Hellish Desire (Short Story)

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Anna Maria, 20, lives with her religious family on a small ranch in Monterrey, Mexico; she has the desire to know a man. When her parents refuse to let her go to a party, she disobeys and goes anyway. At the party, she meets a mysterious, yet sexy man who has an eye for Anna Maria. Anna Maria gives in to her desire for the mysterious man. The mysterious man, however, gives her a warning, "Be careful, my angel, if you play with fire, you might get burned."

Thriller / Erotica
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Hellish Desire

Monterrey, Mexico

On a small rancho lived at least less than a hundred people; among them was a family known to be religious and superstitious. The family consisted of a husband and wife with their two children, a son named Diego (25) and a daughter named Anna Maria(20).

Anna Maria was considered one of the most beautiful women on the rancho; many men desired her. The young woman had light skin and waist-length curly light brown hair. Her body was of average stature; her face held an innocent appearance. The young woman always wore dresses; her parents believed that a woman should always be feminine. In the eyes of those who knew, Anna Maria was the perfect innocent young woman. However, the people in the rancho and her own family didn’t know who Anna Maria was on the inside. The young woman desired to be touched and held by a man, to be dominated.

Her parents, including her brother Diego, were very protective of her since many men wanted her for the wrong reasons. The family, specifically Anna Maria’s parents, were very religious and upheld traditions, which meant that their daughter had to be pure. Because of this, Anna Maria was not allowed to go out alone; she had to go with her brother or not at all.

This frustrated the young woman; she felt it was very hypocritical that her brother was allowed to go out and have fun, even able to lay with many women. Even though a man never touched Anna Maria, it didn’t mean that she didn’t touch herself. She always waited whenever she had her privacy, whether it be in her room or the shower.

The young woman would always take off her clothes and then finger herself. She would always feel her vaginal walls clench onto her middle and index finders. Anna Maria would also touch her breasts; then squeeze her small pink nipples. She would always close her eyes and imagine a handsome and muscular man giving her pleasure. Anna Maria would always imagine a man’s cock inside her, making her entirely his. The young woman would cum on her fingers, bed, or the shower in the end. Her juices would always drip from her entrance and then to her legs; she watched as she breathed heavily, her breasts moving with each breath.

Anna Maria had enough; she felt that she was going insane. One day, word spread in the rancho that there was a quinceanera in a nearby rancho. Anna Maria saw this as an opportunity; she asked her parents if she could go with her brother Diego. Her parents refused. Anna Maria’s mother was ill; both her parents needed her in the house to do the housework. Diego was always allowed to go while she had to stay at home.

The young woman had enough of the hypocrisy, the restrictions, the frustration. That day, she decided to disobey her parents. It was 10 pm, and her parents were dead asleep; Anna Maria was dressed in a white sundress with a light brown short-sleeved sweater. Her hair was curled and put on a fake sunflower pin. She wore slight make-up and small plain silver earrings. She was ready.

To her luck, the nearby rancho where the party was held wasn’t far off. It would take twenty minutes to walk there. Anna Maria had to walk on a small dirt trail covered by trees and bushes, making it dark. It did make her a bit nervous, but she was determined to follow through with her desire if it meant once. Moments later, she got through the dark trail; the rancho was seen from afar. Anna Maria felt relief and excitement; she went on, not realizing that she was being watched the entire time.


Anna Maria made her way to the party. There were many people in attendance, dressed in their best. However, she knew she had to be careful since her brother was in attendance. Yet, a part of her didn’t care if she got caught. Her family won’t be able to control her forever, anyway. A band was playing music; people were eating, drinking, dancing, or talking. As she was walking around, Anna Maria couldn’t help but feel that she was being watched. The young woman would look around for anyone suspicious, but there was no one.

A couple of minutes later, a man asked her to dance, which she accepted. Even though she had fun dancing, she wanted to pick the right man to fulfill her deep desire. Anna Maria was just interested in a fling; she had to ensure the man was from another rancho. She danced with five men, but none of them caught her interest. Frustration was setting in; Anna Maria was alone drinking a cup of fruit punch until she felt that someone was behind her.

When she turned, Anna Maria’s eyes were a bit wide, as were her lips. Before she stood a man, who stood over six feet tall; his skin was dark tan, and his slicked-black hair was black with a dark sombrero on top. He had a slight dark beard; his face was a bit broad. The man wore a long-sleeved light red shirt with a couple of buttons undone, showing parts of his muscular chest. His body itself was muscular that women would drool over.

The man was gorgeous.

The man looked at her; a slight smirk made its way to his lips. “Hello, my little angel. I saw you here alone and was wondering if you had company?”

The man had a deep voice that many women would tremble at. Anna Maria felt her heart skip a few beats as she looked at the man. She couldn’t believe that such a man could exist. Her body was turning warm. “Uh, um, I...”

“What’s wrong, my little angel? Cat got your tongue?”

Anna Maria blushed as she looked away, making the man chuckle. “Well, since you have no company, I wondered if you could dance with me?” He extended his left hand out.

The young woman then looked at his hand, slowly putting hers on his. The man got a hold of it, leading her to the dancefloor. The two danced to the beat of the music. The man’s eyes never left hers. Anna Maria was mesmerized by the color of his eyes; they were light brown with a slight red, very rare. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the man pulling her body closer to his muscular one. Her breasts were a bit squeezed onto his chest.

A slight growl escaped the man’s lips. He then lowered his lips close to her right ear. “So soft.” Her heart was beating rapidly; she felt his right hand trailing down her waist to her ass. “What’s your name, my little angel?”

“A-Anna Maria. Y-Yours?”

The man smirked. “Whatever you want it to be, my little angel. I can smell your desire. You want me, don’t you?”

Anna Maria felt her body tremble in excitement; his voice was so deep that it sent vibrations throughout her body. “Y-Yes...” she said in a weak whisper. Suddenly, she felt the man pulling her closer to him. Her nipples slowly became hard as she felt more of his hard chest.

The man hot breaths hit her ear. “Be careful, my little angel; if you play with fire, you might get burned. I can show you the pleasures from the darkest pits of hell, but it will come with a cost. Do you still want to give yourself to me?”


The man’s smirk became bigger. “Then I shall give you what you so desire. Follow me.” The two stopped dancing; the man led Anna Maria away from the party and onto the dark path. Anna Maria didn’t notice that the man had chicken-like footprints as they walked away.


The man led Anna Maria into the dark path that she had walked in previously but then led her deep through the trees until they got to a section where the moonlight hit a small circular pond. The couple heard the music from afar; the two were alone. “I can smell your desire; you have kept it within you for so long.” The man began motioning Anna Maria to turn, having her back touch his muscular chest. His nose was on her hair; he trailed his nose from her hair and onto her neck. He stuck his tongue out, licking her neck.

A moan escaped Anna Maria’s lips. She felt his hands motioning throughout her body. His left hand then trailed down to the lower part of her dress. The man touched her underwear; his fingers massaged her covered entrance. “You’re getting wet, my little angel. My touch alone excites you.” The man turned her, making her face him. Suddenly, the man knelt before her and held her white underwear, motioning it down. Some of her slight juices dripped from her underwear to her legs.

Then, the man lifted her dress, giving him a clear view of her pussy. He licked his lips; then, he began to lick the juices from her entrance. Anna Maria gasped from the contact; he was licking her. She felt his tongue licking off her juices; then, his tongue made its way inside her. “Oooh, so good.”

Her juices dripped onto the man’s tongue; he stopped licking her insides as he licked all of her juices into his mouth. “Sweet, just how a virgin tastes.”

Anna Maria blushed.

“Take off your clothes, slowly,” he commanded.

His command excited her. Anna Maria slowly took off her sweater, dropping it to the ground, then her flats. She slowly unbuttoned the upper part of her dress; her bra was exposed. Anna Maria let the dress slip down to her legs. Most of her body was exposed, except her breasts. She put her hands behind her bra and unclipped it. The young woman slowly took the bra off; her breast bounced free; her nipples were hard from the cool air.

“Perfect, my little angel. Now it’s my turn to give you a little show.” The man threw his sombrero to the ground; he slowly began to unbutton his shirt. Once the buttons were undone, he slowly took his shirt off, exposing his upper muscular body. The man stopped as he noticed more of Anna Maria’s juices dripping from her entrance. He smirked. “Oh, how naughty. What do you want me to do next?”

“T-T-Take o-off your pants. I-I want to see your cock,” she weakly responded.

The man got a hold of his belt buckle, undid it, and then undid the button. The man slightly swayed his hips as if giving her a little dance. He let go of his pants, but the pants slowly slipped down as he rocked his hips. His erect 8-inch cock sprung out. The man’s eyes never left Anna Maria’s form; he motioned her to walk towards him, which she did so. “Kneel.” She obeyed; she knelt in front of his cock. “Suck it.”

Anna Maria’s right hand trembled as she got a hold of his cock; it was hard yet soft. The young woman began to lick the tip of his cock. She licked the little hole of his cock; earning her a little growl from the man.

Then, she slowly surrounded his cock with her mouth and began to suck it. As Anna Maria sucked on his cock, she used her left hand to get a hold of his sac and massage it. The man let out a growl; without her noticing, his eyes began to turn red. His breathing was becoming erratic. “Yes, my little angel, suck on me like that. Heh, if only your family knew that their little virgin daughter was such a sinner.” The man grinned as he got a hold of her hair, making her look at him. “Lay on the ground, spread your legs.”

Anna Maria did what she was told. She lay on the ground, spreading her legs, making her entrance more attainable. More of her juices were dripping down from the anticipation and excitement. The man licked his lips as he knelt in front of Anna Maria’s entrance. “I will give you what you always wanted.” He stroked his cock more; his tip was on her entrance. Suddenly, he thrust his entire cock inside of her.

His cock broke through her barrier. The young woman gasped at the sudden pain. “Ah! It hurts! It hurts!”

The man stopped for a moment as he noticed drops of blood flowing down his cock. He smirked. “Yes, it’s the pain of the loss of your innocence. Your virginity is now mine, my little angel.” The man gave her a long thrust. He felt her walls squeezing his cock. “Yes. Yes. So tight.” He got a hold of her waist, giving him better access to her entrance. He began to thrust more, not waiting for her pain to subside. He then saw her breast bounce with every thrust he made.

The man sucked both her nipples, giving them a slight bite on each of them.

Anna Maria let out a groan of pain, but minutes later, the pain was overcome by pleasure. She felt his cock stretching her walls; his tip touched her pleasure spot; it felt so good. Her pussy was filled with so much of her juices that wet sounds were heard with every thrust the man made. Suddenly, the man let go of her waist and held her arms, making her get a hold of his shoulders. He stood with Anna Maria in his arms. His cock dug deeper into her pussy.

“Oh god!”

“God? Hn, there’s no god here.” The man began to thrust upward, harder and faster. His balls sac smacked the lower part of her ass.




“Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder!”

With every thrust he made, her breasts bounced on his muscular chest. Both their nipples were each other’s. It excited them both.

The man then put laid her on a tree. He got let go of her upper body and then held her waist. He pulled her waist even more onto his. The man moved his waist in a circular motion; his cock also moved along inside her pussy.

“Ah! Yes! Yes! Like that! So gooood!” yelled Anna Maria.

Anna Maria’s body was filled with sweat; she came more than twice, but the man had more stamina. Her body was getting weaker; she couldn’t hold onto him anymore. Anna Maria let go, losing consciousness. The man continued until he came inside her. There was no sweat in any part of his body.

He slowly got his cock out from her pussy, but still held her in his arms. “At least she was more pleasurable than the last one; I always prefer virgins.” His eyes were now bloody-red; his smirk became more sadistic. His appearance was no longer of a man but a demon-like figure. “I have given you what you wanted; now it’s time you pay the price.” He then began to walk to the pond.

Once he stepped on the pond, the water was gone; there was a pit of flames. He walked into the pit with Anna Maria in his arms.


Diego had just finished dancing with a nameless woman; he was tipsy from the many beers he drank. He decided to go back home. As he was about to leave, one of his friends stopped him. “Hey Diego, how come you didn’t tell me that you brought your sister to the party?”

“What are you talking about? Anna Maria is at home.”

The friend looked confused. “What? Many of us saw her here; she was dancing with a man. They walked out of the party.”

This caught Diego’s attention; he slowly got out of his drunk stage. “What do you mean she went with a man? Where?”

“Over there.” His friend pointed to the dark path.

Diego walked off immediately, ignoring his friend calling out to him. He was pissed, pissed that his sister disobeyed their parents. She was going to get an earful once they both got home. As he walked to the path where they were last seen, Diego noticed something. He saw his sister’s footsteps next to some chicken-like footprints.

His heart was filled with dread. His mother told him the legend that if someone had chicken-like footprints, it meant a demon or even the devil had chosen a victim—a victim to drag down to hell. Diego was filled with fear; he ran into the dark path. He yelled out his sister’s name; there was no answer. He ran by many trees until he noticed something.

Under the moonlight, he saw a slightly burnt dress. The rest of her clothing and shoes were burnt. That’s when he knew that they belonged to his sister. Beside the dress were the chicken-like footprints. Tears filled Diego’s eyes as he slowly got a hold of the dress. Diego screamed for his sister.

However, deep down in his heart, he knew she would never be seen again.

Anna Maria was taken down to deep pits of hell.

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