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The Water Girl

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This story is a girl story who have water powers

Thriller / Action
umme omer arwa
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Birthday party on a yacht

There was a girl named Prikshi who lived in Mumbai. She lived with her grandma and her parents. Her best friend named Arohi was waiting for her in her class. She was the daughter of the principal.

Arohi : Hi, how are you? And why are you so late today?
Prikshi : happy birthday! I am fine. How are you? Actually, I woke a little late, so the bus left waiting for me and my dad dropped me

Arohi : I am fine thanks iam having a birthday party on a yacht

Prikshi : OMG! I am really happy for you. it will be so fun.

The teacher entered in class and wished Arohi happy birthday.

Arohi : thank you maam aruhi replied

After all the classes

Arohi : friends, you all are invited to my birthday party on a yacht. Today is half day, so you all should go to your home and get dressed and the school bus will come to pick up

Everyone cheered yay!

Arohi : Prikshi you are specially invited and don't be late

Prikshi :ok then I will give you the gift at the party yay! I still can't believe it! we will be on a yacht ok i will be on time.

Prikshi reached her home
Prikshi : mom iam home mom do you now my best freind Aruhi is having a birthday party on a yacht
and iam specialy invited and the school bus will come to pick up me

mom : but i think you should not be going its dangerous

prikshi : but mom my classmates are going and aruhi have specialy invited me and if i will not go then aruhi +will be sad on her birthday please mom please

mom : ok you can go but be alert

Prikshi : ok thank you mom i will go and wear a new dress

mom : let me inform your dad about it

Prikshi : mom iam ready

mom : prikshi you look beautiful

Prikshi : thanks mom

mom : i have talked to your dad and he was really happy about it

bus horns
Prikshi : ok mom bye

mom : bye take care

Prikshi entered in the bus

Prikshi : Hi Aruhi you look beautiful !
Aruhi: thank you
they reached
Aruhi : this is a beautiful place! This would be my best birthday ever.

Prikshi : yes lets get in the yacht birthday girl.

Captain : hello kids welcome to the yacht and happy birthday Aruhi! The yacht will start in a moment and enjoy kids.

Prikshi : the view is amazing! Aruhi lets take some pics.

Aruhi : yes oh I forgot to bring my phone. Can you send me the pics after the party?

Prikshi : ok I will send you the pics.

They went down and started the party
Aruhi: the decorations are amazing!
yacht started

prikshi : Aruhi lets cut the cake.

Aruhi: ok friends, let's cut the cake.

prikshi : one minute let me take some pictures with the cake.

Everyone started singing happy birthday to you aruhi ...

Aruhi cuts the cake
Prikshi : the cake is soft and delicious!
Aruhi: prikshi where is my birthday gift?
Prikshi : here you go your gift.
Aruhi : let me open it wow! Pink fur bag! I really wanted this from a long time this is so soft thank you so much.
Prikshi : I know you wanted a pink fur bag and I said to my mom about it and she helped me buy it.
Everyone was enjoying the party.
But suddenly the waves of the sea began to rise and all started shaking and it was raining heavily.

Captain: the weather is getting very bad! and the waves are very big and coming towards the yacht! We have tried to go back, but the yacht is out of control now. There is no way to survive now! He said and jumped into the sea.
Prikshi : let me call mom.Oh no there is no signal. What should we do now


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To be continue
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