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The Awakening Avenger

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Chapter 2


“ To achieve new things, you always have to go through a little bit of pain.”

The Pain is everywhere, why must this be so painful. Why must I feel like hundreds of snakes are attacking my body all over the place. Feeling like each snake is biting you with the strength of a lion while leaving its poison that burns like hot sauce being poured on an open wound.

‘ Come on Darling this is just the warm up tot he actually test ‘ groaning so loudly the book is vibrating with the sheer about to pained screaming. ‘ Darling you got to know that to achieve new things you always have to go through a little bit of pain ’.

‘ How is this a little bit of pain, if I haven’t down my army service I would probably have gone crazy with he sheer about of surface pains and don’t get me started on the heat in my stomach and head.’ Gosh this is so painful but I must endure.

‘ Great going honey, the stomach heat is where your core will be formed and the heat in your heat will increase your brain abilities for advanced learning and advanced battle reflexes .’ The are some great power ups to have in the future. ’ Although you will need actually better experience to have that put to use and need a green core before you can do anything.

‘ Seriously, how long will that take and What is this green core you mentions ‘ I need to get stronger faster so I can protect Jennas’ book and last remanding will.

‘ Depending on your progress, talent and will it would take 1 week to a month, and the levels are White or empty core, green core, yellow core, blue core, purple core, red core, grey core and finally black core but those are all low level grades, there are others but it would be almost impossible to obtain since you need to spend hundreds of years to just obtain grey and another hundred for black. ’ Jenna explains while I internally brood about getting stronger so I can get my revenge on those who wronged me.

It has been seven days, you must be thinking that I have been in the hook for seven days now. It has only been eight hours since Jenna my wife has told me about her world of monsters. On the first day Jenna explained to be little bits about her world expectably about the monsters that ravage everything everywhere.

We have come across about a schedule for me to learn and practice what I need to live a day in the haunted lands if I every manage to end up there. We talked bout monster theory, ways to bring them down and ways to keep out of the loop of the most terrifying ones who could possibly kill with a glance but have almost never been sighted or known about expect a few accidents. I’ve also learned sword fighting since it mandatory, using daggers even through I’ve used military issued grade knifes and a few bear hunting knifes. We covered over the basic of spear fighting and club fighting for emergencies when or if I possibly might need in verity fights. Usually after weapons training we go back to those thick books that look thick and made of parchment which it was actually made of. Anyway we learned more history but more along the lines of the powers of the world, the powers that can be used by humans called Masson meaning ‘fluid energy for spontaneous creations’.

After a few days instead of filler weapons we started learning archer along with Masson bows which can always hit their target within sight and intense concentration but only when starting. Jenna has explained that she was one of those who helped in created this skill, her friend who she can’t speak the name of thought of the ideas, where they both perfected it. It reminded me of her eyes when we were sparing with swords and daggers.

‘ Jenna your friend you mentioned, who was she to you ’ I speak in-between our loud slash of swords. Jenna immediately tenses, even though she looks far way. Jenna drilled into me that I should always be ready when it become known when your loses focus or your guard goes down. I immediately swing to her waist while grabbing a dagger from by back pocket with by right hand.

Jenna immediately regains mobility and using the dagger in her right hand to slide the sword lower while blocking my dagger in my right with her other dagger. Speaking ‘Impressive Cal you’ve improved and she, Gina was my sister she died in a fight against an elder’ by the end of the her eyes were filled were fury probably with this thing called Elder.

‘ Elder which monster is that ’ trying to figure out what happened to my lost sister in law that I never got to meet.

‘ An Elder is not really a monster but a higher being, not human or any other race that lives my world. They, meaning more than one tend to live in large built castle or towers that collect knowledge. They know and have being around since the beginning of physical intelligence creation. ’ She seems in awe and scared of such terrifying being, I am too.

‘ You should never go looking for such being or get involved with anyone with connections with them because it would mean your doom. ’ I shudder and try to suppress a flinch from the knowledge of the Elders.

As our training continued, I noticed that Jenna kept on looking nervous or worried. I should have asked at that point because Jenna then when over hurriedly over some information about obtaining power and creation skills.

’ Cal you need to know that when using the energy in your core, there is two ways you can use the Masson. First ‘ Jenna said, her hand had a blue energy ball formed from her palm. ‘ This is called Mano it can be used with an object like staff or weapon. With the weapon is enhances the power output and can be changed on how much energy is put into it, although too much can disintegrate the weapon so be careful. ’

’ How ling did it take you to learn both of these skills Jenna ’ I wanted to know since, I don’t have the patience to learn for years.

‘ Depending on the talent it took me and my sister a couple of years and some would take longer, usually we learn in school so it was always rush. ’ Jenna went over quickly so we could move on.

‘ The second is the body enchantment, there is two options to this, short term and long term. Short term is in battle enhancements that end after the battle, long term enhancements are ’ Jenna pulling up her sleeve to show a bird in a diamond with a rune or some symbol.

‘ This symbol here gives you the speed and sight of a bird, the rune is from our world in our language. To activate you have to send you energy from your core to the tattoo and release when finish. ’ Jenna showed as black tattoo showed with blue light at activation. Jenna whizzed around the room so fast I almost could see her. I focused eye energy on seeing her while calling on my energy to my eyes. In use a few seconds I was able to see Jenna run across the room, she stopped and observed at my eyes. In her eyes I could see she was impressed and happy for my improvement.

‘ Cal your doing amazing, I would almost say you have great talent. ‘ Jenna praised him about his great improvement. ‘ Cal, since I would no longer need my symbols of power I thought about giving them to you, and yes it is possibly it is not done very often due to capability and you need consent of the owner unless you have greater power then them.’ I was so shocked but would be able to help me in my odyssey.

‘ Yes Jenna I would be honoured and glad to be able to use your symbols of power. ‘ They both came and sat down in front of each other, we directed our palms on top of each other. ‘ I’m ready now Jenna we can start. ’

‘ Cal you should know that it will be very painful and that any slight infringements can cause serious problems, you have been warned ’ Jenna said with such a straight serious face that much have caused many deaths or inlining problems.

I nod for her to continue. As I observe, Jenna concentrates on herself. Jennas stomach is glowing blue brightly and becomes a more purple glow, it expands more up through her chest towards the symbols. The glow of her bird symbol glows then fades along with all the others as the glow continues down her arms to her palms. Her palms that have a gap with my palms, a black smoke or drip from hers lands on mine.

‘ Shit! Shit! Shit! ‘ The pain. It feels like tens of tens of small needles are pricing my hands over and over. ‘ Aaaahhhh ’

’ Just a little more, the symbols are reforming now ’ As the purple glow clams up Cal’s arms began reform shapes onto himself. The buzzing in the air that’s congregating around them slowly died down to a low humming around Cal’s body.

A cool breeze out of no where over Cal as he began to accept the symbols power. Many of the symbols lit up but a few were night black, not activating. ’ Oh gosh that was almost unbearable, at least it’s over now.

’ Cal let out a breath in relief as the pain sub sided through his body.

Jenna looked out of breath with a grey look plain as white almost looking like she is see through. ‘ Cal, my will is shrinking ’ Jenna explained.

‘ Jenna don’t leave me now, I lost your and just got you back ’ Cal tried to keep himself afloat.

‘ Cal, I have all ready passed, only a little wisp of me left. The lost of my power symbols great impacted me. ’ Jenna softly simplify for Cals stubbornness.

‘ Okay Jenna ‘ Cal looked like a sad puppy wishing his best friend would come back. ‘ why has some of these symbols not lit up. ’

Jenna looked over at some of the vocable symbols.‘ These symbols need more power than you currently have in your core, along with some for longer usage. ’

A moment later everything flipped. Jenna and Cal were now lying on the ceiling. Eyes spinning, left right centre over and over, trying to bear the discomfort. Soon Jenna was yelling at Cal, ‘ Focus, Cal, Focus, there are problems outside. The book has been flipped. ’ Jenna explained to the fuzzy Cal, squinting and blinking rapidly.

‘ Jenna, what’s happening. ’ Jenna looked annoyed which quickly turned to into a serious look.

Grabbing Cals hand Jenna pulling him along the ceiling to a corner, jumping on the walling and change the tension surface gravity. Jenna pulled Cal along the bookcase that now apparently became the floor. Jennas eyes hovered over book over book until she found the title ’Secrets keep Hidden’, pulling it out while holding Cal tightening flipping tot the intended page to uncover a a red Diamond gem that looked full of power but was dimming greatly.

Jenna turned to Cal, opening his palm and placing the gem in it telling him. ‘ Cal this is my core from this book always keep it close to your and i’ll always be near your to comfort you. The gem is growing very weak now so it will need special ingredients from monster and plants to rejuvenate it. There are —- —- —— —- —— ——-. ‘ As groggy as Cal is, he got gibberish, yet Jenna keep going. ‘ Cal even though you might not understand these words or processor them you will be able to remember them later if you just mediate on this conversation.’

Jenna finished as the book contained to shake and preceded to make them tumble along until they both landed on the next wall. ‘ Hisssss ’ The floors and walls began to dissolve leaving nothing in its wake.

As the book jerked, with the two free falling landed hard on the ceiling. Jenna grabs hold of Cals cheeks for one last look, ‘ Cal, know I love you and that you are almost ready. Trust in yourself and be confident because I know you can do it. ‘ Jenna smooched Cals lips hard, while placing her hand on his chest and with one last push he was gone. ’

Cal being all clumped, looked around as his chair has slashes thrown about with almost everything covered with ten feet tall red, purple and bright blazing red flames. Cal looked over at the book, as it un-materialized into dust forming a pile of ash. Cal began squinting as water pooling in his eyes. Ears still buzzing, noticing a him name being called over by a large frame opening.

‘ Caeruleum, Caeruleum wake up ‘ As someone probably Damon pulled him up out of the room. ‘ What did Jenna tell you, I know it been days, so did she explain about our world.’ Cal still groggy, looked unsettled by his comment remembering them Damon wanted to recruit him. ‘ Focus Caeruleum, nows not the time. ’

Cal opened his mouth but nothing came out probably due to his shock or something else. Not being able to speak, he just nodded in a yes manner hopping that Damon understood him.

A sigh was not heard but witnessed from Damon. ‘ Thats a relief, anyway as you can see we’re under attack, they’re probably looking for one or more artifacts. ’ Damon huffily explained has he pulled Caeruleum through the hallways to a room.

The room now looking like a supply centre with buff dudes, fit women all fitted with weapons and special tools. They all took positions with their hand on their chest showing a circle tattoo with like a moon but with rune symbols around along with inside. Not making out but looked like either a common power symbol or the organization’s logo.

Damon noticed me staring explaining that they were the Moon Knights, ones who kept order and peace among the factions along with battle monsters. Damon pulled Cal over to the back.

Here there were many outfits but a few caught his eye, one looked like a full nights back suit with special armour or something that made him look like an assassin’s. The other had the same black armour pants and armour under shirt but was fitted with a king’s armour and leggings along with a shield. Damon turned him ‘ Cal pick on eto put on, the other can be packed for other uses. ’ Damon turned and left before Cal could say thanks.

Cal grabbed the Knight’s armour since he needed more protection, he quickly stripped and fitted the completely fitted clothes that seem like it was made for him. Cal mumbled ‘ fits snuggly.’ As he examined the armour on himself, another agent or knight to his left, introduced himself as Leo.

‘ Names Leo, looks like you new recruit will have first hand action, try not to die. ’ Knight Leo encouraged.

Cal seems lightly encouraged ‘ Thanks Leo, I’ll try. DO try to help if you get the change. ’ Cal added on.

Leo pointed to the other set and the few pouches on his left. ’ This other suit canshrink. ’ Leo touched the black gem, noticing the suit be swallowed into the gem. Leo placed the gem in the rectangle pouch, while giving him a list that is supplied in the pouch.

‘ Thanks Leo, where should we go now ’ as Cal placed the pouch on his hip for easy access like his military days. Damon returned with a few pouches, a sword and shield.

Damon walked up to Cal. ‘ Caeruleum these are for you, you’ll need them for battle. Extra pouches for emergencies if separated. ’ Damon gave him a nice almost sad smile. One that looked like it was filled with hope, but not for the battle but for Cals life.

Cal returned ‘ Thanks Damon. ’ Grabbing the V-shaped shield, living over and fitting to his back, same with the long sword placed in a space to fit the sword with the shield. With a pouch on his chest and another on his other hip.

Leo slouched over ‘ You know its Commander Damon right. ’ As Cals eyes grew wide but Damon was long gone before he could correct himself.

Cal straighten ‘ Thanks Leo.’ Cal whispered already becoming close friends with Leo right beside him. Cal noticed that Leo responded with a nod and turned over to another agent for instructions. Soon he would be along again.

They left the supply room with a pack, with two other along with Cal and Leo. The other two were named Rose and Zero, those were their code names.

The four scarred down the hallway, Rose and Zero peaking at corners while Leo and Cal watched the rear. They contained on through blown walls, sparking lines and most gagging of all the crisp bodies or just blood and pieces all over the pace. Cal almost burst but reminder the lessons of his wife, breathe in breath out expect the smell of burnt flesh or the metallic blood was too much. Spewing all over the wall, almost landing on Leo as he jerked away, pity or oddly amusement in his eyes. Rose and Zero just looked with their uncomfortably glare probably judging his weak moment. Turned and left. Only Leo stayed with more amusement in his eyes.

Leo pulled out a stack of tissues from his pouch that seems was too small, gave Cal one to wipe then put the rest away. Cal muttered a small ‘ Thanks.’

Leo responded with a smirk and a ‘ No probably noob. Dead things always is a sight. ’ Still with the smirk, like he enjoyed dead bodies.

Zero came back look irked about something. She inched up closer to Leo and whispered into his ear. I was thinking what they were saying and in that moment he began hearing them somehow. ‘ — -traction team — ahead, — ready to raid. ’ Although it came in patches which didn’t help.

Cal took a guess ‘ Hey guys ’ as the two turned around to stare in an awkward moment. Cal looked taken back but still pushed through. ‘ Are there enemies ahead? ’

Zero more miffed than before, ‘ How do you know ? ’ Looking all intimidating but whatever.

Cal looked at the hazel eyes of Zeros saying ‘ isn’t obvious that since that i’m a newbie, you wouldn’t want me to get super nervous until the last minute or ‘ darling it our to see if they got a reach but nothing, ‘ something else ’ whole shrugging.

Leo and Zero looked at each other coming to a clear understanding that Caeruleum was pretty smart and thus shall be watched, closely.

Leo returned his gaze to Cal saying ’ The first one, we’re going to go in quietly and surprise attack them. ’ Smirking like he’s the devil himself.

Leo turned to Zero ‘ Go tell Rose the plan. ’ Leo giving a hidden wink to Zero. Zero nodding in understanding and left.

Leo gives his attention back to Caeruleum, receiving no emotion blankly ‘ So Caeruleum what do you think about the Moon Knights, do you think your join or do you like it morals? ’ Caeruleum was stumped.

‘ Leo I juts learned that the Moon Knights even exist, I also just lost my wife so I don’t know yet? ’ Caeruleum explained to Leo.

Leo was shocked he was married and that she just died, ‘ Sorry for you lose. So Caeruleum how did your wife die? ’ Leo was sad for him, with this friendship bond forming but not sure if it was a coincidence or not.

Caeruleum’s eyes drooped, gave his best puppy eyes to him, ‘ She was murdered, murdered by the rival or enemy organization or something but its so upsetting to lose someone you love. ’ Cal casing his eyes to the side sadly.

Leo looked mortified, quite glad that Caeruleum was looking down. Leo thinking ‘ Ahh, shit. The one person I’m growing fond of, I just killed his wife. Great. I can’t let him know. ’ Leo thinking of plans. Oh I know.

Cal was still trying not to cry so he was blinking rapidly while thinking of other things. Leo called on him and told his the plan. ‘ Here’s the plan, we get to the entrance, we will distract the one on the left and right. You will forge through the centre, at the centre will probably be a teleport, you go crouch down on it close your eyes and put your energy into it. It should began to dissipate while we finish off the battle. ’ Cal was nodding his head like a child wanting ice cream.

They stood and began going towards the entrance. Silence encircled them while both of them plotted, one for good the other for whatever. The close they got the more murmuring, chatter and clanking there were. The raiders of obvious looting everything in this base.

We met up with Rose and Zero both showing their irritating looks. Although Cal wondered why they were not nervous or frighten of the coming people. He focus more on himself.

Leo poked Caeruleum shoulder ‘ Get Ready ‘ Nod ‘ 3, 2 , 1 now ’ Caeruleum BURST THROUGH the door in front of six other people all having swords reached out towards him. With accelerated thinking, instantly stopping before peaking over is should to see all three with smirks while trying to hold int their laugh.

Cal being the odd one out ‘ Whats going on Leo, why aren’t you helping, didn’t you say it was supposed to be a surprise attack. ’ Cal being overpowered but nine people.

A cold laugh echos through the room sounding nothing like Leos warm friendly voice. ‘ Aww Caeruleum, Caeruleum, Caeruleum you are so easy to fool, sorry but we’re part of the enemy side, the Blood Knights. ’ Leo being all evil and smug to get rid of another pest.

Caeruleum look ashen white ’ You killed my wife. ’ Almost responding in a whisper but was heard by all.

‘ Yes my dear Caeruleum I did indeed kill your wife, it was order by our Elder. ’ Elder being are damn strong opponents. Anyway Caeruleum soft exterior turned into rage induced power. The spike of energy could cause anyone to be intimidated. Leo looked frightened for his life and the enemy he made but was sad of what had become of Caeruleum.

Six with swords all flew back getting knocked out, releasing some of the artefacts around the room.

Caeruleum’s rage induced power buzzing chaotically, interacting with the artifacts changing the structural interfaces of stone, wood, humans flesh bones, all things in the area. All things spitting apart until Leo had enough. Leo chucked his sword at Caeruleum hoping to stop such destruction expect that such sword imploding breaking, connecting splitting space combining with he teleportation runes.

The deafening sound of pure power splitting space then vanishing with a whole lot of space along with Caeruleum.

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