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Death is the undoing of all our sorrows, an end beyond which our ills cannot go. Someone.

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In this case, they are vulnerable to what unspeakable evil might loom beyond. As entities, demons, wandering spirits had spawned, unbeknownst to them, perhaps the worst had yet to come as death entailed them one by one.

Elise Pendleton

No one survived.

Madeline Pendleton

A soul condemned to be free.

Mother Leiean


Evergreen Village isn’t just an ordinary village out there. It’s the only village surrounded by nature. The history and rumors surrounding it was just a pale fragment which still exists today. Dating back to early 1635, Evergreen village was built close to Mother Nature. The population was just one thousand. As the village blossomed with everything including inhabitants, the coverage of the village stretched from the northern part until the southern part where it’s surrounded by woods and all.

No one expected anyone to be eradicated from the eyes of history. Plagues and famine weren’t the only reason. Rumors of witches and covens began during the era of the Dark Age.

Witch hunts are led by a single man named Jeffrey “Kind” Emerald. This man was dubbed to be a “polite” man who asks his victims wearily and kindly, that’s not the case however. It’s the opposite side of the coin which made it more difficult. “A man with mercy is purely a fool itself,” they say. Jeffrey Kind, a slender man with creeping features: sunken eyes, unkempt hair and foul smell of death and punishment. He then lead an endless cases of infiltrating the village itself by hunting presumably witches and these covens believing to plaguing the village, unbeknownst to them is that, it’s only them who destroyed themselves…

Each day, a house is raided by his men, trespassing their properties, dragging children’s, maidens and housewives alike. One of them is either questioned or asked about a certain practice of witchcraft, dark magic and connections to covens. If one of them strongly disregards the accusations given, they’re either executed or hanged in the eyes of the public, same goes to burning at the stake, or the other safer option is to admit to the accusation and be imprisoned for a sin that you didn’t commit.


It all began from a woman named Amira, who points fingers to every one of them, believing to be a witch, a sorceress, or acting as the mistress of the devil or the devil itself. Some denied the accusation, bringing their fates to the slender, empty bones of death. There is a great stake that catapulted, diminishing half of the population, which is not a greater record of the behalf to show about what had caused the dangers or horrors of living.

Amira was a cursed woman, a woman who’s uglier than the devil. That woman points fingers to everyone, secretly pointing out the other members, specially on the sisterhood of the occult.


The case was brought to the court, handled by Ludwig Leeson. Leeson weighted and sighted Jeffrey’s statements. Each witness unveiled the truth during jurisdiction and it revealed that the woman behind the string of effects or shadow was non other than Amira the Witch.


Fall of March 13, 1675 came. Flocks of crowds gathered around the plaza to witness the split execution of Jeffrey Emerald by hanging through murderous deeds and Amira by burning at the stake for practicing the forbidden art of dark magic and telling dark lies. The staggering crowd were astonished to find Amira calling the name of Our Heavenly Father.

“I admit my evil deeds! For I have sinned, forgive me Oh Grace and have mercy on your people!” Her bellow cry for help from God’s hand has swallowed her voice entirely as the blazing fire afoot consumed her flesh as a mark of warning to mankind, even the devil rules beyond the shadows of the great and good, and suffering is their utmost pleasure in life.


October 18, 1932. A starry night devoured the darkness looming beyond the space and skies. Cotton clouds scattered behind; it’s a silent but starry night. Some speculated a fire from afar, from the north, noticing that it swallowed nearly half of the houses and property, causing a serious damage.


Gossip spread from an unknown source, concerning a lunatic, a person unidentified, or simply living anonymously beyond the shadows.


People are concerned about the news: a fire swallowed half of the village and pursuers searched for someone responsible, authorities tried their best but found none and their sources failed to uproot the cause; some news vary, fabricated with false premises of fake statements coming from anonymous witnesses.


It turns out that a woman named Elizabeth Pendleton burned a house to bits. The reason behind her motive was that her husband invited his mistress. Outraged, she welcomed them with a surprise, a flash of macabre horror, on which anyone had never seen before.


Autumn that day, a group of children, composing of Michael Henderson, William Black, Mary Austin, and Juliana Seaworth, are playing at the forest when they heard a chanting coming from the woods. One of them saw some dark hooded people, chanting, raising their hands into the air. At the middle was a dismembered corpse that perfectly aligned inside a magic circle they called, which is in fact, a pentagram made from the victims blood and guts. Some parts were missing, but the entrails remained.


The group reported the cult to the authorities. Lizette Pendleton was the mastermind behind the sisterhood named Maidens of the Night. These bizarre cults devout and worship a malevolent, nameless one, but now they have named their “god,” Aeaniope, the Mother of All Beings.


On the day of her arrest, Lily Pendleton was found by the authorities hanging through the air, into the trapdoor of the attic. Indigo and Red are a hellish kind of color that strangled her neck along the rope that took her life away.


June 22, 1941, Monday, 8:16 pm. A lunatic trespassed a property and burned a house into bits. No one was found responsible, until now, no one identified the person responsible for the damage and crime behind the tragedy that occurred, applying a greater trauma amongst the people.

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