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Who Is There?

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A serial killer is living in this city and killed girls. Evelyn Brook is a costumes designer, who transfer to a new city and moved in to a new apartment. She faced mysterious things around her. Is the killer targeting her? Will she be safe?

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

“Ahh…Ahh…leave me alone…let me go, please……AHHHHH…….” screaming of a woman in the dark alley.

“Welcome to ‘Morning News’, last week's missing case ‘Margaret Jones’ has found dead at The Alley Downtown on this morning. It is the six cases that girls missing and found dead within a week. The police are still investigating of the cases connection. The police are aware of men not to go out in midnight time and if someone finds any suspicious person nearby your house or anywhere, please inform the police immediately.”

Vroom...vroom…vroom, on road, car moving. Some people are moving thing to the apartment…Eve’s carrying a box with a bunch of books in the elevator, and she tries to press the button.

Suddenly, a voice says, “Which floor are you going to?” It’s a male voice, she turns around following where the voice came from. A tall and handsome man standing there and looking at her.

“Huh, oh, its 7th floor, thank you”, she responds quickly.

“Same floor, huh” he said while smirk.

Eve slowly starts a conversation with him, “So we’re same floor, then we might be a neighbour. I heard a bachelor, tall and good-looking guy’s my neighbour, so I guess it is you.”

“Is that so, are you moving alone here?” he asked.

“No, I’m moving in with my mom” she said.

“Hmm”, he responds.

“I think he don’t want have conversation with me”, Eve mumble.

Ding...Ding... the elevator door open, we get out from the elevator.

“Anyway, welcome to the new apartment, my lovely neighbour. Glad to meet you!” he said with a small smile on his lip.

Maybe I judge him too quickly, Eve thinks she misjudge him. She replies to him with sweet smile, “Glad to meet you too! See you around.”

It’s good to have a nice neighbour, oh! I forgot to ask his name. Eve chucked with a smile. I think we got more time to introduce ourselves after on, we’re neighbour anyway. Knock…knock, a delivery man knocking the door.

“Miss, this is the last item. I’ll leave it by the corner” said the delivery man.

“Yes sure, thanks for the help,” said Eve. Then, the delivery man leaves after putting her items as he said. Eve’s looking around her new apartment and said to herself, surely, got many things to arrange, huh, thank God tomorrow I off work.

The next morning……hah I’m really tired after arranged all my stuffs. I’m hungry, let see what I got to eat. Oh my god, I only have snacks, SNACKS, and SNACKSSS. I need to buy some groceries and fill up my refrigerator, but I don’t know where the grocery store is.

“Mom, I’m going to out to buy groceries.”

“Ok dear, be safe”, said Eve’s mom.

Eve is new to the city, and she don’t have many friends around here. Never mind, let use the mobile map to go there. Eve is getting ready for grocery store and get out of her apartment. When closing her apartment door, she saw the man, the neighbour who helped her yesterday at the elevator, also standing there.

Both got eye contact, Eve greeting him with a smile, “Good morning.”

He also greeting her, “Good morning, are you going out now?”

“Yes, I’m going to grocery store. Are you going out too?”

“That’s great I’m going to the grocery store too. Are you going alone or with someone?” He asked as he is curious to know her reply. Why he asked many things today, yesterday he was like no time to talk.

Eve replies to him, “No, I’m going alone, I don’t have many friends around here.”

“If you don’t mind, I can give you a drive to grocery store.”

“Sure, thanks. We’re going the same way by the way.”

Eve is wating at the entrance of the apartment, he drives the car and let Eve know to get in the car. Eve feel awkward to be in silent during the drive, so she decides to listen to the radio.

“Would you mind I turn on the radio?” Eve ask as to ease the awkwardness.

“Sure, I’ll help you to turn it on.”

“Ok, thank you.”

The radio is on there playing music.

“Oh wow, do you know this song? It’s my favourite”, Eve said excitedly.

“Maybe I could have hear it before, I don’t remember, and I won’t listen to music much. Here we come to the grocery store, I’ll drop you here and go to park the car.”

“Sure, I’ll go purchase the meats first, you come and join there”, said Eve. Eve’s go start purchase the meats and decided to treat him as thanking him to drive her to grocery store.

“So, you’re still choosing the meats huh?”

Eve saw him standing beside her and help her choosing the meats.

“Yeah, I need to treat a person, who help me to get her to buy groceries items. So, I need to buy a good quality meat to treat him right”, Eve said while smirk.

“Then, I must help you with it, ha-ha.”

After purchase the groceries, both back to their apartment and waiting for the elevator. Buzz buzz…buzz… “Oh it’s my phone……ok, I’ll back in 30 minutes. Yup, ok bye.” Ding…both enter the elevator. He didn’t speak until both, come to their apartment door. “Sorry, I can’t have dinner with you. I got called from work.” Eve a bit upset but it’s a work call.

“It’s alright, I’ll treat you another time”, said Eve.

“Thanks for your understanding.”

He leaves his groceries items quickly and about to leave.

“Wait a second!”

He saw Eve there, “Yes?”

“Sorry for hold you up but can I know your name? We didn’t introduce ourselves yet”, said Eve with a nervous tone.

“Trey Lincoln, you can called me Trey”, said Trey with a sweet smile.

“And I’m Evelyn Brook, you can called me Eve. Nice to know you Trey.”

“Until then, bye”, Trey said his goodbye and leaves.

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