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The Perfect Island

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Might need a little editing or cutting in certain places that is it, and other than that I am for eyes being able to tell us what to do, with this piece I am for editor with whacking to allow word limit.

Thriller / Adventure
Antasia S
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Ch 1

Having a happy life well lived with a cute man and healthy weight with a pretty baby. So I ran across this really cute and handsome man that was my dream come true. Evening bright sunshine feels of romance with a cutie from her world to his. In Absbrook, Texas is where she was born and raised, never did she think she’d find a cute man as such with him.

But boy did she get that wrong he looked gorgeous and she was so happy to be there with them in their presence. Which she knew was baloney but no one had to know but her in a sense and she knew it and was content to know about it. She understood just what to do even when nobody else thought that she did. But wasn’t on them because she allowed those fools to think what they wanted to hear.

It posed a sense of safety to be on the outer link with a raw edge was of greatest feel to her. In the hot sun she was slwetring with heat. “Nothing THAT’S important, you know.”

Elizabeth thought about him from time to time but that was it she tried to tell herself that at least. Felt safer to her if all else fails she knew it could be held as a lie but she didn’t care long as she felt cool about what it was that was fine to her and she knew it. James was just so handsome that I could barely believe it.

She took her gun and placed it in her holster, then thought of her bullets in their chamber with her name on it. Thinking back to all of the BS that this female called her numerous names, blacked her eye, took her man, slept with him told myself that she did just to find that she wanted to hurt others with her words I see because she though that she can I suppose does it make it right glad that you asked nope, it doesn’t. But you can tell these hoes they aint good tricks.

In our city hoes like that don’t last long and they all knew it, it wasn’t no secret. Truthfully it’s been inthe works for years, little did they know and if they did that was on them, and her whole little crew and nobody else’s for real. Looking back at our childhood she wasn’t nowhere around and when she did show her face it was all some BS, once again and it hasn’t changed to this very day, I’ve heard she’s knocked up now though with a few different kids, or dudes in her something like that, for real for real but too bad that is on that hoe Hannah.

Arthur was who she was starting beef over the hoe got this bullet with her damn name on it and don’t let nobody pull its trigger in her damn direction either, late at night when its really dark, and no one is around but the night sky, her and a little nine gun with a bullet marked with her name Hannah, Elizabeth thought to herself. And sense its a pack all them little hoes she run with too, as a way to let them weak jealous as hoes know what the deal is when it comes to me and mines, I Love and I love hard when I and if Ido, so you’ll know that you’ll be able to make same mistakes again and Im make sure of that, today. Elizabeth knew she might have not yet seen her but she was soon, with her whole little crew marked with bullets galore. Jade was one of the worst in their click, she had a bullet coming too if she didn’t straighten up as a moral thought.

Good old Abigail was one of the most horrid females in her whole clique, tough yeah lies she’s not but be put on like a weakling does though I can’t stand it. A guy who worked in a computer programmer shop knew a hook up and put Elizabeth on. She walked into their secret door with gun options to buy behind their store front of their gaming shop.

She knew what to do with one, her dad was a sharp shot across face cheeks right in between your eyes if need be with a knife appeared to be but she knew it was a gun a story she’d heard a many a times by her dad Cameron so she knew how to handle a gun that little nine militer was her savior coming in to wreak havoc at her darkest hour Elizabeth thought as she sailed out of their shop with a eye inside of their window looking nastily at her but she aint care they were just jealous she mused, walked out turned their corner and dipped from sight. They can kiss her ass she thought and anybody else who dared to look at her in any manner other than respect and she knew it. Puzzled, she ran a little light jog to burn up a sweat, she didn’t plan to have children with such a beauty of a man like James.

Regret meeting all their faces that were jerks before James, yes Elizabeth mused in a sense of bright green and pink dignity. If she kept thinking of all their annoyances she began to turn yellow and blue to about how rotten some of them have been even family was weird about some those events that came into her life as a way to go and on about harm into her own life as those of ones close to her was those who really did most of her damage to her. Which wasn’t fun and those who plotted to get those issues to go down must really look and feel as a way of moral to think of regrets too sadly so that they’ll think of themselves as failure to our current economy, world, families like really though and there is nothing that is hard about that to understand to Elizabeth she rolled her eyes just thinking about them and all of their drama.

As she spoke she began to pace with annoyance trying to quell her rinsing temper towards them all, and was that easy to do well glad you asked, because their answer which is hated, is a clear well thought out no to Elizabeth. Failure is such a poor word for such happy people in the end it feels even worst as a way to know that okay you’re so sweet but you putting people on and not really showing courage so is you not going to get a bullet from a nine which comes in a pack then to ease and place one where it is to end in a certain place rather in time, flesh, debire alike. How in their hearts to live with themselves with all that drama Elizabeth mused to herself all so willingly at least I think was all that she thought as she paced back and forth on her Forever21 hot pink shag rug.

It lasted for some years now thank God but she didn’t know if it would survey her pacing now of such failure but to her it’s the only way to find out and so she paced on her little rug unforgivably, fiercely for another hour and a half got damn it she thought. Hoes ain’t worth a damn. Counting her bullets out, one for each in a pack.

On such a narrow path no man dserverd to die without sex from a bomb girl he loved most, then get her so good she bred him a little love of his own. Then that is how James and Elizabeth choose to eye one another, for years even if unbeknownst whoever said otherwise was a hater on the floor like a female messing up her life royally yes. And all them freaks hated that love affair for years to come, but they were sad, jealous, and sucked. And dying left and right there was a plague in the form of a worm then they grew into six of them, then so many that no one was able to get anywhere.

It looked like death was everywhere. Flies were known to bite you if allowed to get too close to you. It was very weird.

How does a man that wants you but thinks you’re a bucket is cool with you, then you got friends who all sleeping with the same men, all thinking they all buckets too, then here comes another one who also wanted to be a bucket to as a moral why in the world does she want to be a bucket I’ll never know, it was stupid to me and Elizabeth knew it. Those worm images were very fat as to know that you’re to not touch them if so is to cause death to you. It was very pink in color, slimy with really big tails like they just multiplied and it looked ugly. To do so.

Audrey was so determined to look like them, that she was willing to belittle herself in a sense to come off across to those outsiders looking in as this it girl even if she was a little too loud sometimes with her voice, which why can’t you learn to be more quiet it’s hard to I see as a moral because you’re either secretly lazy, or just don’t want to win that bad as young mother, female, woman.

She turned and nearly fell over the bonnet of his car, which was crawling quietly along the street, when she did she was in a blaze of fire. The gasoline was hot, melting then she jolted awake. Someone had torched her she was wearing a pretty perfume she was combusting quickly with flames and no one was helping her Elizabeth though what a horrible dream to have when she looked around James wasn’t here he was in the house though but she wasn’t she was outside in a car’s way in a blaze of fire and flames.

How in the world are they going to put me in a blaze of fire? She thought, who the hell hates me so damn badly that I am burned alive basically and the snow in her mind was so cold, just like her mood she mused. With a faint distance of sun but in her mind it felt zero below.

And she knew it but it didn’t matter what it looked like outside bright sun and all it was like a cold fire set in her lungs with smoke. She watched herself as she awoke with a start, kind of felt like a rude awakening with a plow truck loud in her head but there was sun. She was awake but felt cold in the snow in a pink bra with sore boobs when her baby was coming.

She had dreams of her nursery room for their little one that she was sharing with James. She knew all that sun was meant to ease her pain in her heart but snow clouded her soul with every flake that melted away with her heart came chubby fingers. That lay awake at night calling for mommy in their shrill voice that cut deeper than knives she looked at him laying there with great awe.

Elizabeth had fallen for a roughneck. His hands were raw, callused when she let him grab her ass cheeks, from behind, then she let herself go as she wanted to, she allowed his presence to dominate her. She was too sad anyway not to let him do so.

It stopped so close to her home that she contacted it with her body and she was there in a blaze but in her mind she felt cold bitter snow hit her first. Then she looked back out her window to see James rise from snow into her home to come and love her, as much as she needed, and he never left. It was like a full time job to him that he couldn’t afford to then take his little baby with her, was there too taking even more of his time.

“How dare you look down your nose at me like that.” Those folks holding that lighter fluid sneered at Elizabeth from their street. They knew where she was and where to find her and she let them.

She didn’t run, she didn’t snitch like most of them would have done. She didn’t care to correct them, she let them choose. They needed to have their voice to choose and he made a choice but so did she.

Rather they chose to give her credit for it or not wasn’t really of concern to her, but to go and tell every little thing did, and he knew it made her feel upset and that was a motive in and of itself which was yes glad you asked, jealousy as a moral. Which wasn’t. Like bruh they was tripping and tripping hard and i ain’t have time for all that hey they was not like me at all and that was something that I prided myself on and that was a true that i oculdn;t stand them ann that i was happy to not be there no more.

I am free to be able to leave. And to have not to come back to them, a blessing to me. And it felt just as such to begin with and they didn’t have to like it but truth was I didn’t like them either. So then what Elizabeth musing as she bathed in her new hot tub.

So to me that was a way of life to fail at a job and to help and please those around you with a working thought as a sense of wellness. Which was a way to be found as annoying to my spirit and I didn’t appreciate it was all Elizabeth kept thinking when she saw him she cringed in her mind she felt cold all over again. She felt a sense of these wack ass jobs wasn’t no good run by a wack ass group of hoes too though, who knew that darkness was all she knew and she didn’t like it felt a betray mindset when Elizabeth was always very kind to them and she knew it and honest reasons was that he was so mad at himself that he went and said some stuff, things to them about myself instead I am guess as a way to deal with his own issues like a punk.

“Sorry it’s just that I get very nervous when somebody else is driving.” Elizabeth knew that when you start drinking and get behind the wheel nothing good was to come of it. And yet here they were driving down I-77 with a Audrey ass hole type of driving skill and it was annoying as if I wasn’t already trying to heal from their BS but no here we go.

She is going drinking and talking don’t nobody want to hear that bull all damn day and night you calling and talking still and I don’t want to hear it anymore. I don’t want to talk to you any more, hang with you no more and I am not in their presence anymore and it felt great. Audrey was just a mean person at heart she was just too soft and I see why now why people deemed them as such and I am not thinking that they were too far off Elizabeth twriled that image in he remind lightley like a feather that was white in color from Micheals their favorite arts and crafts store.

They each had matching cars and each were known to work in their same career fields. They were identical like they did everything together and if they couldn’t they wouldn’t and it’s odd, because I heard that friendship no matter how tight can’t be a man for you. And it’s true.

No matter what Audrey thought. Elizabeth knew that it was just a matter of time before all hell of those secrets thoughts that she held out of sight from other were to soon find their pathway into a light so bright that she’d have no choice but to face what was now standing before herself regardless of pain levels at this point she knew it but couldn’t really face it like a woman who knew her place, power in their world wasn’t what was popping right at this moment and it was sad to say no more than what was necessary to make your words hold weight she just didn’t seem to get that Elizabeth thought alone to herself. James was out and about with their baby and she was feeling their pain of being gone, and came out to watch for them.

“You don’t want to live in a society like this, but yet you don’t want to do anything about it.” How weak that thought sounded coming from Audrey’s mindset and she knew it as she said it. Which meant to me I didn’t get then if you knew it and you still said it for the life of me why in her head did she keep saying it. Just felt dumber to Elizabeth by the minute.

Where is her courage, her love, her knowledge of our world, why are you so weak? I wondered to myself. Why are you so stupid when youre aroundo ther people why are you coy and play so smart with certain people then dumb with others what is up with you.

You’re like poison that kills you slowly in a manner of years to take place that is how she is to me Elaizather thought. She sat there and mused to herself her favorite pastime of all. She knew most people hated being alone with themselves but she treasured it, its freedom to pick and choose her time spent was fun and wise to her and most girls and kids yes she knew didn’t get it but that didn’t matter to her as long as she did is what made her most happy.

As it should in her opinion as a manner of living with God and those who love her they get it and that makes her happy also. She knew it, they knew it and that made them all happy and they all knew it. Much to pleasure. And they’re alike.

Taking a trip to a forest was not in their agenda in her mind, that was just one stop and yet we’re not there when we were to be and here we were again. It was odd for sure and she didn’t care I see but it bothered me in a sense that okay if you’re going to take me to the house then way in the world which she did but I eyed her from afar with her music low, lurking in a forest turned to the right with her little pal with her. They were so weird looking she thought they couldn’t see her. Which was good and she didn’t mind that at all they were so forced looking akak focused on her intent to cause her way to go down.

So why in the world is she looking around everywhere like she was nervous on egee or something like that which was to me Elizabeth though usually she was cool calm collected so upright. Then who knew what aka what was going on wearing many hats will and can get you into trouble Elizabeth mused be one way with all people so that they can ll love you even respected you to in their moral will. She was dressed in all black with makeup on her face that was all black and looked really weird but like she knew what she was doing which was odd again and it felt like something dark was there and they knew aka that was there to do some dirt.

It’s like this dark fog with a sticky due there and everything looks red, like her temper has affected Elizabeth’s vision, she caused their air to turn color. It was very weird, like we stood no chance of getting to her to ease her aching heart. Its red plants, grass, snow, doors, cars, women, men, babies, even all were colored red, trees, car seats for babies, computers, shoes, door handles and doctors were red now too. Nurses looked red in color, they had all gone red. Everyone was a blur, no one could really be distinguished from that color red. How odd she thought.

These people weren’t really good natured and that is why they’re all colored in an unnatural color like RED. Wow all was white was her eyes, as she stalked around her path only she knew how was creed aka created she crouched down low with the ants while holding a stick, that was to do what looking closer it was a snake that turned from wood handled red into a wivering moving venom poison spitting attacher. She looked it’s mother.

They left that forest in a red car and headed to a train station which was closed due to repairs and it was very cold. In her mind she couldn’t shake that feeling but it’s very bright outside her window of her car. She was tailing them.

She hopped out of their red sports car and ran inside, now why are they here when it’s closed. Very bizarre as a woman why are you here with them to do more what drama, huh she is just so ugly, curel I see, but here we are, and is she meeting another person here that we don’t’ see yet, glad you asked yet is was a cutie pie her baby father was there to bid his drama as his baby mama was Audrey’s size she didn’t know it was him though on the side who was cheating on her, and he picked her because they favored. Each other but in not so obvious ways they were barely noticeable to an untrained eye.

He embraced her kissed her on the lips lingered there then pulled back a little bit feeling that he was being watched, then lookin out into the distance Elizabeth ducked fearing she’d been spotted. Blowing her cover in their bushes. She didn’t think so so she stayed put, it was her lover not Audrey after all, he knew it was wild to be out there looking into the night with a cute little person on him but he can’t stop now, he didn’t care who saw she was his and he knew it and so he was there to stay and he say what he wanted and let it be known as a means to keep those haters at bay.

Which was weird maybe to those who know it all, but not to a man like Mr. Cameron, he was hot with desire for his little cuteness there. It was Hannah’s sister Jade. Their attitude was to chase the dream, chase the dollar, chase the girls, chase whatever one wants, chase the loser who hurt you.

Then catch hold down pull out her gun Elizabeth thought then shoot off until her clip was empty or at least damn near. Chasing a man for about a year like James’ coat was dark blue and he wore it and made it feel like it was warm there. Like it was love there.

Like it was a person there whom he wanted to find himself to be around. He knew it was he that would be there in due time and so he did go and so he did come he did rub on her big, round, jucy looking giggling lumps that lead to his dream spot of a hole that was just right for his looking prodigy, sliding rigling, in his pussy. James’ new dick was a pleasant surprise to her and she wanted that dick more than life itself.

And he knew it so he gave it to her. Deep long, hard sucking licking hot strokes that set her soul a blaze in such a delicious way, manner like only a man can when he’s knee deep in his pussy in such a way that she came right on his dick. And he felt her innerard convulse right on him.

Long shaft. And all. He never really admitted it but damn he ate his pussy good and made me come hard and low Elizabeth thought of their love making with a subtle smile.

Someone dies on their street and it looks like they’re dead and when you’re dead where in our world do you go? Glad you asked you to go to a place where there is to go for people like you is where you go. Yeah.

Known for being a gambler of those things most loved Audrey’s dad was a man of great means but when she was a kid her dad went and lost their fortune in a card game. Audrey grew up to not be a fine school like she was originally presented as to go to but she was to be able to not afford it so she goes to a public school instead in Absbrook, Texas. Which forever was stained to her and she knew it was not to go to her mom’s liking as a way that she knew it was over for a year flat.

She rarely talked to her dad after that, which wasn’t how young girls showed their love for their dad. Right but yet when he was high drunk on that stuff, and out of his right mind, then he’d begin to gamble, drink then one day he went out and around a really cute man, and that was when she knew he dad wasn’t coming back to anyone because he was too busy with his need to spend their money up and when he found a new casino he went into it with a way to pay more bills and not really add more bills but he did, and lost it all that night everything on his table was gone. He was now a fatherless person, since he was really known for his money now he had none his children thought he was dead.

And walked around like a zombie who wasn’t loved ever since he lost his fortune in that unfortunate gambling party where he drew a play of aces. When the shooter had a double of J’s. Cards all fell down when we got drunk and wager his life savings on a final deck of cards. How is a father that careless I’ll never know, thought Elizabeth. She knew when she did it made her too upset. She didn’t want to get angry right before the feeding of their baby, she’s only about two months old now.

And I’ve been doing so well that Thomas was getting big, and feeding good on mommy as she tasted his small mouth for a feeding session of boobs for a minute or two or until he was full. He’s such a good baby. I love him.

Cards in a circle of gin was to be his downfall, something he was not able to live down. Two weeks later he was dead. Found him in a sucicide go his way to see a doctor he was dead after learning he wouldn’t help her she took her life she didn’t care he thought she didn’t think about him, so he took his in a way to return the favor.

Grim. right glad you asked yes it was. His family was in awe, he went to see a doc, who later killed themselves, so he got mad because she wouldn’t help, and then he went and offed himself too because of her. Elizabeth mused that there were some cold thoughts going on in our world, and she knew it.

And she knew that she knew it, and she knew that it was as it was to be. And she knew that it was so and did not have a problem with that. To her it was justice.

Her little baby was her world, and their sadness because they are not having anymore babies is even sadder. Then they’re all out of work and we all know that aint it. So here we go adn it’s fine to think of it but still what one loses in cards, and hospitals is one in the same.

Innocence is too precious to take then not give any form of love or happy thoughts to comfort oneself with, contentment with self, soul, world, community at large school. Elizabeth thought about how it would feel to die only to live with her family in another place and part of the world. She thought of all the people she would leave behind, her mother came to mind but she was to leave soon anyway so would it even really matter to her, glad you asked of course not.

She would do as the others before her had done a fire was one, way she’d need a body, she’d do a shoot out with Audrey, Hannah, Jade, and Abigail take a bullet like they killed her. Die then moved to Saldown, France staying off social media to maintain her disguise, musing like this was her face. She would take her kids and find a private jet with passports of her own and new names with inner helpers from the otherside to adjust with them to aid for best overall outcome.

Then once they were all settled in safely she’d enrolled her baby into school and still made love to her husband James. And have him lead them wherever he wanted for them to go. Let the new media all supulate about what happened to that girl who was so sweet named Elizabeth Wright And James Wright, with baby boy David Wright.

We’d walk Saldown at night with romance lingering between us with cute places to eat, and have coffee at. We’d go to the bridge of lovers and take river boat rides. We’d be happy to walk the baby outside and to allow them to run and jump fences and have mommy there to guide them and daddy there to watch over them. With his tall imposing nature and her sweet scent attracted them back to her in guidance.

Though I have Chanel to go to and buy beautifully crafted handbags with each color depicting a certain thought. Rather deadly, happy, horney didn’t matter just that it depicted something did. Which was what mattered most to Elizabeth’s eyes.

That was simple math to her which was kind sweet light, even honest and well she knew it. And that was fine to her and she knew it was God speaking to her, she didn’t have to see those girls anymore they were going to be dead to her, like her fake death was to them. And that was going to make them equal in her eyes. And she knew it she didn’t have much family but those three where they were are her world and Elizabeth knew it, understood it, wanted it.

She was that chick and she knew it and she got sick of other females. Something about them trying to hurt her didn’t sit right with her. I am not sure if there is anything that can justify their behavior. Brutally girls know that there isn’t. Which is not all that sweet or good to think but yet our world is created by a power bigger than myself.

After all this time life left her in a feeling of not really being aware of what is best but life is going to feel how we are to be. Well this is our life and we are how we are to be and become what we were regardless of how many came into my life there was only one in whom I admit to being in love ever. Which to me nothing else matters. And nothing else ever really will and that ain’t something that somebody else can take from myself ever.

Elizabeth and James’ love was like no other ever before. Did I think everybody was rotten enough to bring us apart or at least attempt to yes. Now we’ll never really let that go. And we don’t really have to and that’s all that matters.

I know people get off on bringing people into others’ lives to destroy what was built to honor God. Yes I get it how perverse it is to lie on another female and male to bring some kind of thought to oneself that why’re mean weak minded and feeble type of females to, as well to come and destroy a soul du to their jealousy I am assume but in the end their who they are and there is nothing that hey can do about it. Just can’t but you reap what you sow.

Wasn’t feeling well. I noted that Abigail was known for her dishonest behavior, she was constantly trying to go fast with anxious thoughts of how to be like Elizabeth too, and she wasn’t. She had foolish tendencies to give out things that didn’t work. Which seemed to have not been noticed, yes, but wasn’t true at all no it wasn’t.

But you’d never know by looking at her unless you choose to look really closely. To begin with if you can then you’d see. How things went down with most of those thoughts of hers. Thoughts that appear to come as very sweet mind you yes, but in the end they’re nothing more than well placed lies.

In a rage. She will reel you in with big doe eyes then as soon as you are in she’ll take you when you least expect it into a dark place where you can’t get out of without her. Which is all is not sure because why would she want you out.

She’s glad you asked. So now you’re stuck with big doe eyes who are looking to devour you with a simple look of her eyes aimed at killing a sweet souled person out seriously of none sightwise jealousy. Big teeth that will eat you if you let her. They’re huge enough to swallow you whole being yellow and blue, with pink and green too. Then she’ll be full much like you.

Finding out that she was dishonest with certain treatments was a way to gain advantage then use that type of thought to sink her fangs deep into your flesh. To wound you, to keep herself afloat. To be things where they’re not good at but appearance are everything to these people. To remain humble about what was done is sweet but flexing when you ain’t really got that vibe truthfully is a bit weird.

So Abigail has split personalities. She was one person in the night and another in the light of day. She wasn’t one you were able to count on in a tight jam as you would have mistakenly assumed. Then who was out of the country in a fake death shootout walking the halls of Saldown. Weird right.

I mean she lied about all kinds of things to her husband, who she loved. Who was her wedding band? The most frivolous things. Were big lies to her. That dishonest behavior had gotten her into many big titles and roles. Very much so rottenly if I must yield and say to myself Elizabeth mused silently.

Odd as it could be, when she left work that day she headed home and felt herself sick down to the tub floor and didn’t get up for another twenty minutes… which was how she liked it. I see but I have to agree with most of it. So as people think one way about them then hear them share that one of them isn’t that trustworthy after all in a tight jam. Which Elizabeth mused to herself was a moral that was shared to her cricket vibe afterall.

That was how she was feeling and she got it she understood it and took it to heart with her. And she was happy about it, and that was okay to her truthfully. When all is done and said then all is done with her she was going to a strip mall in a minute or two to take a break and browse for some time. She knew her innocence was something that she took with her into a grave if need be.

Foolish hearted people are known to not really be trusted and it is not too far off from an honest answer anyway. Which was how life is to be. What is wrong with that? Glad you asked, nothing. And who is better than that. Why should someone else be?

I just don’t get it why lead people be in a profession full of people and not really be for the people who you lead constantly. In the end I am glad you asked. You shouldn’t be that way. But they stubbornly cling to their emotions like a dummy if i Must share so myself and that simple answer. Is where it is.

Which is not smart, in all scenarios ending it just isn’t. Tinting windows aint for me. But here is a whole way to earn money with a side hustle in our hood.

How in the world is that so when we decide to get and allow other side hoes get pulled over for too dark a tint. Then keep going with those who ain’t never even do that silly, foolish. People, as this can never be here long, live here long. Our world won’t allow it.

Anxious women are the worst in our world, always full of fear. That is so weird in the long run. And yes you should run in case you are chased. By a fine man or a crazy female. Either way I’ll whoop your ass to just be clear.

Abigail was short, she loved fruit, didn’t really inspire my girlfriend I heard, or me because of fake links, weird feelings, humor when we laughed about how weird most those thoughts ever felt in there, on earth tones she watched and wore it away, down to a tidbit. When we are so stubbornly addled we’re not going to give things because we’re dishonest. When she was short on coffee she became abrasive. Her new diamond ring was from her hubby. It was a day that was all clear but romance was not a big deal but we needed it to keep our relationship alive.


She knew it but didn’t want to admit it, which is their first step to healing from twelve steps of AA. Why are they stealing? From us as a person then we’re doing something to move on and to be able to find ourselves that we’re happy to good, love, but as a people we’re not all otherwise people wouldn think rotten things. So that can’t be true. Just as we have bad companies and we have good ones, good and bad people in them. Even legal ones are known to feel just as bad, or just as good.

Being out in a world of water which is the wear and tear eventually over time eroding once time takes its course then yes. So be it. But why are we so needy and yet mean too. I just don’t get it Elaizabeth walked into her room with confidence but a slight tinge of impatience creeped in.

Then other girls hate water too and don’t even care of its power themselves which is just as weird too. So why are so many of them going cool and sleeping with other women’s men, who are even married to them. Or who is even in a poison to their heads to find that one is mean and one isn’t that’s who you choose too though I just don’t vibe that way, and I am just cut differently. In the long run I want to be that way then not though. So oh well.

Walking beaches was kind to a young kid in a space that was well water again was fun and we’re here to find new bathing suits that aren’t meant to be seen for everybody in your body of water. It’s just some eyes who only get to see certain things and that is that. All the other bulls are something that isn’t for me. And I know it, know it. Lived it.

How in the world can a child grow up into a person as Elizabeth was caught thinking her phone rang her Iphone is usually so quiet she’s been known to be on silent so as not to be able to hear many of them. She looked at it as she crossed their beach that was not overly crowded with a young baby who was white she was cute, sweet , still untouch with evil of our world, my most favorite kind. Elizabeth stared. She silently fell in love with her, and she knew it. She was sweet natured too. Much like her inner self too.

She looked like she was traveling with her grandma. Do I miss my mom’s mom? Glad you asked yes every day.

My dads mom too, but they’re just so sweet, all their lives and I just miss them. I dream of being able to go into the next realm and being able to hold her, see her, tell them that I love them and have them hear me tell them how I feel about them. It’s something that makes me feel grateful for them and really I feel like more than most family members do anyway.

Elizabeth thought. Their presence was major in her upbringing. They were there through each of her major boyfriends whenever they parted ways…they are the realist women alive. So I understood this little girl and by looking at her she understood life herself and she was wise beyond her years.

That was how and who she was attracted to by something that is beyond her. Own imagination and it is how it is. Everything is how it should be. Most people around her she learned to her dismay didn’t understand that about herself.

Something about that always disappointed her most. She knew it too though and had no problems with it. To her it was as it should be.

Sand was light and pretty. It was sunny out. They were cute. Each swimming suite was cuter than the last.

Birds are out hitting the scene, the magazines are known to be out, the clubs are hot, the rooftops are a go. Hoes are staring and looking hard at me. Like bruh let me be great damn. Thank you. Elizabeth thought.

How many times is there a perfect sunny day out to hit the beach up. I’ll tell you it’s like a rare occasion where the world was on your side for the day and you make it there and have fun once you are there. Selling out is a really weak thought of men. And women alike. That to me is weird as hell.

That is some Bull and yet that is all that I know and yes I dream of more, better lives with nicer kinder people. Yes o focurse do you hope to make it better yes because of my love yes. I just wish to create nice places with cute gifts to add to them a sense of care.

What is going on in a world when a child and her people are there in their picture and out of it is a world that is blind to what is inside of their child’s heart. Because somewhere near is a child who must grow up and be what they are. That is something that can’t change. This is how life is and goes as well.

Outside of it is a place that is harder to live in and makes us like it less, yes. Why do you ask glad you did. I’ll tell you why well it’s because we need to have a way to brighten it, and it’s funded in our world by all kinds of sources to be able to do so. And make it brighter and healthier in a system that is so broken most of the time. As well. And that just ain’t too cool. And It just aint.

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