Helter Skelter

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She is his love. He is her life He is her muse. She is his demise With her, he is in love. He is in hell Without him, she is lost. She's confused Love's a chaos. So is madness. Aren't they different faces of the same coin anyway...

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

An unexpected text.

“Hey,” my phone pinged with an unwanted message making me groan internally.

“God Rishi! Not again,” I replied, already dreading the conversation we were about to have.

“I am sorry Ams. I really am. Can you come to me just this once please. I feel so alone here. So so empty. I am losing my mind Ams,” his reply was immediate. I hate it. I hate saying no to him but I have to. We are over and he needs to understand it.

“I know Rishi. But I cant. I have a date tonight,” I kept my message short hoping he would give up even though I know he wouldn’t

“Date? What on Earth Ams. You cannot do that. You cannot leave me to rot here while you go around having fun with others like I mean nothing.” The accusation in his message made my blood boil. I should have got used to it by now but my poor heart always breaks a little at his callousness.

“You got to be kidding me Rish! Did you already forget the fact that YOU LEFT ME and its not the other way around?” I hit send with a shivering hand.

“I know. I am sorry. God knows if only I could take it back, I would in a blink of eye,” his text read. Huh. How convinient. If only it could be that easy to glue back a broken heart.

“But you cant. And I cant either. Too much has been said and done between us Rishi. There is no going back for us. We can never be the same,” I replied trying to be rational even though every fibre of my heart is begging me to make things to go back the way they were. But I cant. Too much is at stake.

“I know. But can you please come to me for tonight baby. This lonliness... its killing me. I am going crazy Ams. Just for this one night. Atleast a few hours. Please Ams. I am begging you.” Even after everything he did, the thought of him suffering felt sour in my mouth. The desperation in his message made me rethink my decision. May be this could be the closure we needed. May be we can finally get over each other for once and all. Those excuses sounded stupid even for my own ears, however, I knew what my answer would be even before I typed it.

“Ok. But just for an hour. I cannot cancel on my date again Rishi. I am trying to move on.′

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