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Four college students in need of a hot gist to fill the school about finally stumbles on one when they witnessed a verbal smack down between two former famous college couples . In their quest to figure out the reason for their hatred on each other, they stumble on a murder case.

Thriller / Humor
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Chapter 1

“Alright ladies and gentlemen” the anchor continued “we are coming to the end of this lovely event, but I hope you all have been enjoying what we offered you, because now, it’s your turn. So please bring out the tiny bingo balls we distributed earlier on to you, we are going to randomly call out two numbers as usual, one from the ladies zone and one from the guy’s zone. Are we ready people!!!”


You could hear the screams from every angle and even the heart beats and anticipation from everyone on who the random two would be

“….from the guy’s zone, we haveeeeee…..” the anchor close his eyes as he randomly picks out a ball “NUMBER 32!”

The screams went wild. Although you would know it wasn’t universal as one part screamed in disappointment and the other in joy

Number 32 was pushed to the stage by his friends as applauds accompanied him. A brown skinned, tall, casually dressed guy, stood on the stage. With the way he looked, many found it obvious that he could sing.

“…and from the ladies’ corner, we haveeeeee” the anchor closed his eyes again and randomly picked a ball “NUMBER 1!”

The cheers went louder than you could imagine, but no one went for the stage. The hesitation got people worried but then the cheers went loud again and even louder when a fair skinned lady with gorgeous hair in polo and jeans along with sneakers, took to the stage.

“Wooooo…this is nice, I must confess. Dehm!” the anchor exclaimed. Are you guys loving our pick up today?”

The crowd affirmed with so much elation, but the two on the stage both gave awkward body language.

“Do those two know each or something?” Elizabeth asked the trio

“I don’t know, but I feel there’s something off“ Alex responded

“Okay lovely people” the anchor said “you know how the drill goes. You both should think of something to do together in two minutes, then you both introduce yourselves and show us what you got”

The crowd gave soft cheers as they awaited them but they both hesitated with no sign of interest

The guy on the stage collected the microphone “I’m sorry but I’m not doing this”

The crowd chorused a shocking gasp

The lady on the stage gave a snicker. It was obvious something was up

“I can do it with someone else except her if you guys don’t mind” the guy said

The lady gasped in surprise “neither I’m I interested in doing this with you. Stop trying to sound all cool” she said with so much irritation

“I’m not interested in exchanging words with you, you don’t listen either ways”

“Excuse you! Neither can I waste my precious words with you. I rather waste it on a deaf and dumb than you mtcheww” the lady was obviously infuriated by the statement

They both stormed off the stage and left the event.

The atmosphere was clouded with stiff silence. Everyone was shocked and so where the quad

“Did you guys just see that” Quinn said in amazement. “Do you guys know what this is?”

The quad chorused all together


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