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Sylvia Okonkwo thought she's got everything good going for her. But the tables are turned around when she gets involved with the wrong person. Wrong decisions are made which pushes her into a world of crime in order to feed and survive with one aim in her mind TO GET REVENGE. But would all her plans work out or would it backfire on her........ You never can tell.

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"So you are really going to shoot me? After everything we have been through together."
A loud laughter rang out immediately, it was a female’s. Birds flew away due to the sudden loud noise.
Someone on the ground level looking up closely would see the sillouhette of two figures on the rooftop of the building.

"Ovie you think I'd allow you to stay longer in the land of the living? You must be joking because I've waited patiently for the past fifteen years for this moment to kill you and I won’t let this opportunity pass me by”.
"Well I accept my fate but there is something you should know even if it's too late", he taunted.

"Speak now, my patience is running out I have better things to do than deal with scums like you."
"I'd cut to the chase then, you have a rat."
"You honestly think I'd believe you, you deceiving imbecile, my men are loyal to me. Time to meet your creator, it's nice knowing you Ovie Ofure."


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