I See Red

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UNEDITED Once a criminal will be always a criminal. But is it true? Read and picture in your mind how will a psycho woman could take people’s lives wrapped in her hands. WARNING: Expect grammatical errors. If you are the kind of reader who are perfectionist about spells and grammars, this story is not your. Only open minded readers who can read my works. This only a fictional story. If you attack the author, you are automatically blocked.

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Chapter 1

Most normal people in society envy rich people. They keep wishing they are the one who should be born from that kind of family because of the luxurious life, the perfect life but most of them doesn't know it was full of lies. Roisin Whitlock was born into a rich family. Her father will be the new Mayor again for the 3rd time from their town. Her mother is an influencer about children and women's rights. Her older brother is one of the bachelors in his college school and will be the new MVP player in their basketball team but he gives it up because he wants to focus to become the best neurosurgeon.

Ever since Roisin was a child, her parents is very strict about table manners, how a woman acts and her behavior should always be intact. Her older brother doesn't play with her because all he wants is to play with his friends. Most of the time, she will only play alone in her room with her toys. Growing up, she never felt any love from her family. All she can hear is their laughter, she smell strong tobacco and liquors whenever their house is always having a party. It was not a good place for a child like her. But because of it, she grows how to act like a great actress in front of those fake people. She always hears from those people their insecurities, their jealousy, and hate for the people they don't like.

Roisin is now 17 years old girl and nothing changes except when her father starts having an affair. Her mother knows about it and even her brother but they remained quiet about it. Her father's infidelity caused a lot of stress for her mom. She can hear her mom's silent cry while her brother doesn't want to be on their father's bad side and choose to hang around with his friends and be with different women. Her brother is older than her by 5 years and they are not that very close with each other.

When her mother needs to attend a gathering and her brother will be away again, Roisin will be at home after class. But Roisin will always find her father with another woman inside their house and will hear them while having sex. All she did is to put on her headphone and full max the volume of the song she was listening to so she can't hear them. No matter how she tried to push away the thoughts of her family, she can't. They are deeply buried within her brain and even her soul. She began drinking inside her room, not caring if she'll drink her father's wine collection. But the voices wouldn't leave her alone. She had no one to run with. She doesn't have any friends or any other family members to seek help. She was slowly drowning from the darkness.

There is a time she always dreams that her whole body is dip with a lot of blood on the bathtub. It was so red. Too red that she can't explain. She tried to run away from those nightmares. She even tried to talk with her mother but it didn't end well.

"I'm scared, Mom..." Roisin was standing at the doorway, watching her Mother drinking whiskey. This is always what her mother does when they know that her father is staying at his mistress place. Her mother is afraid that people will know about it and their reputation will be damaged that's why her mother will mask it with a smile and fake happiness.

Mrs. Whitlock glared at Roisin. "Can't you see I'm busy here?! For fuck sake! You are older now to become scared alone in your room,"

Roisin was hurt with her mother's words but also the way she look at her. "I-I'm sorry," She look down and covered her face with her arms when her Mother throw the bottle of whiskey on the wall. Some shattered glass hit her arms.

"Leave! I don't want to see your face!"

Roisin's tears are flowing out. She run towards her room and locked herself there. She ignored the painful feeling on her arms but stare at the blood on the small cuts on her arms. Everything is red again. When will it stop?

There is a party for her father another success of the election. But Roisin knows how corrupted her father is but her mother and brother choose to look at the blindside. Everybody always pretends that they are a happy family.

Roisin stares at her father's mistress, that woman is another wife of his best buddies. They are holding their original partner in life, acting all friendly with each other. Her mother knows that woman is her husband's mistress but smiling like a stupid bitch in front of them. When she looked at her brother, he was laughing and holding his girlfriend like a stupid horny fool. Her gaze meets his brother's girlfriend's gaze. Her name is Zuriñe Black. For her, Zuriñe is an angel and her brother doesn't deserve her at all. Zuriñe smiled at her but she couldn't smile. She looks away and starts to walk upstairs to leave the boring party. She can't feel anything at all. She tried her best to feel something but she became numb. She was giving up with her family. Instead of running away, instead of asking for help, she embraced those voices in her head. She accepted it with all her heart. Why? Because those voices are all she has. They didn't leave her. They are always been there for her.

After the party, Roisin knows so well her father's routine. She pack her things inside her backpack and ignored all the people around her at the school. When she arrived at their big and luxurious house, there is no maids, no guards because her father always made sure they are not around when his mistress is there. She walks at her normal pace, trailing her fingers on the railing of the stairs. She can hear their moaning. She chuckled in amusement. She tied her long ginger hair as her amber eyes lost their sparkle. She drop her backpack and grabbed something inside it. A knife.

Roisin gently turns the knob. These freaking horny fools don't know how to lock a door. She can see how her father pounds the woman behind, all four on the bed. She can't believe she came from a man's sperm and most of all, from this man. She didn't make any sound and they failed to notice her because they are drowned from pleasure.

"How disgusting," Roisin said.

Her father stop and look behind his back but he choke out when Roisin stabbed his throat. The woman under him screamed in horror. His blood keeps splurting out that taints the bed and the carpeted floor. He fall on the floor while his mistress tried her best to cover her naked body.

"You know, whore...please stop pretending that you are enjoying my father's dick," Roisin darkly said. Her amber eyes were cold. The way she stares at her father's mistress, it looks like she is the predator while this older woman is her prey.

"P-Please...don't kill me...please..." The woman shakily said in fear.

Roisin look at the knife that was full of blood from his father. She looks at his father that is slowly turning white. "Okay...I won't kill you. Just leave this room, naked," She smiled.

The woman nodded vigorously and tried to run. Before she can reach the doorway, she gasped painfully and slowly look at the center of her chest when the sharp edge of the knife get in through her back and chest.

"Oops...I changed my mind..." Roisin evilly smiled and pulled out the knife from the woman's back. She watch her fall on the carpeted floor. All she could see is red again. She is happy. She feels so satisfied with the fulfillment she's been dreaming to do. She laughs. It feels so damn good. She watches them slowly losing their last breath. The door made a creaking sound and she look at her mother's horrified expression.

"Mom...how lovely to see you. Look? This is my gift for you," Roisin happily hops towards her mother.

Mrs. Whitlock is shaking in fear as she looks at her dead husband and his dead mistress on the floor. Roisin's clothes were full of blood and even some part of her face. "Y-You...are crazy..." Her voice trembles.

It made Roisin's smile widen. "Because of you, because of him, and because of my brother...you made me like this. But thank you, Mom," She walked in a circle, watching her mother's features. She leans closer her lips to her mother's right ear. "I also want to kill you but I choose this man on the floor. He's a devil...his scary and his...a failure," She laughed. "Make sure to call the cops, Mom. And make sure...I won't rot in jail. Happy birthday to me..." She grinned in pleasure, watching her Mom's face lose its color.

Roisin Whitlock was put in jail. The whole town and even TV stations tried to get any information from the whole details. The only witness is Mrs. Ria Whitlock but she chooses to lie. Everyone finally knows that their Mayor is having an affair with a woman named Victoria. She was Zuriñe's Aunt. Their infidelity was a hot gossip from that big town. They keep attending trials. Victoria's family wants justice for what happened to her. But the evidence is not that strong. Since Roisin is at the right age but acted that her father and his mistress threatened her and sometimes physically abused her, doing only self-defense for herself, the court took her side. She only got is 15 years imprisonment and 4800 hours of community service. She only pleads not guilty. Because of her mother's lies and the fear from her, the penalty is too easy for her.

Roisin watches Victoria's family look so devastated after the judge ended the last day of trial. Victoria's husband seemed doesn't care and left the courtroom. One of Victoria's brothers tried to attack her but the police officers managed to catch him.

"You are a crazy bitch! You should die!" He yelled angrily to her.

Roisin smiled, loving everyone's eyes is focused on her. Her mother and brother couldn't even look at her. "Why are you crying with a whore like her, man? She's only a mere hungry pussy who is begging for a penis that is wrapped with thick money. Look what she did? I didn't mean to kill her. They just...want to shut me up after I witness their...you know..." She batted her eyelashes innocently.

It angers Victoria's family. Some of Victoria's male family tried to attack her too but they failed when the police grabbed everyone and push them out.

Roisin was smiling. She stops walking when her mother is now inches away from her. "Wait for me, Mom. I'll make sure to pay you back for this. Make sure brother won't make the same mistake as what father did. Because I won't hesitate to slit his throat while he sleeps..." She whispered before walking again. She let the police guide her out of the courtroom. A lot of reporters are waiting for her outside. They start calling her and asking her questions.

"What does it feel to be in prison, Miss Whitlock?" A reporter shouted.

Roisin stops ignoring them. She faced the flashes of those cameras as she proudly smile. "Do you think I will be sad?" She looks at the reporter who asked it. Everyone became quiet. "Free food, free bed, and free electricity. Do you think I will cry?" Her smile darkened. The reporter gulped uncomfortably and feel the hair from his body stand. "I killed a whore and I killed a corrupted man. I should be called a hero but will, I still love the word criminal. I'll see you soon...world," She winks at them. Everyone began to ask again. Before she could leave the place, her gaze found Zuriñe that are looking straight at her eyes. Zuriñe is standing closer at the large door. She knows she is much better than her brother for Zuriñe. But this older woman is not enough for her. When Zuriñe smirked at her, she shuddered from the pleasuring feeling. Those red lips. It was painted with expensive red lipstick. All she can see is red again. Red is her favorite.

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