Tempered Tides

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Suddenly, the winds grew stronger at my words, and the tides crashed upon the virgin sands. I stood upright then. I saw the spirit of Calina rise through the waters, a whitish apparition summoned perhaps by the skies. Her face was drawn towards the clouds, and she rose to disappear up above. Perhaps I was right, heaven did lie between earth and sky.

Thriller / Fantasy
Shobana Gomes
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The seas see a surge in tempered tides, as the skies above, dark and treacherous, threaten, stirring violent waves of discontent on the once quiet waters.

There’s much to be said about the storms of the seas.

With mellow winds, the tides are gentle, washing ashore in strokes of sensuously rhythmic movements. With distraught winds, an uprising of tidal waves forms in rebellion. The seas are disturbed, awakened to turmoil and conflict. Discord reigns deep within the waters, yielding a sense of uncertainty and volatility to the world above them.

I have heard soulful cries wafting through those harried winds, carrying them ashore in eerie timbres, evoking fear even amongst the bravest.

I believe the cries come from deep within the ocean’s crust, of lost souls, avenging a fate from a past life, wandering among the living, possibly seeking release from their state of ghostly subsistence.

I hear the cries of Calina, an innocent young woman thrown into the depths of tempered tides.

She drowned in a tragic circumstance. They said her screams could be heard far across the oceans, across uninhabited lands, even beyond mountains. Her cries of innocence went unheeded and since her drowning, the seas of my village have never returned to peaceful reverie.

Instead, woeful tides have sprung upon the land, inherited by the demons of an innocent, tortured soul.

Calina was killed for a falsified deed by a man consumed by jealousy and rivalry. Her soul roams now, seeking reprisal.

The villagers say her spirit will wander till appeased with the blood of her perpetrators.

A hundred and twenty-fold will the consequence of vengeance be upon the fallen land and its tribe.

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