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What happens if I fall in love with the guy I have to kill?

Thriller / Action
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I sat in the Great Hall, playing with a match. Long tables stretched in front of me, millions of chairs stacked on them. I smile to myself and counted down the seconds till he comes storming in.


My phone lit up in my lap. It read: They are coming, prepare yourself.

I rolled my eyes at this, sighing deeply. I reply, Code for roofers: “You people are so nose blind.”

Another beep.

Okay, we are waiting.

I check the time, 3 seconds left...



The big metal doors opened slowly, revealing a group of people standing with wide grins on their faces. I get up from my throne and walk down some steps to a small table, eying my unwelcomed visitors.

“This is the end of you, Pheonix,” said the so-called hero of this corrupt world.

“Is it really,” I replied grinning like a Chesire cat. I picked up the matchbox that sat peacefully on the side table, waiting to be used. I walked gracefully back, replacing myself on my blood-stained chair. He looks put off by my confidence but quickly gets his cocky grin back, knowing I find that irritating.

“We have this place surrounded, you have no way to escape”. He says confidently.

I stifled a laugh. I played with the match and the box, nearly creating a spark.

“I know,” I reply calmly readying my hands on a set of buttons that lay on the armchair. Pressing one, I locked the doors. Trapping all of us in. He looked back, confused. His brows furrowed, wrinkles forming on his unibrow.

“We won.” He uttered.

“Are you sure?” I questioned. “You people are so nose blind,” I say, looking up. Cascades of clear liquid starts falling from the roof, covering everything in its path that stood in front of me.

The chemicals coated my lungs, making it hard to breathe. Ahead, there were people on their knees trying to respire.

“What-,” he said, stopping midway to cough, “-the hell”.

“You can’t do this!” another one said.

“Oh, but I can, “returning that same cocky grin, lighting the match, watching it sway.

“No!” He cried.

“You heroes need to learn how to play with fire or you’ll get burned.”

I drop the flame. I watch the fire how it spreads quickly, surrounding its prey, just like a horde of animals.

Screams filled the air, piercing my ears.

With a press of a button, I go through the hidden exit under my seat.

My work here was done.

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