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In the year 1932, a populated urban area called Solaris City is under the hands of a mob organization called The Three Monopolies. As one of the dons, Stanley "Stitches" Huxley keeps his work and effort with no mercy, why would he? He has everything and everyone in the palm of his hand. So what is he hiding from?

Thriller / Action
Age Rating:


"Sweetie, what on earth are you doing here so late outside?! You should be in bed right now!"

"The front door is locked, Uncle Stanley! I can't find a way to open it!"

"Didn't you ring the doorbell to let your mother know you were here?"

"Yes, I did! But she didn't answer the door, no matter how many times I rang the bell!"

"Well, did you try going around the back?"

"I tried, but the fence is locked! It's never locked! Uncle Stanley, what's going on?!"

"It's alright, sweetheart. It's going to be alright. I think your mother must've fallen asleep and didn't hear you. C'mon, let's get you inside."

A jingle from the keys along with a click connection with the doorknob lock and the front door was opened.

Instantly, a dark, cold, silent, shadow filled the house, greeting them in a creepy manner.

"Mama! We're home!" the little girl called out, "Are you okay? Please say something..."
No response came and all was quiet as silence fell in every direction.
"Mom...?" The little girl called again, walking further into the house, dropping the bag of books in her arm.

"Honey, stay where you are, I need to turn on the lights. I can't have you bumping into anything." her uncle instructed calmly, rubbing his hands on the walls to find a switch.

After a while, the light switch was found and the room illuminated in a homey glow. "There we go, now we can see!"

"Where do you think mommy is?" the child wondered aloud.
He shrugged in reply as he turned towards his niece, "I really don't know, dear. Maybe she just went upstairs to sleep."
She nodded at that statement, then looked around for signs of any disturbance or trouble to show her uncle. Seeing nothing, she walked back to the living room.

"I'm gonna go take a look in Mama's bedroom. Can you keep an eye out here, Uncle Stanley?"
"Of course, sweetheart. Go check it out, ok?"
She nodded eagerly in response before turning the handle of the door, opening it, and entering her mother's room. As usual, everything seemed in order and undisturbed. Her mother always kept things nice and orderly.

"Uncle Stanley, Mama's not in her room."
"Really? That's weird. Where could she be? Do you remember if she said she was going anywhere?"
She shook her head no. "No! She didn't say anything!"

He chuckled lightly, looking down at his little neice in amusement, "Relax, honey. Let's go look for her. I'm sure she's alright."

She followed behind him and they checked the entire place, even looking through closets, under beds, besides drawers and cupboards.
Eventually, their search ended with them both having failed to find her whereabouts.

"That's... odd... usually your mother doesn't leave the house..." her uncle murmured quietly to himself. Then, his mind snapped into a new line of thought, "Unless..."
"What is it, Uncle Stanley?" his niece asked timidly.

"Unless she got herself in an accident. Maybe she's stuck or hurt?!"
"Maybe," she agreed, "Let's go look for her!"
Her uncle shook his head.
"Wait here. If something happens upon me, I'll call you!"
His niece nodded, "Ok!"
He disappeared, and she sat down on the sofa.
A few minutes later, when he still hadn' been found, she started feeling worried. After a while, she had had enough of waiting and went up the stairs towards his bedroom. As soon as she made it there, she ran to his bedroom door. Upon hearing no sound coming from within.

"Uncle Stanley?" she called out, softly as possible.
When he didn't respond, she turned the handle and pushed the door slowly open. There was no sign of her uncle. The room was spotless. His wardrobe was closed tightly, all his clothes neatly arranged, and his nightstand empty besides a small glass of water which she presumed was his medicine.

"Uncle Stanley?" she called out a little louder, waiting for a response.

"Sweetie? Where are you?" she heard her uncle call out, and this time she was certain something wasn't quite right about his voice.
"Uncle Stanley?" she called out loudly, panic beginning to set in her tone.

"Sweetie, I'm over here. I need you to do me a favor!"

She met him downstairs in the living room, he looked to be pacing back and forth. His eyes welled with concern. When she approached him, the concerned gazed faltered into a warm face.

"Do you remember the way to Mrs. Taylor's house down the street?" he asked softly.

She nodded, remembering the route perfectly.
"Good. When you get there, ask her if she has seen your mother. If she has call me immediately, if not stay there with her and let me know. Alright?"

She nodded again.

"Alright, please be safe, Sweetie. If you see your mother again, let me know."
She smiled reassuringly at him and left out the front door, heading in the right direction.

In no time at after his neice left, the man reached the phone in his office. Dialing any number that reached his head.

All that would be answered with was an echo of the dial tones. No one picked up on the other end.
He took a deep breath to calm his nerves and tried calling again, and once more getting nothing in response. He sighed heavily, hanging up, deciding to call his boss instead.
"Hello, Mr. G. Smith. This is Stanley."
"Oh, Stanley? Are you alright, what's wrong?" the man questioned worriedly.

"I'm calling to see if you've seen my sister anywhere, she's disappeared?"

"Your sister? What happened to her?" he asked surprised.
"I don't know..." his heart thumping against his chest, "I don't know where she is either."
"Are you sure?"
"Very. I'm afraid something bad has happened to her."

The older man remained silent for a while before speaking in a firm voice.

"Stanley, did your sister act weird again earlier today?"

"Nothing worth mentioning, in all honesty sir. She seemed fine before I left for work."

"There isn't any strange behavior?"
"No, not at all."
Mr. Smith was silent for a moment, thinking, "...Alright. Call me immediately if she shows up, alright?"
"Right away, sir."
"And Stanley?"
"Please be careful."

With a click, the phone call ended.
He dropped the receiver back onto its cradle, rubbing his eyes tiredly before standing up straight, taking another steadying breath.

"Alright, maybe I'm overreacting... She's probably gone to the grocery store..or maybe town square...but why on earth would she want to get out? She doesn't ever want to leave the house..."

He shook his head and started walking up the staircase, heading to the attic (because at this point, why not), but stopped halfway.

The phone was wringing again, instantly halting him.

He raced down from the stairs and managed to get the phone before it sounded the third ring.


"Uncle Stanley?"

"Sweetie, is that you? Did you find your mother?!"

"No, I'm afraid not. I'm sorry."

"No, no. It's not your fault sweetie. I'm glad you called, are you at Mrs. Taylor's?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, stay at her house and don't go anywhere. I'll call you later. Can you be good for me and Mrs. Taylor?"

"Sure, Uncle Stanley," she replied innocently.
"Okay, sweetie, thank you so much. I appreciate your help."

He clicked the phone back on the hook, before getting up to head back at the attic. He tugged the string down, letting the wooden steps cascade down to the ground before climbing up.

"Sister?" he called, poking his head inside, hoping to see her.
He looked inside every corner, in every nook and cranny, everywhere he thought she might have been hidden or trapped or anything. Not finding any trace of her presence, he made his way to her bedroom, checking inside again and again. She wasn't there.

His concern grew to fear.

What was going on? Had something happened while he was gone? Was she in trouble?
As he climbed the staircase to make his way back downstairs, he thought that perhaps, she might have wandered outside. After all, she hadn't been outside for who knows what. Not since....

He snapped out of his thoughts and opened the back door to the backyard. She was nowhere to be found there either.
"Sister, where are you?! You can't just disappear like this!!" he yelled out.

He raced to the garden shed, praying beyond hope that maybe, somehow, she could have gotten trapped in there. It was completely dark. But even the lightest of touches revealed nothing. Nothing that would suggest she was trapped. It didn't even feel like she'd be anywhere outside. She never wanted to. In fact, in his half crazed mind, after being inside for so long, she might have forgot what it looked like.

He raced back outside, his head screaming in frustration, anger, and flat-out fear. He searched for her desperately.
He ran around trying to see if she was hiding anywhere else in the yard. He searched everywhere and everything that he could. He looked around the fence surrounding the yard and into the nearby woods that surrounded their small yard. All he could hear were his own panicked breathing and the pounding in his ears.

After a few minutes of crazed panic, nothing. There had to be only one more place she could be at.

He dashed to one side of the yard, the darkness making it hard to see and he crashed into the wheelbarrow.

"Stupid thing!" he cursed loudly, glaring furiously at the offending object. Once the irritation subsided somewhat, he bent forward in search of it. He stumbled slightly as his foot kicked at a large object beside the wheelbarrow. Frowning, he crouched down beside it.

The basement.

The only place he wouldn't have expected her to hide out in.
Taking a deep breath, he climbed down the cellar steps.
"Sister!" he called out desperately as he reached out to pull it open, "Please, answer me!"

He ventured into the dark, warm cellar, holding his hand out in front of him to guide him.
"Sister?" he called out in a whisper.
He finally came upon a large cage near the back of the cellar. He knelt down in front of it. Inside, were flashlights he had kept in case for blackouts.

"Thank God," he muttered, pulling one out of the box, and turning on the flashlight. He held it up toward the ceiling, looking at the beam of bright yellow light illuminating the walls. They were covered in spider webs and dust. He couldn't imagine how long it had been since this room had been cleaned.


Before he could finish calling out his sister for what seemed like the 100th time, he bumped into something hanging behind him. Something weird and sturdy.

He turned around to take a good look at whatever he bumped into. Turning his flashlight on to look at it without squinting.

Then his blood turned cold.

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