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Around the corner.

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Chapter 1

The sharp sound of shattering glass is what woke me up. As i jumped out of bed i felt a hot white pain stinging my feet as blood welled up and i stumbled forward. I looked down to see my glass table shatterd in front of me, the sliver moonlight reflecting on the remains of what used to be a table. A few hours ago my mom and my sister were again having their usual fights..and now, i don’t know. I ran out of my room, down the stairs in the direction of my sisters room. I didn’t notice yet but now it’s standing out more than anything. Thick black clouds of smoke painted the walls and i could bareley breathe.

There was a ragging fire where my sisters room used to be. Panic welled up inside me like lightning wich caused me to totally freeze. I forced myself into the direction of the fire when i felt something touch my leg. There i Saw my mom, laying on her stomach, her back twisted in a way it shouldnt be. I screamed, resisting the urge to run away I kneeled and softly turnd my moms head to look at her. I wish a didn’t do that. When I turned her head my mom was looking me right in the eyes, one half of her face burned and the other smeared in blood and ashes. This time i screamed and did run, i ran and never looked back.

“I am so sorry for you” said the woman who appeared to be a ‘witch’. “But why do you think it was a murder?” she asked. “Couldnt it have been an accident?”

I explained how my sisters room was on fire and that she had died there, and my mom had tried to help. But when i found my mom coverd in burning wounds and blood i alsof discovered a deep wound planted into her chest.

The woman seemed to understand now, and agreed to help me find out what had happend that night. She was beautiful, her skin was bronze-brown and she had long shiny Hair that reached her back. Her eyes were wide and dark brown like the color of wet hummus. She was pretty, but that wasnt why I was here. “Can we proceed with findout out the truth now?” I asked impatiently. The woman didn’t reply, instead she carefully stripped herself. “I immediatly turned around and coverd my eyes “what are you doing!?” I yelled. Then i felt two cold hands beneath my shirt and a hot breath in my neck. “For me to see your past, we have to become one” “What do you mean!” I shouted at her, not sure if i was exited or mad about this. I let her taken off my shirt. She pressed her body against mine and i could feel her hardened nippels against my skin. “Sit” I took of my pants and did as she said. Her hands gently parted my legsHer Red Lips closed around my Dick. She sucked on my tip before taking me all in. She didn’t stop untill i moaned. My heart raced in my chest when she climbed on top of me sliding my Cock deep into her. She moved gently and slow, her moans soft and Sweet. But i didn’t want to hear her moan, i wanted to hear her scream. I wanted to make her cry out of pleasure. I thrushed deep inside of her whilst she was still on top of me. She moaned loudly out of surprise and pleasure. I turned her around do that her ass was now facing me. Her pussy was twitching and dripping wet. I parted her lips and forced my tongue inside her, after that i pushed my fingers in and scraped her insides making her squirm around. After i licked my fingers i placed one hand on her waist and used the other one to place my Dick against her entrance. Without any warning i thrushed deep inside of her making her moan loudly. The sound of my skin clapping against hers was loud but her moans werent loud enough. So i sped up making her crab the carpet, i could feel her pussy clenching around my cock telling me shes about to come. The Sensation of her warm inside running against my Dick was overwhelming. My hips moved faster now making her orgasm, overstimulating her untill i came too. She screamed arching her back, her legs were schaking, all beacause of me. Suddenly a wave of Heat overflew me and there was nothing exept darkness. I Saw my mom and my sister hugging eachother..i was in my sisters room, probably after their fight. My mom was crying but smiling and my sister was, grinning. She was holding a knife and had a paranoia expression on her face. Shock took me over when she pierced my mothers back with the knife. She laughed, she seemed to enjoy it. My mind went totally black and all i remember is seeing my sister set her room on fire while my mom tried crawling away from it..my mom desperately called out my name, she tried to warn me, but she couldnt. She died trying to save me. My sister ran into my room probably to kill me too. She knocked my table over and must have been so scared to get caught that she ran away into the fire to kill herself..well at least that’s what i think..beacause in reality, i never Saw what happend around the corner.

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