The Devil's Deal

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I'm a loner.I'm being bullied at school but I never tell anyone. I never felt comfortable telling others my problems at school but my friend who lives hours away from me. I've always dreamt of getting back at my bully when Reed, the devils dealer appeared at my kitchen table wanting to make a deal. Little did I know what I was getting into. Disclaimer: all names in this book are fantasized, if any names reference any people or city names it's completely coincidental. Also I don't own the cover as it's from the internet

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

The warning bell rings notifying the students to get their slow asses to class. I slammed my locker door ready to fight every kid who’s in my way as I make my way to class.

I’m a straight A student but since the kids are so slow, it takes me twenty minutes to get to my classes. I attempt to contain my anger but I’m starting to lose it. It frustrates me when I’m tardy to class because people are checking their phones, stopping in the middle of the halls, or seeing their friends and stop to talk. It’s annoying.

I finally entered the math classroom with the sun shining through the windows. The students are sitting quietly, some I guess are doodling on their notebooks while Mr. Colin is writing something on the board. I quietly sneak past him while he’s busy. I slide into my seat gritting my teeth hoping I wouldn’t make any noise, but my chair betrayed me as it squeaked when I pull in.

“Miss Hensley, tardy once again,” he sighs and turns around to face me, “a straight A student always late to class.”

“Apologies Mr. Colin, but my friend had an emergency that I had to help,” I reply, which is true. My best friend had her . . . It’s that time of month and she forgot her tampons so I had to run to my locker to give her some. However the kids made me late.

He sighs annoyed with me. “One more tardiness and I will have to send you to the principals’ office.”

“Yes, my apologies.”

He glared at me then begins the lesson.


“Brett came up to me this morning asking me to sleep with him. I of course rejected him. Like, who the fuck does he think he is asking me to sleep with him?!” Juliet complained.

“He thinks he’s a great person who believes everyone loves him. How all the girls swoon for him,” I reply while I focus on driving us home.

“In other words, an asshole.”

“Correct.” We chuckle.

“I mean seriously now. Whoever sleeps with Brett is an idiot.”

“Or delusional. I’m lucky I’m not hot to get his attention.” Juliet gasped disapproving of what I said.

“You are so! I’m surprised that no guy is going after you because you are so hot! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“Thanks Juliet.”

“You’re welcome.”

I pull into the driveway killing the engine, we head inside my quiet home.

“You know, sometimes I just wanna punch Brett.”

“Who doesn’t?”

I drop my bag on the front bench heading towards the fridge. I take out orange juice for the both of us, pouring it into two cups. Handing her one we move to the living room where we relax from a rough day at school. Juliet snatches the remote away as I was about to grab it. I drink my juice silently while Juliet sets up Netflix for us.

“Wanna order out?” I ask whipping out my phone.

“Yes. I’m feeling . . Chinese food.”

“Nice choice,” I go online to Panda Express to order. She told me what she wanted and I of course know what I want. Once the order was in place Juliet found a movie to watch, Unhinged. I knew we would pay attention for the first five minutes before we started gossiping.

“So tell me, who do you like?”

I thought for a minute, “No one.”

“No one?! There’s a lot of hot guys that’ll be perfect for you!”

“I don’t like any guys period. I’m not interested in anyone.”

“Oh you will be soon. I know you will.”

“Pft, yeah right. I don’t find anyone attractive right now and I probably never will.”

“Okay, well I’m sure one day whether that’s soon or years. It’s just a matter of finding the right one.”

We sat watching the first bit of the movie when the doorbell rang. I got up to fetch the food with my money. Opening the door, I thanked Skip the Dishes worker for our food. Closing the door, I set the food on the coffee table when she dug into the bag to fish out her food. We ate our food while chatting away whilst not paying attention to the movie.


I get back from dropping Juliet at her home. walking in, my parents are relaxing on the couch watching tv, my dad’s arm around my mother.

They didn’t notice me walking in so I just stood behind the couch waiting for them to notice me.

“Do you think we should tell her when she gets back?” my mother asks.

“Well she’s gonna find out sooner or later.”

“I know, so should we tell her tonight or tomorrow.”

“Tonight, as soon as she gets back.”

“Tell me what?” I jumped in. Both of them jump from their spot whipping their heads my way.

“Hey honey, we didn’t hear you come in. How are you?” my mother asks sweetly like I haven’t been listening at all.

“Good, now tell me what you were going to ask me.”

“Come around,” my father ordered.

I walked around the couch and sat on the coffee table while they eyed my every movement. I feel uneasy with their staring. “Honey,” my dad begins, “you know howI travel far distances for my job?”

He paused for me to answer which I nodded.

“Well, your mother and I have decided that it’ll be a great idea if we move closer to my job so it’s easier on me and for the rest of us.”


"Moving? Where? How far? When?” I was full of questions.

“Honey, we’re moving this weekend and it’s a good five hour drive,” my father responded.

“This weekend?! That’s so soon!” What am I going to tell Juliet?!

I couldn’t move away from my home. I grew up here and leaving it would leave behind my identity and memories. This is my home and only my home. Tears threaten to spill when I control my emotions. I couldn’t convey my emotions in front of my parents so I toughened up until I was alone.

“We’re sorry honey, but we need to move. You can always visit in the summer,” mom suggested. Of course I can visit Juliet but it wouldn’t be the same. I just nod and sit in silence not bothering to look at my parents right now. Anger has risen inside me but I never let it show. The uncomfortable silence got to me so I left without another word. My slow steps got to me as I tripped on one of the steps as I wasn’t paying attention. My mother gasps asking if I was okay but I got up and left without a word. I shut the door, locking it, and laying down on my bed.

I laid on my bed grabbing my book to read. It calms me when I’m stressed, angry, upset or just want to read.

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