Will she and Samprit rekindle their love? Will Samprit catch up with the terrorist who has eluded the world’s biggest intelligence agencies?

Thriller / Mystery
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A group of girls aged around 12 were seated on the corner side of a school garden, near the Entrance/Exit gate of the school. Probably they use to do this every day, during the last few hours of their school.

“Samridhi, it’s your turn to tell the story today, a girl pointed”. Ok, I have got one, but the story is long and will take time, she replied. No problem, we have got around 2 hours to go home and we have already packed our bags and are seating in garden near the school gate, we will be easy to spot when our parents will come here to receive us. All the girls of the group agreed by nodding their heads.

So, what’s the story is about another girl asked. My mummy used to tell me this as a bedtime story, she replied. This story started 15 years from now. When my parents were RAW agents. A case was assigned to my father which turned his life upside down.

Wai…wai…wait…wait…. Start the story from starting, share everything. How did they get into RAW, what was the case about and how did they meet each other, everything. “Ok I will start it from the date when my father started to work on this case”, she quoted.

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