Called to Kill

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Tamika Gray, known on the streets as 'Kitty Kat', knew what it was like to shake your money maker for a dime. She knew that the streets were no place for a conscience and thanks to her abusive step father, she had no conscience left to sacrifice. Tamika never saw the possibility of a life beyond street corners and fifty dollar blowjobs until she met Jackson Craig. He opened up her world, and her bank account, in ways that she never thought possible and taught her new ways to release her aggression. Determined to teach a stone cold lesson to a less than perfect or two, Tamika learns the dangers of falling in love and vows to never become a victim until Daniel Paulson turns her world upside down. But when the chips are down and the guns are out, will love be enough to save her. Find out in Called to Kill, an enthralling novel with a spoonful of danger, a pinch of love and a whole lotta clothes off that will have you hooked until the last word.

Thriller / Erotica
Angela Surtees
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I moaned in his ear, the way I knew he would like it as I slammed my lower body down hard on his firm penis. His breathing grew heavier, becoming more like a panting growl as he grabbed on to my breasts, kneading them like firm dough. I could feel every ounce of blood that pumped through his cock as he reached closer to climax.

I brought my upper body down to meet his, our chests pressing together firmly, as I guided his hands around to grab my ass, lifting upwards to catch the head of his engorged penis. I watched as his eyes roll into the back of his head at the intense focus on no more than the exposed head of his penis. He dug his fingers into my ass cheeks, squeezing firmly; leaving me moaning with pleasure as he forced himself deep inside once more. I moaned loudly before I felt his body jolt as he exploded into the condom. Resting for a moment before raising myself up again, then reaching down my thigh to the knee high boots I was still wearing, - I always fuck with my boots on. Where else would I keep my gun? - pulled out the small handgun that sat tightly against my calf, just far enough into my boot to prevent it from falling out at awkward times.

Reaching down the other side, I retrieved the silencer, attaching the two pieces behind my back as he lay there with his eyes closed, reveling in orgasmic bliss. They all do that. I think it makes the moment last longer or some shit. Leaning forward, I kissed him, placing the tip of the gun just under his chin, pulled the trigger, and snuffed out his life in an instant.

I rose off him, pulled off the condom and cleaned him up with wet wipes so my DNA couldn’t be traced and put them in a zip lock bag, stashing it in my purse by the door. After slipping back into my underwear and brushing my long wavy chestnut brown hair, I dismantled my gun, placing it in the holders of my boots before covering up with my knee length trench coat, leaving the suite containing a new corpse for the police to scratch their heads over and headed downstairs to grab a taxi.

My name, is Tamikah Jane Gray. My working name is Kitty Kat and from the age of fourteen, I have been a call girl, a prostitute if you will. But there is one big thing that makes me different from the rest of the girls I work with. From the age of eighteen, I have also been a high class, high demand, assassin.

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