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Chapter 8

Michael crouched down next to Dr. Gates and put an open folder in his lap,

“It’s funny you should say that Doctor, because it says right here that you’ve been treating him since he was released from that hospital, so lets try again. Do you know the assassin known as Winter?”

Gates quickly skimmed the paper work in front of him and realised just how out of his depth he was.


“See, now was that so hard? When last did you see him?”

“He doesn’t really come …”

Gates sentence was cut off as Michael once again punched him across the face knocking him onto his side. He rolled onto his back groaning and holding his face, once his eyes cleared he could see that Michael was smiling down at him.

“Funny you should say that because your secretary said he was in here earlier today, which is around about the time he went messing from my place. She also said that he’d been in here a few days earlier. Then she said, oh god please no I’ve told you everything I know, please stop, please don’t, I have children, no, no, no, no…. Are you starting to understand what kind of people we are doctor?”

Gates’ eyes filled with tears,

“Oh my god, Johanna, what did you do to her?”

Michael put on an almost offended look,

“Well I didn’t do anything to her, but you see the man standing by the door?’

Gates looked in the direction Michael was pointing to see a muscular looking man with a black eye and four deep scratches down his face and a smile on his face. He then looked back at Michael who was now also smiling.

’He slapped her around a little until she answered our questions, then he raped her and the he killed her. He’s kinda a sick guy like that, but so useful. So when last did you see Winter?”

Gates took a long deep breath and propped himself up against the wall,

“At least she put up a fight.”

His voice was distant and scared. Michael laughed,

“Oh that wasn’t from your secretary, that was from a little desk clerk down at the police station. She was a fighter that one, almost a shame to have to put her down. But you see she supplied Winter with some information that helped him get something we want, and when we asked she was not nearly as forth coming.”

“Oh my god, you’re, you’re a fucking monster.”

Michael lost his smile and kicked Gates across the face knocking him over again and breaking the hinge of his jaw. Gates hit the ground and started coughing and spluttering as his mouth began to fill with blood. Michael reached down and pulled him up and onto his desk.

“Right now it’s going to be much harder to understand you so speak clearly, we know when last you saw Winter what I don’t know is where he went from here.”

Through the haze of pain Gates desperately shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

“I, I dough know.”

Michael sighed in frustration,

“What do you know? Anything useful?”

Gates thought about his car, thought about how much he hated Winter for bringing this to his door. He also thought about how much he loved his wife and how Johanna hadn’t deserved to be dragged into any of this. Summing up all his courage Gates spat a mouth full of blood at Michael which hit his chest, then he smiled. Michael frowned at Gates and wiped the blood off his shirt with his hand.

“Congratulations, that took serious guts and I can respect that.”

He then grabbed Gates’ hand and shook it, then headed for the door, on his way out Gates could just hear him say to the muscular man.

“Break his legs, maybe his arms, drag him to the middle of the room then burn this place down.”

The muscular man smiled in agreement and Gates began desperately to try and fee, but the panic and the pain caused him to stumble and before he knew it he’d been grabbed and thrown back over his desk, then everything became pain, and then fire.

Michael climbed into his car outside the small office building and pulled out his phone, pressed a few buttons and waited.

“This better be good news.”

Michael smiled into his phone,

“Don’t worry, it isn’t.”

Keys Jr. Frowned,

“Then why are you calling me?”

“Because you asked to be kept up to date. Now the shrink was a bust, he’d been there but didn’t know anything useful about his whereabouts. Strangely bond for such a weedy man though. I’ve got my people watching the airport and if they go near any of the harbours big enough to get them off the island someone will tell me. You’re offing a very handsome reward for information. So for the moment we just have to wait them out. Everything is still on track, just might take an extra day.”

“It better be for the price I’m paying. Right now don’t call back until you have good news.”

With that Keys Jr. put down the phone, sighed and poured himself another drink. He was sitting in his home office, still making his way through his brother’s once very impressive whiskey collection. He took a long sip, smiled again and picked up the phone.

Smoke started bellowing out of the office windows as the muscular man walked out the front door, got

Princess waited until she was sure Winter was asleep then quietly started exploring her surroundings, or at least which parts of it she could make open. In the room Winter was asleep in she manage to find some food and some water, but it was much further down the hall that she found the small wined up radio she set up next to her little bed and fell asleep listening to K505 Syn Island number one hit radio station.

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