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Crushed by grief after the death of her husband Emma,accompanied by her 12 year-old daughter Ayami,leaves behind a previously idyllic life in Tokyo to return "home" to England. In an effort to reconnect to the world she takes a menial office job and,before long,starts dating her new boss. Harold is unexciting - dull,even - but seems sweet,decent and attentive to her needs. Emma is happy for the relationship to remain casual,but Harold's ambitions are more serious and far darker.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

As Harold watched Emma leave his office,he reflected gleefully that all his Christmases,birthdays and Bonfire Nights had arrived simultaneously.His initial impression had been lukewarm -not bad looking for a middle aged woman,well presented,nicely spoken and definitely on the timid side,which he counted as a huge plus.She had every chance of getting the job as his secretary, or personal assistant as he’d chosen to title the position,as he’d formed the strong impression she’d work hard and efficiently and be highly respectful of the chain of command.

He cruised through the interview,giving her no more than seventy percent of his attention,until she began discussing the circumstances that led to her sitting opposite him that day.It was then his interest became piqued and by the time she left the building he knew he was in love.

Emma told her sad tale,at least the abridged version,and,although Harold felt no genuine sympathy, he was glib enough to feign it convincingly.

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