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The Hacker

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Lucy had always known of her bad boy next door neighbour Theo was a hacker, he had everything she wanted in a man , striking features and a charming personality despite his illegal extra curricular activities. Will she join him in it or persuade him to do something less criminal?

Thriller / Action
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Chapter 1

Lucy looked out of her bedroom window, the sun was shining the birds were singing, the sky was blue not a cloud in it, perfect day, yet she knew her next door not so perfect neighbour was doing something he shouldn’t be, hacking into peoples computers for information that was held sacred to them and was supposed to be encrypted. She contemplated going to his house to confront him about it but knowing him he’d probably brush it off and just carry on with it, or he’d distract her with his good looks and charm he undoubtedly had. She sighed to herself, then she heard a knock at her door , she didn’t normally have visitors but she hesitantly went downstairs and opened the door to find Theo standing there, he had strong features and killer jawline , messy dark brown hair and striking blue eyes that pierced anyones soul just by looking at them, and his smile was the icing on the cake really, what more could be said? He said lowly ” Hi Lucy I was wondering how you were today and if I could maybe hang out with you and maybe have a coffee?“, Lucy couldn’t believe it, she’d lived next door to him for 3 years and had never spoken to him in person, only online, she assumed he wasn’t a social person considering his illegal hobby that she found out about from a friend of his a few years back, she shakily said ” Oh ok I guess that’s fine, I feel kind of weird considering this is our first official time meeting in person as we only ever talked online, but you can come in, I’ll put the kettle on”, Theo just smiled that deadly smile that could seduce any woman into bed, he followed her into the kitchen and sat down at the table, he just sat there observing her every move. She turned round and said with a chuckle ” I just realised I don’t know how you take your coffee?” Theo replied cooly ” white, two sugars please, so I love what you’ve done with this place it’s beautiful, you’re a interior decorator right? So I’m guessing you put your knowledge into your own place?” Lucy replied proudly ” yes I did Theo and thankyou for noticing and remembering it’s been a while since we chatted online so I wasn’t sure if you’d remembered or not but yes like I said I’m glad you have sorry I’m rambling now” Theo laughed and said ” nah it’s cool I get it, people get that way with me, nervous and uneasy but in a good way odd as it sounds, probably because of, something I do in my private time” Lucy’s once giddy smile vanished she knew what he was doing in his private time but should she tell him that she knows about it, or would it ruin the attraction she clearly has to him despite that hobby of his or should she go all in and just be honest? She got taken out of her thoughts by Theo saying ” I know you know about it by the way, now how about that coffee?“.

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