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Mercedes Winterburn awoke in a stranger's bed to discover she was married to him; she immediately demanded a divorce and walked out of his hotel suite without looking back. A few days later, she demands a large sum of money in exchange for agreeing to stay married for one year to Sedar Ozturk, a Turkish billionaire with a past that comes back to haunt him, plunging Mercedes into a world of chaos. What began as a contract marriage evolved into something far greater than either of them could have imagined. What will the Turkish billionaire do to save his wife when they are thrown into a world they are both unfamiliar with time and time again?? ***You can find the full book on the Goodnovel app***

Thriller / Romance
Jay Crawley
Age Rating:

1] The Morning After

Sedar rolled over, stirring in his sleep, slowly jerking his weary eyelids open to find a naked woman with long, raven black hair, sprawled across his bed next to him. He drew her naked figure flush against his body, burying his morning wood into her voluptuous ass cheeks.

Sliding his hands down her body, he began caressing the soft mould between her thighs, with curious fingers and a lopsided smirk on his beautiful face.

She moaned, reacting to his touch and wriggled against him, muttering incoherently. He chuckled, enjoying the effect he bestowed upon her as she continued to sleep.

Mercedes bit her lower lip, wishing her fantasy lover would speak to her, telling her how bad she was, whispering in her ear about all the naughty things he wanted to do to her body and how much he needed her. She welcomed her wet dreams with open arms, putting her nightmares on hold as she struck it rich in the fantasy world.

As he hummed in satisfaction, she felt his lips brush across her hot skin, nipping at her earlobes. Her ladybits purred as his cologne filled her nostrils, putting her senses into overdrive.

“Bundan sonra aramızda nasıl olacak göstereyim, aşkım” Her dream lover growled hoarsely in her ear.

She flinched, bewildered that he spoke to her in a foreign language, and she attempted to recall if she had ever felt dizzy from excitement from the scent of cologne in her fantasies before; it was more of a presence weakness she had.

‘Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. Y’all gon’ make me go all out-

She was jolted awake by the sound of her ringtone blaring to life in the background, and scrambled free from his clutches, tumbling off the edge of the bed and landing with a loud thud on the carpeted flooring.

Sedar laid on his side, his elbow propped up, and the side of his face resting on his hand as he gazed down at her.

“Günaydın.” He chuckled as he watched her flutter around, attempting to conceal her womanly bits from his prying eyes.

“Who... Who are you?” Her eyes examined her surroundings as she interrogated him with panic.

“Who am I?” He snickered, believing she was joking with him.

Her eyes collided with his. “Did I stutter?” She snarled and glared at him.

“Hayir,” he winked at her as he rolled off the bed.

She watched, wide-eyed, as he rose from his side of the bed, naked, exuding self-confidence and dominance.

She bit her bottom lip, shamelessly staring at his well-toned ass cheeks as he walked away behind the ensuite door and breathed a sigh of relief. Rubbing her temples, she hoped the fog would lift sooner rather than later and wished a large cup of coffee would magically appear before her.

But, she knew, this was no fairytale story and sadly she was no princess. For the life of her, she couldn’t remember what transpired after she left the bar and realised she quickly needed to leave before he returned.

When the shower ran in the background, she ripped the sheet completely off the bed and wrapped it around herself. Her gaze wandered aimlessly around the room, looking for her misplaced gown and purse.

Exiting the room she entered the lounge area and found her heels and lacy thong, thrown randomly across the room. She bent down, picking them up as she dashed towards the kitchen.

Thanking the Gods, she sighed with relief as she found her purse and gown neatly laid out on the bench countertop.

The sheet pooled around her feet as she quickly slipped the gown over her shoulders, stuffing her thong into her purse and fleed the hotel suite, preventing the uncomfortable morning after, conversation.

A sudden wave of disappointment washed over Sedar as he re-entered his room.

‘Hmm, she up and left’ He rubbed his jaw and thought to himself. ‘That would definitely have to be a first’, he chuckled as he discovered her phone on the nightstand.

A devilish smirk graced his face when he thought of her returning to him, having no knowledge of who they are to each other. Either way, she was now stuck with him and that oddly aroused him.

Mercedes slipped her heels back on her aching feet as she stood in the elevator car, watching it descend to the ground floor. She furrowed her brows, trying to recall the previous night’s events, failing horribly and kicked herself for being so irresponsible.

Exiting the car, She stepped through the open double doors, welcoming the early morning’s bright, yet crispy breeze as it blew through her hair.

“Crap!” She mumbled, shivering as she rummaged through her purse for her phone.

Against her better judgement, she knew she should’ve ordered an Uber as she was on her way down.

Realising she had forgotten to grab her phone. A cold chill ran up her spine causing an eruption of goosebumps to spring to life along her bare skin.

Shame coated her like a wildfire losing control as she thought about facing her handsome mystery man and repeating the walk of shame all over again.

Sedar sat at the table observing the shadow through the distance, underneath his front door, which remained motionless.

He waited for her to take the risk and knock, and when she didn’t. He quickly opened the door, stripping away the opportunity of escaping him for a second time.

“Hoşgeldiniz.” He greeted her firmly.

She caught herself gazing into the most beautiful sky blue eyes she’d ever seen in her life. They were breathtakingly mesmerising and she was thunderstruck by his beauty.

“I uh, I...” She stuttered, forgetting how to communicate like a normal person.

He swung his door wide open. “Lütfen,” He said in his native tongue.

She cleared her throat with no knowledge of what he said to her.

“Please,” He announced in English, stepping to the side.

She walked through the door, “I forgot my phone.” She spoke softly as she touched the silver chain around her neck.

He nodded, pretending he hadn’t realised and turned away, leading her back to his room.

Trailing behind him, she admired the view he had to offer her, admiring the view of his firm yet perky ass cheeks and once she spotted her phone, she walked around him, retrieving it from the nightstand.

“Thanks,” She said as she brushed past him.

He reached out and snaked his fingers around her wrist, stilling her movements as she peered up at him and he addressed her.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Aşkım?” His words were masked by his heavy accent as he raised a single brow with penetrating eyes.

“No,” she replied breathlessly, visibly affected by his touch.

He released her as they continued to gaze into each other’s eyes, the sexual tension poisoning the air between them and the smell of arousal lingering through the air thickly.

He cleared his throat breaking their trance, running a hand through his slick hair and walked to the nightstand. Gathering the papers in his hand, he passed them to her to sign and watched her through hooded eyes.

She glanced at him in wonderment before her glassy eyes scanned the large bolded headline.




She gasped, looking back at him with confusion laced with disbelief in her eyes.

“WHAT THE...??? OH, SHIT!!!!!”

She cried out, just before her world turned darker than the midnight skies.

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