Zillionaire Heiress

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Bonnie Sinclair is the only daughter of Rosanna Sinclair, the most richest family in the world. Bonnie had everything the world had to offer: family, friends, and even the love from the billionaires family of Derek Carmichael, that's until tragedy struck. Bonnie had lost her mother to an unpredictable storm on the coast of her business meeting. Bonnie was left behind with only her memories of her. But, she struggles had only begun when her step-father remarried to a succubus, and she had daughter, Georgia. However, Bonnie knew he was having an affair with the woman because Georgia was a year older than Bonnie. Bonnie never thought her life would become such a horrible memory. She never knew her birth father or who he was; all she knew was that he must have been in the power of the rich to even get an audience with her mother, but sadly left both of them behind. Bonnie was kicked out of her home a year later, and her stepfather got everything as Bonnie served them as a maid instead of the Heiress herself, she became unrecognisable and ridiculously thin under the harsh conditions that her tortures have cursed upon her fragile state. Years later, Bonnie Sinclair wasn't the same lively person she once was, but only a slave in her own household. She just wanted her freedom, a place to call home.

Thriller / Romance
Leala Mureau
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Bonnie Sinclair was a respected member of the Sinclair family and the only daughter of Rosanna Sinclair. She counted down the days when she would finally be free from her tortures. Anthony was her stepfather, a member of the respected community of the Richmond family. He inherited Bonnie's mothers fortune the moment Rosanna died from a business trip. So, Anthony saw it as the perfect opportunity to claim everything dear to Bonnie, even her life.

Bonnie was in the basement, which was considered her bedroom from Anthony Richmond and the vulgar woman he calls his wife, Mary Richmond. Bonnie had spent the last 12 years under their spitefulness and hatred, yet they refused to allow her to leave the compound of the Villa. Bonnie had the conclusion that they were holding onto her because they didn't have majority or the access to Rosanna's money, so using Bonnie was the only option, meaning their daughter Georgia would posed as Bonnie herself.

Although Bonnie is an educated young lady and there are things you can't impersonate, However, no one ever saw Bonnie or what she would look like now. Bonnie's eyes were the only dead give away, her ocean dark blue eyes just like her mother's was the only thing that would make her recognisable, and Georgia had brown eyes.

It was morning as Bonnie got dressed for her day; it was barely 5am in the morning when her alarm went off. She met up with the other maids in the house; none of them recognised her either. Anthony kept her hidden away until she wasn't recognised and made her out to be a new maid or a child servant to his demon child, Georgia. As Bonnie got older, she was slammed into the kitchen table for disobedience by Georgia and her friends. So, she kept her head down and mouth shut. No matter how hard she tried to avoid their cruelty, nothing worked. Anthony had a rule; no one marks Bonnie's face, only where no one could see.

Bonnie reaches the kitchen to prepare food for the sleeping giants that have never worked a day in their lives. Bonnie had only a few hours sleep before Georgia rudely entered her sleeping quarters just out of spitefulness and rage. Georgia hated Bonnie with a cold heart, eversince they met.

As Bonnie prepares the food, she can't help but hate what her life has become; the harsh insults to the constant beatings were taking its toll on her mental health. she wasn't in her right mind when she bumped into a pair of recognisable eyes. Derek Carmichael was in her house, the man she loved from her teenage years, and he was barely wearing anything to ones imagination. He was slander but well built in muscle, a six-pack that showed off that he worked out a lot plus his dreamy eyes of green with a hint of brown inside.

Bonnie lowered her eyes in shame, and the instant guilt runs through her like a river of despair. She had disobeyed Anthony's words to never be seen by the guest of his household; she would surely be punished for this.
Derek eyed the shaking maid and laughed at the mess of his untimely presence, which it didn't move the young servant except those dark blue eyes she hides under her long dark brown hair. Bonnie made quick work of the mess, but she wasn't fast enough when Georgia stepped into play. Bonnie trembled under the hateful gaze of Georgia Richmond, the one that impersonated Bonnie as if she didn't exist.

Georgia sighs. "Derek, my love, why are you making a mess?".

Derek wasn't sure why she would call him that in front of people, especially a maid who seemed too shaken to look up at him earlier. Georgia glances were enough to kill. Subsequently, Bonnie knew the outcome of this sick twisted game they all played, and she was their favourite pawn.
Derek smirks. "Humbly sorry, B. I got hungry, and I couldn't resist the temptation of smelling this delicious food". he said with a smile.
Bonnie flinched at what he called Georgia, does he believe she's Bonnie Sinclair? Obviously, he hasn't seen her since they were children. Then, Georgia kissed Derek in front of Bonnie as she watched as the two detangling themselves that almost shutters Bonnie into two broken pieces. Although, Bonnie's hair conceals any emotion that would trigger Georgia's rage.

Bonnie returned to the kitchen maid area and out of sight. Georgia on the other hand followed and punched Bonnie in the back. Bonnie hits the floor with her body, but never looks up at Georgia pit of rage. "Learn your place, Bonnie or I'll make you". She demanded.
Bonnie waits until Georgia leaves to join Derek for breakfast. She struggled to her feet as she limps to her room while holding her back where Georgia had just punched her moments ago. The woman was a brat, a bully and a selfish person. Who knew she'd turn out to be so horrible, than again nothing surprised Bonnie anymore. Once she made it to her room, people from upstairs went to breakfast. Bonnie could hear the conversation above, laughter and breakfast dishes being eaten from her hard work.
It was nearly time to go clean up the breakfast area. She waited until it was cleared out before making her presence known. Over the years, maids were fired and that only left one person in a house full of people she once knew and none ever stopped to realise who she was because Georgia was impersonating her.
Bonnie entered the kitchen to clean up the mess that was left behind by the family of Richmond. Bonnie hated them, yet she hated herself more for putting up with this cruelty. She was cleaning in her own mind when a hand touched her arm, spinning her around to face the person in front of her. She dared not raise her head until she hissed at the force her back had taken.
"Are you hurt?". Asked Derek. Bonnie shook her head, but he wasn't convinced.

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