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Chapter 15

Michael walked back into the basement holding a plastic bag, followed by two other men carrying chairs. Princess’s face grew slightly pale when she saw the other men, which made Michael smile. The two men put the chairs down then after a quick nod from Michael left the room. Michael pulled one of the chairs up under Princess forcing her to spread her legs around it, which made he heart rate jump up and a quiet whimper escape her lips. Michael frowned and pulled up the second chair just in front of her, then lowered himself so be eye level with her.

“I’m very strong and very good at violence, I’m not above hitting a woman. Do you understand?”

Princess stared at him in panicked, exhausted silences for a few moments then managed an affirmative moan. Michael smiled cheerfully and reached up to her handcuffs and unlocked them. Princess collapsed onto the chair and fell forward into Michael who caught her. For a confused moment Princess held onto him as the pain of hanging from her arms subsided.

“Th…thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

His slightly strained voice shocked her back into sanity. She quickly let him go and sat up straighter. Michael sat down in the second chair and handed her the plastic bag. He’d lost his smile and instead looked slight concerned and sombre as he watched her try lift her arms to take the bag and fail. He put his and hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes,

“It’s alright, I’ll do it.”

He pulled his chair closer so that their knees touched creating a make shift table. He then started laying the bags contents onto their knees. Princess was astonished to see an array of small sealed plastic tubs with various forms of prepared foods. Here eyes locked on a tub of diced fruit, which Michael opened and with a small plastic fork spiked a few pieces and held up to her mouth. Princess started at the fork nervously.

“If I was going to kill you, I would have simply done it. There is no reason to trick you into eating poison.”

His words eased Princess’s mind slightly and she opened her mouth and slowly wrapped it around the fork. Michael smiled again and proceeded to feed the suddenly starving girl. Once the fruit was done he moved onto a tub of boiled brown rice and peas, then tub of diced chicken breast. It struck Princess that the meal was very simple but a very balanced meal. Once the food was finished Michael pulled a bottle of water out of the bag, opened it, put in a straw and held it. She took a few sips then leaned away cringing,

“Wha… what is that?”

“Its water, but I put dissolved on of those pills you were asking for in it along with a few spoons of sugar. Which will help settle your nerves as you’ve been through a traumatic experience.”

Princess’s mind instantly filled with desperation and anger.

“I’ve only been through a traumatic experience because you put me through one! Why do all that, then put all the effort in to try sooth me? Just let me go! Please! Please let me go!”

Michael frowned disappointed and stood up,

“No, no no no no, please don’t leave, please no, just let me go, I won’t call the police I just want to go home, please, please let me go!”

Her voice was filled with desperation and panic. Michael leaned down and put his hands on her shoulders,

“I’m sorry, that is something I just can’t do right now.”

Tears started pouring down Princess’s face,


Michael sighed and kissed her forehead, then straighten up.

“Do I need to re-cuff you to something? Or will you behave?”

Princess swallowed her tears,

“I’ll behave.”

Michaels smiled, packed the empty tubs into the bag and put the water on to floor next to Princess.

“Your arms will be fine with some more time, then you must finish that water. It will make you feel better, those pills are very strong they’ll help.”

Princess didn’t say anything she just nodded, Michael stared at her for a few more moments then left again. Princess let her eyes follow him out and settle on the door as it closed and she could hear it lock with a slight clunk. Princess sat in silence for a moment trying to calm the panic that was frantically running around in her mind. Slowly she managed to push through the pain and lower herself off the chair to the floor and, rather than trying to pick up the bottle she twisted her body around to get to the straw. The water had a strange sweet chemical taste to it, but she forced herself to finish it. Once it was empty she didn’t even try get back up onto the chair she just let herself slump down onto the floor and drift off into the darkness, letting the chemicals calm her mind.

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