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•UNEDITED• Azalea we're dating a senior girl in their school, her name is Heather. In a mind of a teenager, Azalea thought that Heather is the one, but she is wrong. Changes of feelings, friends and family. What Azalea will do in her life when all she did is to wait for her time to come? MY LIST OF MY STORIES IN ORDER 1. I Don't Care About My Mates 2. Touch Problem 3. Let Me Be 4. Step-Sisters 5. The Girl in Pain 6. The Girl in Pain (Sequel) 7. A New One 8. Free 9. Not Broken 10. Just Don't 11. Love Finds You 12. It's In The Past, I Changed 13. Thank You For The Tears 14. Marriage and Doubts 15. I Am Your Karma 16. The Fallen Star 17. Try and Claim Natasha 18. Anger, Jealousy and Love 19. The Dragon's Heart 20. The Addicting You 21. When You Are There 22. When All Hell Breaks Loose 23. Had Enough 24. Patience, Limitation and Time Till There's No Turning Back 25. Who Are You? 26. How Can I Be Yours? 27. Her Claim 28. Love Me or Hate Me 29. You'll Pay For It 30. Be Lowkey 31. I See Red 32. Life Without Us 33. Kill Me If You Can

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

Azalea’s POV

I thought she was the one. I thought she would be my future. I already have plans for us, for everything, and I am ready to show the real me in this messy world. I was prepared for everything because I had her, but what would happen in my life if she decided to leave me too? I looked at Heather, who looked so bored while curling her index finger to her long blonde hair, her long eyelashes blinking while looking at the cheerleaders who were practicing and the men’s football team. We are at the furthest location so that no students can hear us in this direction. Heather folded her arms and waited for me to speak. My heart shattered by what she’s said. She wanted us to break up, we’d been dating for two years, but it was a secret relationship. In just a few months, Heather will graduate from high school, and I will be left behind because I’m one year younger than her, she’s a senior, and I’m her junior.

“W-Why?” I tried to control myself not to cry, but my voice betrayed me. It cracks.

Heather sighed and looked at me blankly, and the love was not there anymore. Her usual sparkling eyes were no longer there. The sweet smile that she always gives to me is no longer there. Who is this girl in front of me? She is no longer the girl I loved before. She looks at me like I’m a total stranger to her. Her green eyes looked at me with irritation.

“I can’t continue this anymore, Azalea. I’ll graduate soon, and I don’t want a long-distance relationship. You know where I’m going to study for college. I don’t want a relationship to block my way while I’m in college. I need to focus.” She said with a sound of desperation.

I clenched my hands into a fist and averted my eyes on her. “I won’t stand in your way; if you want to focus on college, why need to break up with me. Is this the reason why you became distant from me? You don’t give your time to me anymore. I always saw you hanging around to those other seniors.”

I saw guilt in her eyes when I looked at her again, but it changed into a cold gaze again. “You know that all seniors need to practice for the graduation, don’t be childish about this.” She scoffed.

I gritted my teeth. “Tell me, don’t you love me anymore?” I brushed my light brown hair to my fingers and fixed my eyeglasses while waiting for an answer. I watched her face soften, and her eyes became confused.

“I loved you before, but...I fell out of love with you...I’m sorry, Azalea.” She guiltily said.

My heartbeat was so fast. It was like my chest was going to blow at any second. My throat became dry, and my breathing became heavy. I put my hands on my jacket’s pocket while it was shaking. I need to be strong, and I don’t want to look vulnerable in front of her. My face became blank. “Since when?” I said with a calm voice.

Heather looked surprised at my calm reaction. “Since...I became a senior.”

I take a deep breath. “Is that the only reason? Or is it because of Aden?”

Her face lost its color. Aden is the student council president of our school, and students keep saying that they were always hanging around and became close to each other. I didn’t want to believe them, but when I saw her and him at the library, shoulders were leaning toward each other, how Aden tucked her loose hair to her ear, that view was already telling me that all gossips were true.

“I’m not blind, Heather.” I sighed. “You could’ve just told me before you became a senior. I’m not that stupid. I don’t want to continue a relationship if you don’t have any feelings for me anymore.”

“A-Aden and I... nothing is going on between us. I am loyal to you even I-I didn’t love you anymore.” She said with a defeated voice.

“Yeah, right, there are so many witnesses telling me that they watch you and him become too close with each other. And I also witnessed that too.” I clenched my jaw, hiding the anger and pain I was feeling right now. I’m feeling suffocating just by standing next to her. “Thank you for your time then.” I turned my back to her.

“A-Azalea.” She called my name with a shaky voice. “I...did love you...but I am not ready to come out to my friends and family. I still need time.”

“You always tell that to me, and I had enough. But there’s no need for you to come out. I know you wanted to be normal, just like your family, how to be with other people. So you won’t stay with someone as childish as me. This is a goodbye between us, Heather.”

Heather gasped. “N-No! Don’t say that. You are still my best friend.” Her voice broke.

“You know that we are not just best friends. And I can’t stay as a friend to someone who hurt me.” I couldn’t look back because I knew my heart would betray me again once I did that, so I would rather be this way and mask my real feelings. “I love you so much, Heather. Of all people, you were the last one I didn’t expect to hurt me like this because I trusted you more than anyone. Aden and I were cousins, you also know how he stomped my dignity, but you still chose to lie to me. I know you’re the one who wants to break off everything between us. Let me say this...it’s over between us, and let’s become total strangers in each other’s lives.” I marched away from her. I don’t want to stay there longer because I’m getting weaker and weaker. Heather break my heart. Heather is my best friend and my girlfriend. Her love and betrayal hurt me the most.

I could hear Heather keeps calling my name, but I didn’t stop at all and walked towards my car and got in. I drove off fast away from our school. I didn’t know where I was going, but I only wanted to be alone. I stopped near the seashore. I let go the tears that I’ve been holding back. I cried inside my car.

“Fuck! Fuck!” I shouted while hitting the steering wheel. I keep sobbing while leaning my head on my seat. I felt so lost and weak, my mind was all blank, and I couldn’t think properly. I know I’m still young, but I know what it means to love someone. Heather is my everything, but hearing that she doesn’t love me anymore, my heart shattered into a million pieces. The heavy thing in my chest won’t go away, I kept crying there, and I didn’t care how many hours I stayed there. I didn’t notice I had fallen asleep until I woke up. It’s already dark outside.

I grabbed my phone and saw a lot of text messages and calls from Heather. I blocked her number and deleted all her text, pictures, and memorable videos. This is what you wanted, right? Why don’t you give me some space and be happy that you are already free? I know I love you, but I need time for myself to heal.

I fixed myself while checking myself in front of the review mirror. My eyes and nose were red from crying. I pulled off my eyeglasses and made sure my eyes won’t look like I called. I took a deep breath and drove off to get home.


I avoided Heather like a plague. I know she wanted to talk to me, but why bother? My heart hardened when it came to her, the love was there, but I won’t let my heart win. I am not weak, I am not childish, and I am not pathetic. I still have my dignity.

I cringed when I saw Heather and Aden walking together. Aden was smiling, showing his best smile to make Heather squeal like the other girls he’s been with, but Heather just smiled back at him.

I looked away and put my things in my locker, and I groaned when I heard the most irritating voice I didn’t want to hear.

“Well, hello there, dear cousin,” Aden said while grinning mischievously. I knew what he wanted, but I always shut my mouth when he started to torture me with his hurtful words.

“Not now, Aden.” Heather tried to pull Aden away from me, but Aden remained stuck to where his standing.

I give him a blank look. “What do you want?”

His grin widened, and he folded his arms. “I heard what happened between you and Heather. I’m sorry about it. And don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I’ll make sure I will take care of Heather for you.” He lowered his voice, making sure I was the one who would hear it.

I glared at Heather, who became quiet. How could she tell him everything between us?!

“Don’t turn like her like you....a disgusting dyke!” He spat in a stern voice.

I dropped my bag and grabbed his head, and kneed his nose. Gasped will all hear in the hallway, students stop what they are all doing and look in our direction. Aden screamed in pain when his nose was bleeding, but I didn’t stop. I grabbed his head again and smashed it to the locker, making him fall on bended knees. All I could see was darkness and anger, I could hear everyone yelling and shouting at me to stop, but I didn’t. I kicked his head again and again while his head was also hitting the locker. I know his face is now ruined. I felt someone grab my back and arms. 4 student boys stopped me, but they didn’t stop my strength. I moved my body to make them fall on the floor and kicked Aden’s stomach. Aden keeps screaming in pain. His hands were on the floor, and blood kept coming out of his mouth. I stomped his fingers to ensure that it would be broken for the rest of his life.

“Azalea! Please stop!” Heather yelled. I looked in her direction. She was crying with trembling hands.

I finally stopped and looked at Aden on the floor while groaning in pain. He couldn’t move anymore. I looked around; students stepped back when I glared at them. I pick up my eyeglasses that drop on the floor. The locker is broken.

“Is this the guy that you wanted? A pathetic loser? Oh...I forgot you are also pathetic!” I spat at her. She winced because of my voice. It was full of hate and disgust. She looked to hurt the way I looked at her and spoke. “Shows over!!” I yelled to everyone. Minutes later, the teachers came toward us. Aden’s face was unrecognizable, and his fingers were all broken. For me, it’s not enough. He made my life a mess since I started the school year. Even though he is my cousin and a part of our family, his family hates my family. They are so full of insecurities and jealousy toward my family.

Our parents were called to our school while Aden needed to bring to the hospital. I have two moms. That’s why my other family couldn’t accept it and hated us. My moms were calm while Aden’s parents kept shouting and yelling at the principal’s office. I was kicked out of our school, but I don’t feel any regret. I was so contented with it. I’m not fond of that school at all. They are so blind when it comes to bullying. The school knows how Aden bullied me, but they didn’t do something about it.

“Don’t worry about it, and it’s all gonna be alright.” My mom, Snow, held my hands while we all got in the car.

“You did a fine job about Aden. I wish I had helped you with it.” My ma, Carmen said with a content smile. Mom smacked her arms to make her shut up.

I giggled. “It’s not enough for me, too,” I said.

Mom rolled her eyes when ma and I laughed inside the car while she was driving. “It’s nice timing that you were kicked out. Your mom and I planned to move out.” Ma said to me.

So, I’m going to leave this city...and the memories I shared with Heather. I take a deep breath, even my heart twisting in pain. “When?”

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