The Cajun Hitman

By robertcateysson All Rights Reserved ©



“The Cajun Hitman” is narrated by Land Boudreaux a young Cajun from Lafayette Louisiana who after killing his parents when he is sixteen years old becomes a professional hitman. We follow him from Lafayette to Leesburg, New York, and Paris. The young man plans carefully his operations, and his alibis. He is successful, and never suspected or arrested for the crimes committed. Only one man Jaime Sanchez a detective from the LPD knows he is a killer. He hunts Land Boudreaux since their first encounter in Lafayette on a missing person case in the summer 2004. The arrest of the Cajun killer becomes his obsession; he leaves the LPD for the FBI in New York, and then resigns to focus only on his goal stopping Land Boudreaux. This game of chess catches our attention from the first page to the final one. The story tells the journey of a man, who at the beginning is filled with hatred, then become no emotional, and finally become emotional which leads him to his death. This could be a true story....


“My name is Landry Boudreaux. I was born on the 18th of February 1986 in Lafayette Louisiana, I am a Cajun and I am a Hitman, this is my story.”

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