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The victory

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Thriller / Action
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Chapter 1

[Vision] vision receives messages from gods or angels through dreams or dream-like experiences. Many in the New Testament as well as in the Old Testament have seen visions where James saw angels come down and come and go on ladders that lead to heaven and earth. Prophets often receive messages in visions, such as Isaiah’s vision in the temple: “In the year Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on the throne.”

Zechariah (John the Baptist’s father) also saw a vision in the temple where the angel Gabriel told him that Elizabeth would have a son. The Magi of the East are instructed: Do not tell Herod that they have found the baby Jesus. Paul saw himself taken up into heaven in a vision. The visions that John saw are recorded in the Book of Revelation.

Visions are special phenomena that people sometimes see under the command of God’s Holy Spirit, things that do not exist in this world, or the strange realms they experience, and God’s revelation that they receive.

The meaning of vision includes not only supernatural vision, but also a kind of super-rational understanding in the subconscious, and even a kind of vision or foresight from reason; A burden, a sense of mission, a dedication and professionalism.

1. When I was young, I dreamed that I was lying in the open space in front of the house, and a UFO hovered close to my head. For a long time, I could not move my body and had no strength. I could only look at the UFO. . It felt like it would fall on me and there was a strong light shining on me and empowering me.

2. When I was young, I slept on the bed in a dream, and a ghost (Satan) approached me. It was a man in black and was very scared. It got on the bed and attached to my body, got up and left, and I seemed to be watching from the air nearby. all of these.

3. In elementary school, shortly after my grandfather passed away, I dreamed that my grandfather met me on the small river by the village. He seemed to be flying on the river and told me that he was not dead. I saw him on the bank of the river. I was very happy. He was still alive, and suddenly there was a sense of relief from death.

4. In high school, I dreamed of defeating the Antichrist-European countries, which countries in Europe were contacted or captured by GeYiMin, like a puzzle on the ground, they were pushed back and forth on the map, and finally all belonged to GeYiMin .

5. In April 2001, I dreamed that the apostle Paul took a boat to Sao Paulo, Brazil in the Southeast Asian waters, preaching back and forth, and God made me be like him. (GeYiMin is called to be a prophet)

6. In the autumn of 2001, Ge Yimin was lying in a big bed at his home in Zhenjiang to take a nap in the morning. In a dream, God said: “I am God, you must listen to him (Ge Yimin).” Immediately woke up and felt amazing about “referring to Ge Yimin”. At that time, his wife and children at home. (GeYiMin was anointed as a god).

7. In 20020525, in the dream, Satan was driven out of my body by God.

8. In 20020629, I just fell asleep, half-dream and half-awake, and I heard the Holy Spirit whisper: “It’s coming soon”.

9. In 20020827, in the vision he ascended to heaven on the campus of his alma mater (Nanjing University), God said: “I am God, you must listen to him”, “This is my beloved son, I am well pleased, you must listen to him”, there are The clouds came down, referring to GeYiMin.

10. In 20041114, I climbed up a high platform in a different dream. On the broad platform, a road to the sky was opened. The road was instantly golden, and the road was horizontal, but a voice told me that it was open to the sky. witness. A few days later, in a dream, a well-like opening was opened in the ceiling, and purple light shot down like a waterfall. A few days later, in a different dream, the sky was full of lights, no one could turn it on, and Ge Yimin turned it on.

11. 20050215, in a different dream, I took a class upstairs in the Jiangsu Agricultural Materials Office. I walked out of the sky from the third floor. The heaven with the throne was vast and boundless. When I walked to the throne, God pointed to Ge Yimin and said: “This is my beloved son. I am well pleased, you must listen to him.” Then he descended into the street, and the crowd watched, saying, “This is the young man of good sin.”

12. In 20061120, in a different dream, he was lifted up to the sky in Dashikou Square, Zhenjiang, his body was suspended in the air, and his body rose vertically. After three days, he was resurrected and descended. Many people witnessed the whole process of silence.

13. 20070606, I dreamed that I was the emperor in the end, and I had done many roles. My brother calls me brother (similar to Joseph’s dream). 0607, dreaming of creating a hairless duck, saying: “Have hair”, and then there will be hair. H said I would not do this, GeYiMin said yes.

14. In 20071222, in a different dream, I came to hell to inspect. It turned out that hell was a long pipe room. Several people who were new to hell entered this long pipe room together, and immediately closed before and after these people. That is to say, these people In the space of about 10 square meters, the pipe room is rectangular with a small corner. This design must be afraid that they will be too boring. Hell is really scary, because it is always confined in this small space, thinking of how happy heaven is, there is a vague message that the gods are staying in heaven.

15, 20071227, in a different dream, GeYiMin’s body slowly rose to the sky, turned into the sun, and illuminated the earth.

16. 20080323 (Easter), in an early morning dream, I was first tempted and suffered. It is foretold that soon will be glorified, and God will help the world. Later, people all over the world saw Ge Yimin ascend to the sky next to them, turned into the sun, illuminated the earth, then updated the heaven and earth, and then returned to the earth, and was welcomed like a star. At this time, the earth has become a paradise.

17. 20080523 Different Dreams: I ate the Bible and nerves in my dream. It was a small Hong Kong version. I ripped off a few pieces and ate them, but I didn’t feel the taste. I finished one roll. I felt that there were three rolls in total, so I continued to eat the second roll.

18. 20110519 Different Dreams: I am an alien, a few companions came to pick me up by UFO, said goodbye to my parents and uncles, they were working, and my neighbors watched me and my companions operate on the UFO.

19. 20110906 Different Dreams: Many scientists calculated that the center of the universe is Ge Yimin (singularity), and the United States sent an invitation.

20. Autumn Dream in 2011: A voice said: Your length of service starts from 1982. (Ge Yimin was first tested when he was 13 years old).

21. 20111219 Dream: The sun is getting redder and redder, like blood, and there will be a disaster the next day. God asked me to organize a communist society in the age of the apostles. Everyone pools their wealth and distributes it according to the population to deal with disease and famine.

22. 20111225 Dream: God gave me the gift of healing. Whoever puts his hand on it will be cured.

23. 20120408 (Easter) Dream: A voice said: “You are not dirt” (not a dusty body, but a spirit body), all comrades are expecting my god to appear.

24. 20120611 Different Dream: I am a superman, omnipotent, and I have done superhuman things, many of which are related to my previous work and life, but human beings think that God is not enough and expect me to do new things, neither they nor I know act. The person I love the most in my life, Han Qinfen, is still waiting for me. She sits quietly at the table. I meet her parents and call her, “Is that Han Qinfen?” She said yes, and I said to her mother , You can tell it’s her just by hearing the voice.

25. 20121030 Dream: Obama was participating in the presidential debate, I was sitting next to him wearing a red shirt, because I was more dazzling than him, the staff asked me to leave his side.

26. 20130105 Dream: I am Jesus, I accept disciples like Jesus, my disciples are weaker than Jesus disciples, but they have achieved great achievements and become the king of entrepreneurial shoes.

27. 20130423 Different Dreams: All schools around the world are taking the same class, and the teacher wrote the class name on the blackboard - “GeYiMin, Our God”.

28. In the autumn of 2013, my father passed away due to illness. He asked me a dream. He is not dead, he is still alive. Human beings really have a soul.

29. 20131126 Different Dreams: 20 years later (2033) the party will perish. A harmonious communist society, where human beings are managed by peaceful mutual assistance, no longer needs special political parties.

30. 20140112 Dream: Explaining the gospel to a group of nurses. The gospel is love, that is, not fighting against anyone, no wars, or even quarrels. Everyone is brothers and sisters, and they love each other equally. In particular, I explained God to a recent nurse, that is, my name: GeYiMin, Gods are people, God is also a person, God is you, God is me.

31. 20140113 Different Dreams: All things are used by me, but I do not control everything, including God, who is small and big.

32. 20140211 Different Dreams: After eating a bowl of porridge, the porridge spreads all over the bowl, showing: “Call the main name (Ge Yimin)“.

33. 20140213 Different Dreams: Resurrection and Almighty.

I resurrected my father and brought him back to my uncle’s house; I resurrected my grandmother and asked my cousin Zhu Weiqing to bring her back to his hometown.

A female employee handed me two full-length statements and said that there were no more blanks. I shook it in my hand, and immediately came out with two blanks for her. A girl suffers from pain in her left arm. I shook her left arm a few times. When I shook it, she said it hurt. After I shook it, I asked her if it still hurt? She said it doesn’t hurt anymore, I said you won’t hurt anymore.

In short, I waved my hand and created something out of nothing.

34. 20140625 Different Dreams: GeYiMin is a classic, and a classic is GeYiMin.

35. 20140628 Different Dreams: My brother and I are going to build a bridge, measure the size of the old bridge, it is 42 meters wide and 12 meters long, and a word 2 (love) is highlighted. The origin of the world is love.

36. 20140919 Different Dreams: My father is still alive. I have seen him many times and tried to hold him. People really have a soul. My magician came to my house with great style, and I also returned home, all my dreams have come true. Two days later, I dreamed of Xu Qian, lying on the bed, wearing black clothes, and raising her arms. Two days later, it seemed that Li Juan sang “Amazing Grace” with me.

37. 20140926 Different Dreams: The end of the world is a new heaven and a new earth.

(One day in the future) said to the two workers: “Today is the end of the world, tomorrow is the first day of the new heaven and new earth, and the day after tomorrow is the second day of the new”.

38. 20150112 Different Dream: I became a member of the Politburo Standing Committee. Several of our Standing Committee members lined up on the street. There were other people standing beside me.

39. 20150825 Dream: I was in an empty room, like the sun, rising in the east and setting in the west. The house is like a big clock, turning itself as an hour hand, and people know the time when they see me.

40. 20151112 Different Dreams: Humans achieve immortality, the goal of being a human has been achieved, and it is no longer meaningful to be a human, so it evolves into a new species, which I call “geyimin”, geyimin is relative to humans, just like humans are relative to pigs different.

41. 20151220 Different Dreams: Mouth-spraying rivers of living water. In the dream, in Nanjing University, the alma mater, the south of the 8th dormitory for girls and the east of the foreign student dormitory, the mouth is sprayed with living water, like the dragon king sprays water. Some girls are struggling to move stones, so I want to use buoyancy to help. Go to the southwest of our 11th building and spray water in front of several classmates. The classmates were curious about what they said, and I said it was a miracle.

42. 20151222 Different Dreams: China unifies the world, European countries become a high-speed rail platform in China, and the Chinese reads: Italy East, Spain West.

43. 20160220 Different Dream: In the dream, I asked a pig lying on a small table to say “Lord”, and it said several “Lord” in a row, and a woman quickly took a pen to record the strange event.

Like Jesus, I am completely under the control of the Holy Spirit, and my actions are directed by the Holy Spirit, so I can distinguish falsehoods without error.

44. 20160505 Different Dreams: Walking on the Air. In the dream, in the bathroom, I walked from one side of the bath to the other, walked on the air, and walked twice. At that time, I called myself Lingbo Weibu. Many people were present, and I was very surprised.

45. 20160528 Different Dreams: Immortal Soul, My Girlfriends and Brothers.

I dreamed of my deceased father, I squeezed his hand and asked him if it hurt? He said it hurts. I asked him to squeeze my hand and it hurts too. Then I asked him what to eat? he

Said to eat, I asked what to eat? He said that my mother cooked the noodles and made the cakes, and I said why my mother didn’t notice that there was less, and he said that the soul eats things, and the things are not reduced.


In my home, inside the house, a woman and I were sitting on a bench, it seemed to be sitting on my lap, the back stool fell down, we were leaning against each other, she was in great shape

. I slept on the ground outside the house, and when I woke up, a woman in red was sitting next to me. I told her to go, but she didn’t. I wondered later if they were

my wife.

I dreamed of Jianghu brothers in college, my Jianghu senior brother Gao Niu B, Jianghu master, brother Lu Jun, there are many cigarette butts in my cigarette case, which were left to me by my brothers.

46. ​​20160605 Vision: True and False Kings.

In a different dream, in a meeting place, X and P kissed while walking, three times in a row, X said, “It’s the daughter-in-law” (referring to the daughter-in-law of the Chinese people). Sitting in a corner, I said, “My son is older than me” (referring to age), and an older man across from me accused me. I was joking. Later, someone let me into a room and said that I said something I shouldn’t have said, and I said it casually without thinking about it. They pricked my ankle and head with acupuncture. It didn’t hurt. It was acupuncture.

Later, a girl walked on the street holding me, and I saw that it was just the two of us. She said to take me to a university, and when I got to the university dormitory, I asked her to buy something for me to eat, and she asked me to give her my long wallet.

I realized that X is a fake king and GeYiMin is the real king.

47. 20160622 Vision: The Sun and the Savior.

Dreaming: When do you need the sun the most? The darkest hour; when is the savior most needed? the most helpless time. A row of houses in front of me, in the darkness, I am like the sun, rising and shining, like a savior savior of the world, because my seal has not been lifted, and I am blocked by the wires.

48. 20160624 Vision: Open a new era.

In the dream, I made everyone very happy. This day was set as January 1, 1 AD, which marked the beginning of a new era, and the bright red sun shone all over the world.

49. 20161201 Vision: “Exodus from Egypt”. In a different dream, everyone was trapped in a huge basement, and the roof was in danger of collapsing at any time. I knocked down a window and found a way out. I accompanied my former Jiangsu agricultural colleagues. I asked the last colleague, Wang Weijun, to tell everyone. , came out of this exit, and when I came out, I saw the vast world, a row of buildings in the distance, and I was instantly relaxed.

50. 20161225 Vision: “The Great Flood”. In a dream, there was a big flood. We were in the wild. At first, it reached our ankles. I wanted to lead everyone to the plateau. Later, the flood became bigger and bigger, and it covered the neck. I thought about the decisive battle between God and the devil. On the recovery car to and fro.

51. 20170210 Vision: In a dream, I was riding a bicycle on the road of Benniu (original work place) in Wujin, Changzhou. I heard people singing “Ge Yimin - God” in the square. Later, I saw two books at a book stand in Mengxi Square, Zhenjiang. (Volume 2 and 2) The thick book “GeYiMin - God”, written by Australians. Later, a film crew went to my hometown to shoot the movie “GeYiMin Biography”.

On the side of the road, a blind aunt asked me for money, I gave her a few Mao Zedong, she counted, and a woman next to me said four hundred, I said to the aunt, you see, she said I can’t see, I said you To me, she said she saw it. Later, she became young, and the two sisters carried her. She couldn’t walk anymore. When I pointed my hand to her leg, she immediately ran up and down.

52. 20170304 Vision: In a dream, in front of Jurong’s hometown, it was announced that 20191001, communism will be realized in the world, which coincides with the 70th birthday of the great republic.

53. 2017

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