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The Awakening Avenger

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Caeruleum lived a normal life until his wife was murdered in a mysterious way. He begins his quest to find out what happened to her to help him find closure and to avenger her.

Thriller / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


“The light that brightens about thru the day, crumbles as the last hope fades away. ”

Rusted skies peered down against the ground, as well as the face of the one whose emotions will deteriorate. Mussing over the shades of light this evening a quote you hazily remember comes to mind; ‘ The light that brightens about thru the day, crumbles as the last hope fades away. ’

Light fades from the horizon leaving the ground barren with darkness. Darkness so completely dark even with the shine of the street lamps a few blocks away it’s hard to make out anything. A chill descends down your spine, falling down all the way to your feet freezing you with its bitterness.

‘ Step behind you ’. A whisper is heard.

Frozen with something worse then that chill, you slowly swivel your torso in a fashion of an owl. You notice that the darkness seems foggier like its growing in mass. One step backwards lights disappear like it never existed. As the iciness of the air glaciate you’re eyebrows and fog escapes your lungs. You become aware of the shapes that have arranged itself together to form peach pigmented orbs staring at you.

As you observe these orbs among the floating black fog, you cringe at the sudden polished smirk that materializes beneath the orbs.

‘ Ah splendid ’ a fragment of a comment.

Shivering from the sheer amount of frost that encircles us, a whisper of a comment breaks through your frozen tight lips.

‘ Death ’, a word that seems to have lingered into the frozen air. My brain comprehending what I said and shudder from the foolishness that I seem to expel. The air seems to be void of all sound to not even hear the buzzing of the air to only be broken by a harrowing chuckle of the floating mouth.

It speaks again ‘ You interest me too much, halfling ’ it said halfling with a grasshopper sized amount of glee. Interesting how, which seems odd, even though I always thought I was human. What does halfling mean?

‘ No time to linger on this disgusting floor, time to move ’ disgusting how, it’s quite modern. The fog solidifies around me, while we have been passing comments. A palm consolidates in a way and pressed to my chest. I attempt to bounce away yet I am stiff again.

There is a slight pull towards the fog, then in the attempt to be released I close my eyes and jerk again to only vomit across the wooden floor we now appear to be on.

‘ What kind of travel was that and where are we now ’ I splutter out in between my coughs and gaging of the vile taste of bile swelling out of my nose and mouth. ‘ Ugh, how come I’m vomiting so much ’ as gross fluids descend to the floor. After a few more second I look up to a half disgusted face and half amused at my possible reaction.

‘ Enough of this ’ he snaps his fingers and the bile is gone, leaving me spotless like before.

I tremble to stand to only fall backwards in an armchair that did not seem to be there before. I raise my droopy eyes to it with the same peach eyes and bright smile but if I am imagining this I must have gone crazy. He, yes he has the mosts sculpted face with chiseled jaws from like the greeks in museums, in between his eyes is his imperious sharp nose that fits perfectly with his jaw lines. Like those hippies with long hair down to their necks but his was drawn up in a small bun at the back, which shown off his sharp pointed ears that would resemble an elf but not sure since his dark coal hair covers part of it.

’ Are you done staring, then you must feel up to a conversation ’ I try to hide the tinge of my face even though I don’t know why. Anyway he struts over towards the other dark noir leather armchair not like my own which is a dark green comfortable leather while his looks kinda hard. As he sits he looks towards me with his fabulous smirk he used before. I go to open my mouth but am rejected with his outgoing comment.

‘ So handsome let’s go over introductions, I am Damon Orpheus which means “ To Tame the darkness of the night ”, and you

Wow his name is so amazing darkness of the night, is that why he appeared to me as a black fog.

Anyway ‘ handsome okay, I’ll take that as a complement, I am Caeruleum Elmer Yoër there is no special meaning to my name except my first name meaning blue. ’ So we both sit here in a suspended amount of silence with the air so thick that slicking through a rock would seem easier than this.

‘ I have brought you here since there has been a change in the affairs relating to your dear wife.

my wife Jenna, who I haven’t seen for a few days since her trip across the world where I don’t even know expect it was for important business.

‘ Is my wife okay, why am I here and she is not ’ Damon kinda looks swollen with the slight twitch in his slender fingers when I finish the sentence. I look down to the right to see a familiar book, ‘ why do yo have that in your possession’. I growl.

Damon notices my direction of my eyes that come across the diary ‘ it is your wife’s diary that was shipped to me after she disappeared two days ago ’

‘ What, Jenna has been missing for two days, then why haven’t you come to be sooner ’ I express through causing him to subtly flinch at my increase of volume.

‘ Jenna your wife was on an important trip and seems to have disappeared, there are many search parts after her ’ Damon twitch’s his fingers, is he lying about the search parties. ‘ We are under orders from Jenna that if she has been missing for two whole days we were to contact you and give you her diary, which copies her words from the book she carries to this one ’ wow that impressive but why haven’t they looked at the information yet.

‘ Why haven’t you read the diary yet to find her location, since its connected, Jenna could have written her coordinates or something ’ Damon smiles sadly at me, which almost breaks my heart but soon will.

‘ The book is sealed to be only read by you and that Jenna was always super paranoid about her own information ’ Damon seems to be slightly more sad but slightly annoyed with Jennas paranoia, he grabs the book and tosses it to me.

It lands on my lap and once I touch the book, I am engulfed in a bright light. I appear in a bright squared room sitting in an exactly shaped rocking chairs made from birch wood and covered in blue and the other chair withgreen pillows and both both purple blankets. I notice that a person sitting in the green chair across from me, is my Jenna.

In a quiet and almost sad brown voice Jenna talks to me ‘ Hi darling, I was hoping to meet you in person but that won’t happen now ’ She adverted her bright green eyes from looking in my electric blue eyes. Somethings wrong, when she feels guilty for upset she would advert her eyes.

‘ Honey what’s wrong, why did I meet Damon and why am I talking to you through this book ’ Jennas eyes seems too dull before brightening up at my face.

‘ Cal ‘ my nickname ‘ I am not speaking through this book, it is a preserved message of part of my last bits of my will ’ what does Jenna mean by last bits.

’ Honey what are you saying ’ I hope I’m wrong, I hope I’m wrong, please be wrong.

‘ Darling, Cal I no longer am here anymore, on the trip that I took I was killed ’

‘no it can’t be please no, I still need you, don’t leave me ’ my eyes at this point starts to spew out liquids from my eyes while my brain comprehends what Jenna is saying.

‘ this is a failsafe incase I was not able to tell you what I am, what you are and who the possible people that killed me is? ’ Jenna is not really here but here preserved will is somehow sent here to give me a final message.

‘ But why, why did you die ’ I see here cringe and look away.

‘ I was sent on a mission to recover something important but I believe it was either a trap or I was ambushed by another raiders team. ’ I feel shell shocked my lovely wife that I have lived with for many years is a treasure hunter or something and she never told me.

‘ Why Jenna, why have you never told me, I’m your husband! ’ I see her face shift to the right while she twiddles with her fingers when she is nervous. I let out a long breath to stop by tears from falling before I get answers.

Jenna opens and closes here mouth trying to find the right words ‘ I was trying to protect you, the information is extremely deadly for one person knowing, if you were to know then my enemies would have come after you ’ I let out another breath to try to relax myself. Jenna was and is trying to protect me form her troubles.

‘ Okay honey, it’s okay we can’t change the past ’ I still try to suppress my tears as my beautiful wife has die, no has been ruthlessly killed over an object.

‘ Jenna, can I know now since there seems to be an imbalance of some sort’ I see Jenna stiffen then looks compelled to disappear and never reappear. ‘ Damon told me ’ she then looks at me with annoyed eyes then looks up and glare. I barely heard her but she also cursed under her breath about that damed Damon.

‘ That stupid Damon wants to recruit you now since I was killed in action, thinking that you portably would want to get revenge on me or something ’ she sneers that last part to nobody in particularly expect maybe Damon.

‘ But honey I do want to find outs what’s wrong and help you find closure or something ’ Jenna looks over to me with eye of sympathy and warmth but then turned into sadness and grief like she is sorry for what is happening now.

‘ Honey wha— ’ she interrupted me.

’ No, you will not go after answers ’ she said in a harsh tone that almost frighten me, Jenna never acted like this. Is this one of her hidden personalities.

I quickly’ regain my confidence ‘ Honey you know I’m quite stubborn, you know that I would stop to nothing in finding answers ’ She huffs and puffs clearly not happy about my decision for adventure of whatever. I just want answers.

‘ Fine darling, it was worth a try. What you just experienced was my commanding voice it usually works on simple minded or narrow minded people, I didn’t expect it to work since it doesn’t work on stubborn people and those with strong wills. I just didn’t want you involved in my dark past. ’ I could see that Jenna looks down but I would try to keep her happy in our last moments.

‘ You would be able to do it later since you were able to resit its power, I should also tell you a few things before we start your training since you are going to need to where you’re going. ’ Jenna looks kinda relaxed with her rocking back and forth steady. I hope Jenna would be able to hold on longer to help me through.

‘ Darling are you thinking about me disappearing ’ How did the know my thoughts, can she read my mind in here.

‘ No Darling I can’t read your thoughts, I guessed what you’re probably thinking about my form, since I said that this is bits and pieces of my will, It will not disappear until I separate myself from this diary or it is destroyed. ’ I expel a breath that I did not know I was holding.

‘ Im happy that I could spend some more time with you honey ’ Although she looks quite dejected.

‘ Darling I want be able to stay, my vessel, the books will get weaker and weaker without my main bodies constant supply of mana. ’ Mana what the world is that.

‘ First lesson, Mana is the life blood of the world, everything has mana and with it you can do anything you want. From simple spells too complex theory. ’ I was stunned that there has been a whole other power sources that we can tap into.

‘ When do we start and why can’t all humans use this power. ’ I am in constant amazement fo what will happen in the next few weeks.

’ Mana comes from another world through rifts in space made by mana itself or artificially. Darling I come from another world, same as you, you just have been here for a few more generations then I have.

’ I was shocked, I know I was some sort of halfling due too Damon earlier but from an entire different place, it just unreliable.

’ To start our first lesson you will sit on the square cushion on the floor cross legged to try and open your mana channels to beginning your training

‘ Wow I get to learn mana. ’

‘ Okay Darling lets start. ’

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