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A golden butterfly

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Chapter 2


Maria. Simply Maria. That’s how her colleagues called her. She was a journalist.

‘Good morning, Maria!’, her colleagues usually greeted her politely.

‘Good morning’, she answered routinely.

Her colleagues liked greeting her, not only at work but at the line to the cash register at the store as well.

… Maria was working at in a small magazine. She often dressed in very simple manner: a casual long dark dress and a braid.

Like her, Maria’s husband was an ordinary person - an ordinary office worker. They lived together in a simple apartment, doing their usual work and living their usual, unremarkable and boring life. Maria barely seen her mother-in-law and other husband’s relatives and didn’t have much interest in them, in fact, as she lived in another city.

Living for themselves, Maria and her husband decided had a baby after seven years, before turning into parents. Maria, as expected, decided to go on a three years maternity leave.

An ordinary family had an ordinary child with a usual name – Kate.

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