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Blood And The Dead

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When Nate Flynn, a timid mute man is dealing with the undead and keeping his secret and is forced to survive the apocalypse, He was told to never trust people and that he should always be alert and avoid any contact with others. But one day he decides to step out of his confront zone, extend a hand and try to communicate with the world. Would this apocalyptic world society welcome him or get him killed?

Thriller / Scifi
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Knifes and Guns

In the darkness where everything is pitch black, I was alone hearing nothing…Doing nothing. I take myself and curled into a ball to hold myself. Is this the feeling of loneliness, will this stay this way forever? Just then I heard a faint whisper of my name “Nate”.

I stand and wait for the voice again, “Nate!” it calls but this time with an echo. Walking toward the voice, There I see a female with pale skin and black hair calling out to me “Nate!!!“. I run towards her but a field blocks me. I’m right here, Please look at me. Just then I hear the sound of metal against metal “NATE, ComE HeRe, yOu NEed yoUR TrEatMeNt”.I look back, and there is a dark figured man walking toward me with a large needle. I don’t need that, I never needed that! I walk backward and started to bang on the field, Please HELP ME.

Just then the sound of metal against metal stops and a wicked laugh rings through my ears “Keheh…SHe WOn’T hELp, ShE NeVER DoEs”, the dark figure peers over my back. They grab my face holding my nose and mouth from breathing “NOw OpEn WIde”. Stop it... I can’t breathe, I CAN’T breathe. I CAN’T BREATHE…

I wake to the feeling of fur on my face, I pick up the ball of fur and remove it from my face. I look at the black cat in its yellow eyes with an annoyed look and shake my head at it. I feel like I should punish her for trying to suffocate me… with love maybe? The cat purred at me rubbing its head on my hand, I place it down and she jumped on my dresser.

Just then I heard a banging sound with grunts of pain. I stand up out of the old creek bed and check my environment, like my broken windows that are boarded up. But I wasn’t checking for the safety of my windows but the sound of something below, the dead thing was down below my window.

There it is walking around my house like it knows I’m here, I sigh. I need to go out and salvage some food and parts, I put on my jacket wrapped my knives around my waist, and put some on the side of my shoes. I grab my gun and load 3 bullets, only because I have 7 remaining. I need to save my bullets for when other people want to intrude on my home.

I stuffed some items like half a bottle of water in my trusty book bag. But before I leave I pet Katy, I hope she doesn’t leave while I’m gone... But she is a stray so it’s her choice.

I walk out of the room and head downstairs, but then my leg goes right through the stairs I trip. That hurts, I look at the stairs to see that the stair’s wood is broken. Now I am going to need more wood, for the night and for the windows.

I will have to go into the town to find more wood, maybe look around for some parts to make clean water. I head out the door, there the dead growled and slowly limped towards me, I pull out my knife and threw it at its head. Dead blood comes from the dead as it falls down to the ground. I wait to see if it is still alive then move towards him and pull out my knife, but not before wiping the dead blood off the corpse. I wonder why it’s all alone, Is it that time of the season when they migrate? I should prepare just in case…

I walk toward my truck and check if there are any problems with it...None. I jump in making the rusty truck creak, I toss my bookbag on the passenger seat. I look at the gas, it seems full so I don’t really need to worry about that. I shifted gear and drove off heading towards the city.

When I arrived at the mall I looked around to see if there were any undead circling the building, but I only saw two...But it’s fine. I park my car out of sight so no one will find it, and grab my book bag. I walk up to the two zombies and throw two of my knives at them. They both went down, Then I recovered my knives.

I walk towards the building and move inside. The mall looked like its been through hell and back, with trash, dried blood, and graffiti everywhere. I walk around and looked through the trash, and picked up anything that might be a useful part just in case. As I was about to walk into the clothes market, I see a bunch of undead sleeping. All of them standing still not moving, with their eyes closed. I quickly hide, That’s way too many for me to deal with...Best if I stay quiet as best as I can. I slowly walk past them, then walked deeper into the mall.

Then I found a food department and looked around, I found four cans of food, two dirty bottles of water, and three cats’ canned food. Just then I saw wood pieces on the ground...Wow, Just what I was looking for. I pick them up and put them in my bookbag, In the corner of my eye I see a firework. I pick it up and consider if I should keep it or not…Maybe I should keep it just in case, I stuffed it in my bookbag.

Just as I was about to head out I heard a gunshot, I jumped and hid. Then the noise of people’s footsteps comes in my direction, What stupid luck I have. They stop in front of the food department where I was. I peek my head around the corner, four people were standing there. But I could only see two clearly, A short man with dark blue hair and black eyes, and a woman with brown straight hair and red eyes. The group starts talking “GOD DAMN IT, We are so screwed!!! What do I do when they find out what I did? ″ the short blue-haired man said. The woman with red eyes grabs the blue-haired man’s shoulder “Don’t you dare think that! It was his fault, He manipulated us!” she said pointing at someone out of my eyesight.

The woman with red eyes walks up to the man out of sight and grabs him by the shirt “Is this what you wanted, to push us in this corner to kill him. We will tell everyone about your deeds, that way you have no chance at being the next in charge”.

Just then I hear this wicked chuckle followed by a hiss in their voice “I don’t think that you are going to do that”. Just then I hear another lady’s voice but her voice sounded clear and strict “Let him go or I will shoot you, Jane…”. The red-eyed woman lets him go “I thought we were friends but you were working with him all along, What is it because you have feelings for him or-”... The woman that sounded clear speaks “It doesn’t matter what I feel ”.

The woman with the red eyes smiles “Fine, but I won’t let you get away with this”, she pulls out a knife and prepares to stab the man. But just then the gun goes off killing the red-eyed woman with a headshot. Her blood splattered everywhere, I could feel my skin crawl…

I need to find somewhere out of here. But before I could move I hear the man talk again “Kevin you will not talk about what happened here, because it was your fault. Don’t end up like Jane…”. The blue-haired man shook his head “Yes sir…”. The lady with the strict voice speaks “Sir there are zombies coming up we need to leave”. All three of them leave my eyesight heading down the mall stairs, the zombies follow after them

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