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Dilara Caesar moved to Stanford Hill after going to a private school her whole life, she wants to live her senior year as a normal high school student. The Giovanni's are one of the most dangerous mafia groups in California, but no one in their school knows that. Dilara crosses paths with Adriano Giovanni and her plans of having a normal senior year go up in flames.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

'I'll see you later Mimi,' I yell up the stairs as I grab my car keys.

Today's the day I start at my new school in Stanford Hill. I've gone to a private school my whole life and I want my senior year to be normal. My father disappeared a long time ago and my mum is an actress, she's always travelling so she put me in a boarding school until I was 16. I then got moved to a private school.

I get into my white Range Rover, the only way I can afford something like this is because of the child support money my mum sends me.

I put the address into my gps and make my way to school. I get there and park my car and get out.

Groups of people are walking into the school building. A couple of basketball jocks throw each other a ball. A group of girls follow this girl with platinum blonde hair and bright pink nails who's texting on her phone.

I take a deep breath and make my way to the building. There's a security guard by the doors.

'Excuse me do you know where the front office is?' I ask. I read his name badge, Stanley Stevenson.

'Walk through this corridor and turn left,' Stanely replies.

'Thank you,' I walk into the building and walk down the corridor. I turn left and see a door. Main Office it says. I walk in.

A receptionist with black hair and icy blue eyes types away at a computer. Her hot red nails clack on the keyboard. She looks up at me.

'Can I help you?' She asks.

'I'm new and need my timetable.' I reply.

'Name?' She turns back to her computer.

'Dilara Cesaire,' I reply looking around the room.

'Kai Johnson report to the main office,' She speaks into the microphone on her desk. 'Kai Johnson report to the main office.' She hands me two pieces of paper.

'Your timetable and locker number,' She says. The door opens and a boy with blonde hair and hazel eyes walks in. This must be Kai. He was one of the basketball jocks throwing the ball around.

'Thank you,' I say.

'This is Kai Johnson, he'll be showing you around.' she says. Kai and I walk out of the office and close the door behind us.

'I'm Dilara Cesaire,' I say extending my hand.

'Kai Johnson,' he shakes my hand. 'Since I'm showing you around we get to miss the first two periods.' He winks at me.

'I'd like to go to my locker first,' I say as we walk down the corridors.

We pass a cabinet of trophies and pictures of the basketball and cheerleading team.

'This is your locker,' Kai says.

I put in my locker pin and open it up. I put in my bag and then look at Kai smiling.

'I'm ready for the tour.' I say.

'Ok.' Kai responds.

We walk through the corridor of lockers and out the back doors. I see a huge basketball pitch with bleachers surrounding it.

'This is the basketball court.' Kai says. 'I'm one of the lucky people on the team.'

'That's cool.' I reply. We walk back into the building and walk into a huge room.

'This is the cafeteria, the food is decent.' Kai laughs.

'I just hope it's better then my old school's.' I reply.

'Your mum is Audrey Cesaire right?' He asks.

'Yep, she's my famous movie star mum.' I sigh.

'So why did you decide to move here?' He asks.

'I want a normal senior year, as a normal teenager.' I reply.

'Wow ok,' Kai says. 'You must be filthy rich.'

'I'm not.' I reply. Just because my mum is rich doesn't mean her money is mine. 'I don't use my mum's money.' Kai looks at me as if I was crazy.

'Lets continue with the tour.' He says.

We walk out of the cafeteria and he shows me the social science classes, our home room class, and English, history, maths and science class.

'Is it cool if Dilara hangs with us?' Kai asks his friends.

A girl with mocha skin, blue eyes and brown curly hair looks up at me and smiles.

'Sure,' she says. She gets out of her seat and shakes my hand. I sit down opposite her.

'I'm Alara.' She says. 'That's Diana,' she points at the girl with fair skin, jet black hair, brown eyes and an eyebrow piercing. Diana stops her conversation with two other boys and waves at me.

'Those two are Aiden and Carlo,' Alara says. 'They're twins.'

Aiden has brown curly hair and hazel eyes. He has a single beauty spot under his eye. Carlo has brown messy hair, hazel eyes and a nose piercing.

'I'm Dilara.' I say to all of them as Kai sits next to me.

'Is she your new hoe?' Aiden asks smirking.

'What no! I'm new to the school.' I exclaim.

'Oh.' Carlo laughs.

At that moment, a group of people walk into the cafeteria. Three boys and two girls.

'Those are the Giovanni's,' Alara says. 'They just stick to themselves.'

My eye catches on one of the guys with messy black hair, grey eyes, and a nose hoop. I can see a snake tattoo peeking out of the collar of his shirt.

'That's Adriano,' Diana says pointing to the guy I was looking at. As if he heard his name being mentioned he looks towards me and makes eye contact with me.
I quickly look away and divert my attention to Alara.

'The Giovanni's don't date, apparently no one here is their type.' Alara sighs.

'So I wouldn't try anything with Adriano.' Diana quickly adds. I look at her and the glare on her face quickly disappears as if I imagined it.

'I wasn't going to,' I reply. I look back at the Giovanni's who are now sitting down.

'They don't look the same how are they siblings?' I ask.

'Some of them are adopted like Zoya.' Carlo points to the girl with dark skin and red braids and hazel eyes. She has a scar on her eye. 'She's gorgeous.'

'So is Terzo.' Aiden says pointing to the guy with dark skin and black hair. He looks over at us, his blue eyes piercing through us. They all have the same snake tattoo on their neck.

'He's so hot.' Alara says. Aiden has a jealous expression on his face which quickly disappears.

'Once Lorenzo got into a fight with a jock here and nearly killed him.' Kai said pointing to the guy with dirty blonde hair, grey eyes and a scar on his cheek. 'The whole school fears them.'

'They don't look that intimidating.' I lie.

'Kai!' A voice exclaims. A girl with bleach blonde hair and brown eyes walks over to our table. She was the girl I saw this morning. Everyone rolls their eyes and Kai puts on a fake smile before turning to her.

'Hey Zoe.' Kai says.

'Who's this?' She says looking at me as if I was something under her shoe.

'I'm Dilara.' I say. 'I just joined.'

'Oh you're the rich bitch that joined.' Zoe says.

What did she just call me? I look at Alara in disbelief. She shakes her head.

'Don't.' She mimes to me.

'Yeah I'm her.' I say through gritted teeth.

'How does it feel for your mum to have dumped you in a private school?' She asks feigning innocence.

One more word out of this stuck up bitch and I'm going to loose it.

'You know what-' I start but get interrupted.

'Lets go to class!' Aiden exclaims. Alara links arms with me and I get up from my seat. Aiden comes to my other side and Carlo and Diana follow us out of the cafeteria.

'Can you believe her!' I exclaim once we're out of earshot.

'Don't start anything,' Diana says.

'Zoe will make your life a living hell.' Carlo says.

'How does Kai stand her.' I ask.

'He doesn't.' Aiden says.

'She was a hook up at a New Years party.' Alara says. 'She won't leave him alone now.'

'Give me your number so we can all hang out soon.' Carlo says.

'Sure.' I say. They hand me their phones and I put in my number.

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