Alphas Warrior

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Cassandra Is a Hyena African Wild dog omega hybrid stuck in a world full of humans, vampires, and demons who all see animal hybrids as vermins. She's bought and is entered into a competition by a male vampire named Elijah who isn't like the others. She is trained to fight to the death just to survive and become part of the royal army to fight the quaras. She gets captured after 2 weeks of the war when one of her soldiers tossed her into a trap and she confronts the alpha of the clan, Daniella. Daniella tries to get as much information out of her as possible before she starts to find that she's falling in love with her. She ends up using her as a personal servant since she is an enemy to the rest of the clan. Which makes their relationship stronger.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

I wake up and my body aches, my legs are curled into a tight ball and I try to stretch but I feel cold bars preventing me from extending my body to get the satisfaction of stretching that I want. I look around and I realize it's not even 6 in the morning. huh, I guess I'm still used to waking up early and running with my pack... I get on all fours shaking my fur a bit and I sit down slouching a bit since the cage isn't as big as the other ones. Mainly because they ran out when they captured me and brought me here in this dump of a pet shop. I look around and I see other pets still sleeping, some with cuts all along their backs, and others with bruises all over their body. Then there are some with a mix of both. This is fucking disgusting how they treat us, especially when humans are the inferior species in this world.

I perk up when I hear the front door open and the bell rings signaling someone has come in. I shift in my cage and I wince in pain when I feel the cut on m leg suddenly appear again. I look down and I sigh remembering what happened.... all I did was smell the human's hand and lick it, apparently, the shop owner didn't like it even though they were offering me food. In all honesty, it tasted fucking better than what we're being given here on the daily. only a fucking cup of dried dog food that is most likely molded and stale. I look overseeing the water bowl almost empty and I curse under my breath knowing what I have to do if I want anything in here. I fucking hate having to act like a damn puppy... Just because my breed is a canine doesn't mean I have to be one.. I look around and I see the store owner and I whimper and whine scratching at the cage wanting to get out. He looks over and he sighs walking over, he stands in front of my cage and I look at him again. For some random reason his body features always change. One minute he looks like a human and the next he looks like a vampire, then the next he looks like some sort of demon. I will never understand. He raises an eyebrow and looks at me expecting something and I know exactly what he is wanting. God fucking damn it doesn't make me do this again... I look at him and my ears go down and I look up at him giving him puppy eyes. He smiles and he opens the cage reaches in and grabs the bowl, the tip of my tail wags and he closes the cage but doesn't lock it. I know better than to jump out and try to escape... he always ends up catching me in the end, either with creature control or just him teleporting.
He walks to the back of the store and i jump out of the cage and I stretch, I shudder and my fur puffs a bit when I finally get the stretch I needed. I stay on all fours knowing if I do stand up he'll start fucking beating me. Yet I never understood why, even though most of the pet owners have their pets walk on two legs thinking it's faster even though it's really not. I trot over to the other cages and my tail wags when I see an old friend. She doesn't talk at all, well mainly because they managed to take away her voice from her body. Even though I really think they just scared the shit out of her so she doesn't talk.
I tilt my head and I do a play bow and she wakes up rubbing her eyes, she looks at me a bit confused and my tail wags more. She tilts her head and she is about to get up when she realizes who let me out, she whines a bit and she curls into a ball and starts trembling in fear. I tilt my head a bit confused and I look behind and I realize what's going on, my heart sinks when I see 4 males walking in, two of them are vampires, one is a human and the other is a demon. I whine a bit and my ears go down as my tail tucks between my legs, I look around the corner of one of the shelves and I trot over to my cage, I'm about to jump and I feel someone grab my tail making me shudder. I growl under my breath and I feel someone slap me upside the head making me yelp in pain. I look back and see the owner scowling at me and my head goes down with guilt, wanting to look like I'm sorry. I just wish I could go one day without being shown like a fucking prize...
He grabs me and holds me bridal style and he carries me to the other men, he smiles and he sets me down in front of them and they all look at me. The human looks at me and I look down not wanting to look into his eyes and start getting pissed and attack him. I feel someone grabbing my chin, I look up and I see one of the vampire males looking at me, he turns my head examining me. I whine and he grins and kisses my forehead, I close my eyes not wanting to die if I retaliated. He looks at the owner and he starts talking to him but I don't pay attention. I look around and I see my mute friend and she's staring at me, her eyes are filled with fear and she starts whining attacking the cage. I wipe my head around seeing the owner scowling. I whine a bit and I feel someone grab me by the waist and I freeze, my ears go back and I growl under my breath. I see the owner walking off and I know it's one of the males, I look down and I curse under my breath. I swing my body around and I bite down on his neck locking my jaw and preventing him from pulling away as I dig my teeth into his skin. I figure out it's the human, I grin knowing I can kill him in a few seconds, but those thoughts escape my head when I feel a sharp pain in my neck making me let go and yowl in pain. I fall backward scratching my neck and I slam my head into one of the shelves sending things flying onto the floor.
I feel someone grab me and my vision starts getting blurred, I grab the thing in my neck and I realize it's a blow dart. I whine and I shake my head fighting the sedative, the owner looks me in the eyes furious and he raises his fist to punch. I curl my body preparing for a hit to the face but he hits my stomach making me yelp weakly and he drops me to the floor. My body shudders in pain and I whimper softly, my black starts to rim my vision and I look up to see the owner apologizing to the males. I try to reach out to grab him but everything goes black before I can do it.

I groan in pain and I slowly open my eyes, I whine a bit since they sting and I try to pull my hands up to rub them. I snap awake when I can't move my hands, my eyes slowly adjust to the light and I look around trying to understand where I'm at. I tilt my head a bit confused when I see I'm just in an empty room, I look around and there is no furniture or anything, but the walls have scratch marks all over them and bloodstains all over the floor and the walls. I whine a bit and struggle against the restraints, Tears come to my eyes as I feel needles stabbing my wrists. I stop and I realize I'm sitting in a wooden chair, and look around and I can see myself in a mirror. I curse under my breath and I look in the mirror trying to see who is on the other side. I don't see anyone and my ears go back getting more and more annoyed with the situation I'm in. God fucking damn it... if i didn't fucking attack the male I wouldn't be here...
I perk up when I hear metal clanging and creaking, my hackles raise and I growl as my ears go further down in aggression as the sounds get louder and louder as they get closer. I look along the wall following where the direction the noise is coming from and I whimper in pain as a loud screeching destroys my ears. I whine more and more as the sound goes on and I slowly open my eyes seeing the door is open, I perk up and I whimper softly as the sound slowly goes away. I look around me trying to see who opened the door and if they're in here. I look behind me and I don't see anyone but when I look back in front of me a tall muscular male is in front of me. I growl and my ears go back fully and my claws slowly extend. He raises an eyebrow at me and he slowly walks over, I don't take my eyes off of him and he is standing right in front of me as I look up at him.
"I'm sorry little one but you're pathetic growls are like a puppy to me and have no affect." I growl more not wanting to listen, he nods and he turns around and he walks about 5 feet leaning against the wall looking at me. "Now I have a few questions for you and I need you to answer them with honesty. If not I have no problem using psychological ways of making you talk and speak the truth." He looks me dead in the eye and I whine a bit feeling my anger and pride be sucked out of my body. "Am I understood?" I whimper and nod looking down not wanting to meet his gaze. "Good, now I already know a lot about you from you're papers but I need to know other things besides the adoption side of this." I look up at him and I see he has the validation papers that i've been adopted and he is now legally my owner. My heart sinks and my ears go down fully in fear and I struggle, I rub my neck against my shoulder and I feel a mircochip. I stop and I start silently crying not daring to make a sound.
I feel him walk over and I look up scowling, he gently grabs my muzzle making me look at him. "I understand the pain, but I need you to understand that I'm not like the other vampires who is going to suck you're blood until you're just a pile of skin and bones. I need you to talk so I can have a better understanding and so I can take care of you in the best way possible. Understand?" I tilt my head a bit confused but I don't wanna risk being hurt again. I nod and I look down as he lets go of my muzzle. "Good now, where exactly did you come from before all of this happened?" I'm about to answer but the door slams open and glass shatters getting all over me. I yowl in pain when some glass hits my head and neck and I feel someone inject something in my neck. I try to scream but they cover my mouth with a cloth and my vision goes black.
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