CountDown : Start of Journey

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Chapter 6 – The Final Attack

As soon as they reached the house, they started to look for clues. The first thing Goyal did was look beside the sofa where Samir and Sahid were standing, and bang, there was a letter. Samprit was right they left a clue. He called Samprit and opened the letter, which read:

‘Very well you found the letter, we can’t expect less from you both. You seriously are very clever, but not cleverer than us. We hope you both are pulling your hair out of frustration. Ok, without any more suspense, let me tell you where we go. You both are staying in Delhi from birth, yet you both forget about the metro. At night, when the metro was not functioning, we escaped from the track route. We hope you get this letter by morning, because by then, we will be out of Delhi. Then we will move to Khampat. It’s a town in Myanmar. Once we reach there, we will spend quality time there and then will decide what will be our next move. I promise you that without giving prior notice to you, I won’t take any action. One more thing I want to tell you is that you are very devoted to your duty, and I hope you will be like this in the future too. And the next time you hear, from me you will be in doubt about your point of view.’

Goyal gave a pleasant smile to Samprit and asked him to leave the case for now.

“For the public’s sake, we will announce that due to technical faults, the smartphones exploded, and not all of them did. Teams are still searching for the remaining smartphones, as this was the company’s fault. The owner of the company went underground. The company will be sold on the international market, and the government will compensate the victim’s family. We will make sure that this type of incident doesn’t take place in the future. After a month, we will make an announcement that all smartphones from all over the country have been collected, and the public is now safe from any unknown explosions. We also need to clarify that behind this, no terrorist organization was working, otherwise, the government will give a lot of pressure on this. And I don’t want that. Let us now move forward and keep this case aside for a while,” Goyal added.


After few months, Khampat

All three were staying in a hut. It was neither too big nor too small. On the outside, it was made of grass, mud, and dirt. Inside, it was grey. They were doing farming work for their daily essential needs. They were not living a luxurious life, nor did they want it. They wanted something else from life, and they were constantly looking for that. Gradually, time passed.


New Delhi, Sodhi Niwas

Radhika got a piece of good news for the Sodhi family: she was pregnant. Samprit was on cloud nine. He doesn’t know how to express his feelings. Gurmit was happy that she would become a grandmother soon. Simrat and Pradeep were happy that they would become aunt and uncle soon. The cases now handled by Samprit were small, so he was able to give proper time to his family. It was like a 9 to 5 job for Samprit now. Gradually, time passed, and Radhika gave birth to a girl on January 18, 2025. Gurmit arranged a religious feast for Pandits and girls under 10 ages, as a ritual.


January 22, 2025

Sodhi Niwas

“Bhai, you have a parcel. I am putting it on the dining table. Take it from there,” said Simrat.

Samprit was playing with his daughter; so, he thought he will check the parcel later, and then he forgot about it. The same night, Simrat asked him about the parcel. He remembered that he had to yet to open it, and asks Simrat to get it.

She brought the parcel to him. He opened the parcel; it was a book titled CountDown: End of Journey by The Three Culprits. Samprit thought maybe the three culprits here were Samir, Sahid, and Pusti. He spent the whole night reading the book. The next day, as soon as he completed the book, he rushed to Goyal. He asked him to arrange a ticket for Afghanistan, Pakistan. and Sudan for Raj, Anand and Samprit.


July 14, 2024


Members of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, and Al-Qaeda came to them. They wanted them to join them. They were very proud of their work and wanted them to carry a mission to destroy India, England, and America. As per Samir’s plan, Pusti joined Tehrik-i-Taliban, Sahid joined Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, and he joined Al-Qaeda. Pusti would go to Afghanistan, Sahid to Pakistan and he to Sudan. It was their final mission as per their plan. A nuclear bomb blast would occur in America, England, and India which would kill more than a million people. The date decided was February 14, 2025. All three needed to leave for the destination within a week. They would be trained for six months and then proceed for the final blast. They agreed to all the conditions and left for the destination as decided.


December 1, 2023


Sahid said, “Bhai, we are finally in Khampat. What is your next plan? Before, every time, you used to discuss the plan with us, but now, you just keep saying that the next mission will be our final mission. But you are not sharing anything related to that.”

Samir replied, “ Earlier, I used to discuss the plan with you as I was sure that you both will ready for any type of mission. But this time, I am not sure either you will be ready.”

“Bhai, only we both know the real motive behind your all missions. Why are you not sure this time? What type of mission are you thinking about?”

Pusti asked, “Yes, Samir, you need to share the detail of the mission.”

Samir replied, “You both know the real motive of our previous mission. Even now the motive of the mission is same. We will be here for around 6 to 7 months. I will be writing a story that I will share with Samprit. The next mission we will go to will be our last mission. To make the mission possible, we need to give our lives. In June or July, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba and Al-Qaeda will be approaching us for a mission to destroy India, America, and England. A nuclear bomb blast will take place on February 14, 2025, in all three countries. Each one of us will do this. We will be suicide bombers.”

Pusti asked, “Do these agencies have nuclear weapons? How will they export nuclear bombs in this country to us?”

Samir replied, “Yes, they have nuclear weapons. They can use two ways to get nuclear bombs to us. First, we will go underwater, carrying a nuclear bomb with us. Second, we will reach the destination country and will get nuclear bombs within the country. All three countries selected have nuclear weapons.”

Sahid asked, “Bhai, how do you know that they will approach us in June or July and will make a condition to make a blast on February 14, 2025?”

“Because I am the one who will make them do this. After the attack on the smartphone, they will try to find who is behind this. For now, let them try from their side. Later, I will let them know our location. I will somehow manage to let them choose the date Feb 14, 2025,” Samir replied.

“And why would you share our location after 6 months and not now?”

“I told you, I need to write the story. It would take around 6 months.”

“Ok! We believe in you and will do whatever you think is correct.”

For the next six months, they did farming, and Samir also worked on his story. He was about to complete his story when he shared their location with all three terrorist agencies. He soon finished the story and titled the story CountDown: End of journey, by the Three Culprits. He kept the book with him and decided to send it to Samprit in January 2025, when they would be very close to the mission date, so he wouldn’t be able to interfere in the mission. Samir had tears in his eyes, as it would end very soon. He was emotional for Sahid and Pusti, as they were with him every time, and now he was planning a mission that will kill them. It was a peaceful life in those six months. Pusti started to enjoy this life. One night, she told Samir that if she got a chance to wish for something, she would like to start life again and would stay here with him for her whole life. Samir got tears in his eyes on hearing this. But he controlled himself and said to himself that this life wanted something else from him. He replied to her that maybe her wish would come true in another life.

To which she said, “Ameen.”

That night, Samir was not able to sleep properly. He was thinking if what they were doing was right. But it was a worthwhile night, as he got something to add to his story. Later, on July 14, 2024, three terrorist agencies visited their place, and everything worked as per Samir’s plan. Sahid left for Pakistan, he left for Sudan, and Pusti left for Afghanistan on July 20, 2024.

After reaching the base, from the next day, their training started. While they were busy in their training, Samprit was spending quality time with his family.

They stopped blogging after the smartphone incident. Samprit was feeling guilty that he was not able to stop the blast, but he always remembered his mother’s words that it was more important to do your work, and it was up to God whether the result will be in your favor or not. These words gave him the confidence to work hard without thinking about the future. He used to complete his job and then go home to spend quality time with his daughter. It was fun and peaceful. Anand and Raj also started desk jobs. New members were now doing field jobs. Sometimes, all three spent their nights at the bar. It was peaceful for them. But very soon, the tables would turn. All three were soon going to complete their training.

Finally, it was time for Samir to send the book to Samprit. The book reached Samprit on January 22, 2020. He read the book at night, and after reading the book, he came to know something which he had never imagined. The next morning, he rushed to Goyal and asked to send Raj, Anand, and him to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sudan respectively. Goyal was shocked on hearing this.

Goyal said, “Samprit, it’s been more than a year since you all three left fieldwork. Why do you want to join back again, and why these three places? Is this related to those three?”

Samprit replied, “Yes, sir, it’s because of those three.”

“Hmm! So, what’s the plan? What do you want from me?”

“Sir, Samir, Sahid, and Pusti are on suicide missions. They joined 3 terrorist organizations, named Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, and Al-Qaeda. They are planning a nuclear blast in America, India, and England. I need a team who will go to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sudan and try to stop them, or else they will kill more than a million people.”

“This is very serious. I will arrange one partner for each of you. You all three will go in teams of two to all three countries and try to stop their mission. What is the date of the mission?”

“February 14, 2025.”

“It’s very close. Are you sure you should go there and stop them? It would be better if we alert other securities and catch them in targeted countries themselves.”

“I don’t think it will be a good choice.”

“And from where did you get all this information?”

“Samir sent me a book yesterday. Everything was mentioned in that.”

“Very well then. Give me an hour and I will arrange everything.”

After an hour, Goyal called all of them to his office. The members he selected were Raj, Anand, Samprit, Vijay, Samira, and Jatin.

Goyal said, “Welcome back, Raj, Anand, and Samprit to the field. The new members joining you are Vijay and Samira. I was training them when we were busy with the mission of the cruise. Vijay and Samira are going to marry very soon, so they will be going on the mission together. Samprit and Anand will go to Sudan, Raj and Jatin will go to Pakistan and Vijay and Samira will go to Afghanistan. The mission is about those three again and we need to stop them this time anyhow, or else we would be facing a huge issue.

He gave the details of the mission to everyone. He provided everything they would need during the mission. As per his plan, they would be leaving the same night for the country selected for every duplet. Goyal asked Samprit to give the book Samir send him before leaving. Samprit initially refused, but later, after pressurizing by him, he gave the book.

They left for the countries as per the plan, and the same night, Goyal read that story. By the next morning, he completed the book and understood that Samprit had something else on his mind. He tried to contact him and other members but was unable to contact them. He contacted his spy, who was already there, and told them to connect them with him. By night, Samprit contacted Goyal and shared his original plan with him.

Goyal asked, “Why didn’t you share your original plan with me? Why is anyone else not connecting with me? Is your original plan the same as what I am thinking about?”

Samprit replied, “You know why I didn’t share the original plan. You wouldn’t allow me to. I shared the plan with them and told them not to connect with you. Yes, my plan is the same as what you are thinking now. I will save all three anyhow, even if it costs my life.”

“Are you mad? You have a month-old child, and you are talking nonsense. We don’t know if things written in this book are correct or not. We must verify them before taking any action.”

“I verified everything. At least my child is born. But Pusti has been pregnant for 3 months. I don’t want that child to die for such humans. I will save them at any cost.”

“Ok, At least tell me your plan.”

“We will follow all three until their destination. As soon as they leave from there, we will shot them to make them unconscious. Then will kidnap them and bring them back to India. Everything else will work as per their plan.”

“Do you think that it would be that easy?”

“No, I don’t, but we don’t have any other option.”

“You still have time, abort the mission and return.”

“No, sir that’s not possible. Sir, I need to leave.”


Samprit disconnected the call.

Everyone tried to move as close as possible to the base from where the three would leave for the targeted countries. They observed them for 3 days and tried to find whether Samir was telling the truth or not. As per the observation, he was telling the truth. They would leave for the targeted countries on February 10, 2025. Samprit and others also arranged the tickets accordingly. They reached the targeted countries on 11th February. As per the plan, Samprit and his team were going to make Samir and others unconscious, but as soon as they left the airport, they vanished. Samprit got a call from an unknown number.

“Hi, Samprit, it’s Samir.”

Samprit replied, “I know it’s you. How did you manage to vanish?”

“I told you not to interrupt our plan. Why are you and your team following us? Let us do what we are doing.”

“We are not interrupting your plan. We will just kidnap you and your team members and other things will work as your plan.”

“No, it won’t. As soon as you kidnap us, they will understand that something is wrong, because they will be tracking us. They will be contacting us frequently. We need to return to the country before 14th Feb without letting them know our location. My team can only activate the bomb. And it’s not possible to return after activating the bomb. The maximum time we can get is 30 minutes, and the range of bombs is so huge you can’t cover that much distance in 30 minutes.”

“I don’t know how, but my team and I will anyhow save you and your team.”

Samir and others went at some distance, gave their radar to someone else, and returned to the airport. They checked in the flights to return to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sudan. Samprit and his team also did the same. They also returned along with them on the same flight. They followed them to their hideout. Samir knew all this but was afraid if he tried to take action, the others would come to know about them. As per the terrorist organization, they should be in America, India, and England, but they were in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sudan. They were going to blast nuclear bombs at terrorist organization camps. During their 6 months of training, they installed those bombs in their camp and made a hideout to activate the bomb. They would activate the bomb from the hideout and stay there until the bomb blast. In his story, he wrote all this, and Samprit was there to save them. But knowingly, he was risking his own life. The range of the bomb was around 2000 square km, which meant they needed to cover a distance of nearly 25 km from the point the bomb was placed. So they never thought of trying to save their life. Instead, they stayed there and watch their scene of a successful mission. Samprit came to know all about this when he read the story sent by Samir and then planned to save them. Since he couldn’t talk to Samir directly, he needed to create his plan. He told his team members to stay as near as possible to Samir, Sahid, and Pusti on the day of the attack. As soon as they activated the bomb, they would need to kidnap them and should rush towards the orders. After crossing around 30 km, a helicopter would be waiting there, and they had to escape fast, or else they would e finished too. It was a do or die situation for all.


February 14, 2025

As per the terrorist organizations, the bomb would explode at 7:32 pm, since most of the people would be out of their house during that time. All three would activate the bomb at 7:02 pm and send a photo to the heads of the organizations as proof. Samprit and his team were keeping a close eye on each one of them. But as per Samir’s plan, they would activate the bomb at 6:34 and send the photo at 7:02. So, before they understood anything, the blast will occur. Samir shared this information with Samprit and asked him to save Sahid and Pusti and leave him. He wouldn’t be able to leave his life with the burden that he killed his younger brother and his lover just to achieve a goal that the human race never wanted. But Samprit promised him that he will save all three of them, anyhow.


February 15, 2025

A news reporter was speaking, “Nuclear bomb blasts occurred in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sudan at Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, and Al-Qaeda base camps. As per the information, more than 1000 people have died, and 2000 people have been injured in this blast. Many of them were terrorists, but since the blast was huge, many local people lost their lives as well. As per sources, so many terrorists died in this attack that it is assumed that for the next 10 to 15 years, there would be no major terrorist attack around the world. No information is available about how this blast happened.”

Radhika turned of the T.V and said, “Sir, did you get any information about Samprit and his team? Are they safe? What happened to them?”

Goyal replied, “We don’t have any updates till now. Helicopters send for their rescue were destroyed by the local terrorists. We don’t know whether any of our men are safe or not. We can’t assume what happened there. The least we can do is pray for them to return as soon as possible.”

Present Day

14 February, 2035

A lady shouted, “Simrat… Simrat! Come here! It’s time to go back.”

Everybody looked back to find that it was Simrat’s mother, Radhika.

“Why she is early?” a girl responded sadly. “We were about to know what happened to all of them.”

“No, it’s time. Look, other’s parents are also here,” another girl pointed out.

“But what about the ending?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, we will continue this tomorrow. And it’s not about to end. It will take time.” “There’s a lot more to know,” Simrat replied.

One by one, everybody left.

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