Screechers - Love in the apocalypse

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Reverse Harem/Polyamorous Romance/Thriller With her father being in the SAS and her mother being one of the top surgeons around Nichola 'Nicky' Foster is stuck at home with her older brother Zeke. Though she loves him with all her heart she can't help but feel left behind by her parents, becoming a bit of a brat. Having turned eighteen she's decided to make a change, but it seems life is about to take a rough turn when a virus sweeps the nation, a zombie virus turning people into flesh-eating, screeching monsters. Are her family alive? What about her brother's best friends who she's had crushes on for years? She never meant to find love in the apocalypse and especially not more than one person! All Rights Reserved. Copyright Charly James-Matthews / Charly JM Triggers! This includes scenes of a sexual nature, abuse and is not for anyone under 18. You've been warned!

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Chapter One

I’d always been a bit of a brat, I had to admit it, but coming from a family where my mum and dad were always away at work was difficult.

My mum was one of the top surgeons in the emergency services at our local hospital, while dad was an Army Major of the notorious SAS, total badass.

I was proud of my parents, there was no doubt about that, but being left behind to be looked after by my older brother, Zeke, made me act out. We both missed our parents, but I’d always taken it harder than he did.

“Nichola Foster, don’t you dare step one foot out of that door!” My older brother bellowed at me as I was about to sneak out of the house.

“Or what? I’m eighteen now, you can’t ground me,” I snort, throwing on my signature leather jacket that Dad had bought me a couple of years back.

“I’m still in charge of you Nicky, just because our parents aren’t home doesn’t mean you can just leave without telling me. I need to make sure you’re safe,” he sighs, booming towards me. He was tall, just like dad, built like a tank with muscles and yet could sneak around as silent as anything, no doubt something he’d learnt off of our father.

“I’m eighteen now, just because you’re nine years older than me does not make you the boss of me. Mum and Dad aren’t here, I’m old enough to make my own decisions,” I exclaim, grabbing my car keys. His hand darts out, grabbing my wrist firmly, but not hurting me. His big green eyes look into mine, I can see the pain in them, he’d given up his life to look after me and here I was being a brat… Again.

“Nicky, I know. You can go out, but you have to tell me where you’re going, I get you’re an adult now however I’m still your big brother and I love you. I want to keep you safe,” he sighs pulling me into a hug.

I sag into it, he wasn’t often cuddly and I missed this. Wrapping my arms around him I sigh, I really needed to get a grip.

“I’m sorry, I got a job, I need to get going or I’ll be late for my first night,” I say as he lets me go.

“A job? Where?” He frowns in confusion.

“Lumos Nightclub,” I answered. Sure, it wasn’t the best place in the world to work, but trying to find a job right now that didn’t want a ten tonne of experience and would take an eighteen-year-old was rare. It also helped having someone already on the inside.

“You are joking, why the hell would you work in that place?” He almost growls.

“Your best friend works there!” I snort.

“Exactly, so I know exactly what that place is like and it’s not a place you should be working,” he says. His best friend, Kris, had gotten me the job and I was pretty sure he was doing it because I had almost gotten a job at an even shadier place across town. The boys all looked out for me, it was like I had other big brothers… Eww, no, not big brothers. I couldn’t think of them like that, not when I’d had a crush on Kris and Mitch, Zeke’s other best friend, for years.

We’d grown up together, all our parents were best friends too, Kris’ parents worked with mum at the hospital, Miranda and Johnny were both top doctors in their fields and were always at work just like Mum.

Mitch’s Dad, Tony, was in the same squadron as our Dad, his second in command, while his mother had been an amazing psychologist. She had been a sweet, loving woman with a confidence about her that I always wished I had. She was the glue for everyone, caring for each of her friends and us kids. Life struck us all hard when she died a few years ago, things were never quite the same and we all missed her. I think it was at that point that Mitch and I got closer, both of us pushing back at the world for taking her too early.

He’d taught me all sorts of mischievous things, like how to pick a lock, hot wire a car and we went on long runs every week. He was a bad boy and it was hot, he never did anything to people that didn’t deserve it though, the cars we hot wired were people who were cruel or disgusting, a little payback they deserved. That all stopped when Zeke had found out about what he’d been teaching me and put a stop to it quickly, finally snapping Mitch out of his bad habits. Mitch didn’t hang around me so much anymore, barely even looked at me when he was over at the house and I missed him, he didn’t even go out for runs with me anymore, so I’d given up doing that alone. I blamed my brother for losing me one of my best friends too.

“Kris will be there to watch over me, I’m working at the bar, so I’ll be right next to him learning from him directly,” I sigh, looking at my watch in a panic, if I didn’t leave soon I’d be late.

“Ugh… Fine, but one word from Kris that you’re in trouble or doing sketchy things and you’re quitting. Don’t go off on your own, avoid any guy trying to buy you a drink and watch your back,” he says sternly.

“I’ll be fine Zeke, promise, Dad didn’t teach us how to kick arse for nothing you know,” I smirk, hugging him.

“That doesn’t mean we want you to have to use it, be careful!” He calls out as I kiss him on the cheek and run to my car before he can change his mind.

“Love you big brother!” I smile as I see the shock in his eyes, I hadn’t told him that in a while.

Eighteen years old… Time for a new me. I was going to have a job to keep me busy and I wanted to fix things between me and Zeke. I knew I needed to grow the fuck up, my parents were doing things that make us proud and I had to focus on that, they were out there saving lives and sure, I missed them like hell, but so did Zeke. We needed to stick together.

“Love you too Nicky,” he calls back, I see him tapping the door frame with his fist gently, a small smile on his face as he watches me drive off.

I rush into the club, minutes to spare as I hurry to the bar, seeing Kris wiping everything down for the night.

“Well look who finally decided to show up,” Kris says with a cheeky grin and dimples that always made me melt. He was hot, tall and muscly as he and the guys worked out together every week, his arms covered in tattoos which I was always jealous of. I wanted a tattoo and I was determined to get one soon now that I was old enough.

“You can blame my brother, he almost didn’t let me come,” I reply as he signals me to follow him.

“I’ll talk to him, he’ll feel better knowing I’m watching you all the time,” he says, going to ruffle my hair, but I swat his arm away as he chuckles.

“Don’t make me kick your arse,” I playfully growl.

“Oh I’m so scared,” he smirks, shoving me away.

“Ah, there she is, welcome to Lumos, Miss Foster,” the boss, Gael, was a portly, middle aged man, he didn’t do an awful lot of work from what I’d heard and left it all to his staff while taking a very hefty bonus every year for himself.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity sir,” I smiled kindly, but I didn’t miss his eyes scouring over my body, pausing at my boobs. I had to say I had a great figure, thanks to working out every week and keeping up with the regime Dad had taught us, all the while getting my mother’s thick curves on my breasts.

“Have you got her uniform?” Kris says, moving slightly in front of me as if to protect me from his gaze. The guys were always so protective of me.

“Oh, yes, here,” Gael throws me a shirt with a smirk. I was already wearing simple and smart black trousers with my boots which would be perfect for the job.

I unfold the shirt, raising a brow at Kris, “This is my shirt? Where’s the rest of it?” I ask, noticing it was cropped and would show off most of my stomach and probably a hefty amount of cleavage.

“All our girls wear the same shirt, are you shy of showing a little skin? It will bring in more tips for you,” Gael smirks, leaning back in his chair.

“Zeke’s going to kill me,” Kris mumbles under his breath.

“I’m not afraid of showing skin,” I roll my eyes.

“Good, now off you go, good luck I look forward to seeing you at work,” Gael winks shooing us away.

“I’ll show you the girls locker room and then you can meet me at the bar, we’ll have half an hour to go through the basics, the more complicated drinks I’ll do,” Kris says as he leads me out of the room.

“Thanks Kris,” I smile.

Heading into the locker room Kris leaves me to get changed, I feel a little awkward as there are other girls inside getting changed, it was like high school changing rooms all over again and I was the loner again. I’d never really got on with the girls, I was always one of the guys, except at school not even the guys hung out with me. The curse of having an protective older brother and his two guy best friends that EVERYONE knew. My only friends were Zeke’s best friends, so I was pretty lonely most of the time.

“Who are you?” a big, busty, blonde girl looks down at me as I find an empty locker.

“Nicky,” I replied, trying to give a small smile.

“Well Nicky, just listen to me closely. Stay away from Kris, he’s mine, got it?” she says, poking my shoulder. Yep… Definitely like high school again.

“What’s your name?” I ask.

“Jewel,” she glares at me.

“Jewel… Jewel… OH! His Wednesday night girl, I remember him talking about you with my brother, his best friend,” I say, shocked at my own mouth from uttering those words.

“Listen here you little bitch,” she begins, towering above me in her heels. I wasn’t short in the least, standing at five foot seven, but this girl was at least six foot with her heels.

“I have no interest in Kris, he’s my older brother’s best friend, chill the fuck out,” I roll my eyes while lying through my teeth, turning to put my jacket in the locker, ignoring her as she huffs and stomps away. I don’t think I’m going to be making any friends here…

I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall after putting on the shirt, it was tight and pushed my boobs up more than my push up bra did, not that I ever needed one, it stopped just a couple of inches below my breasts showing my toned stomach that I was proud of. What it also showed was my belly button piercing that my brother didn’t know I had. Kris would no doubt snitch on me, though it would be worse if they found out about the nipple piercing I had.

I tied my sleek, light brown hair up into a ponytail to keep it out of my way, smiling at the bright red dip-dye on the ends.

Taking a deep breath after locking up my locker and putting the key in my pocket I head towards the bar, the girls watching me with a glare.

“Ready and waiting for command captain,” I say with a smirk, surprising Kris. He jumps turning around to me, his eyes widened as his gaze drops down my body, gulping a little.

“Fucking hell Nicky,” he groans.

“What?” I smirk.

“When did you grow up?” he shakes his head.

“Kinda happens over time Kris,” I snort, “now are you going to show me the ropes or what?”

“You’re going to kill me,” he murmurs.

“And what a pleasant death it shall be,” I say, poking my tongue out playfully.

“I’d learn to keep that tongue inside your mouth if I were you,” he says, walking towards me, something dark taking over his eyes as he stalks over to me.

“Or what?” I whisper, backed against the bar.
“Kris! Baby, I missed you yesterday,” Jewel interrupts us, bending over the bar, her boobs showing through her shirt worse than mine, curling her hair around her finger.

“Jewel, I told you, we’re done,” Kris sighs, moving away from me.

“We’ll never be done baby,” Jewel giggles, pulling him over the bar and kissing him, her eyes glaring at me, staking her claim, making me roll my eyes.

“Not to interrupt, but I need to train,” I sigh.

Kris pushes back, clearing his throat as he nods. “Jewel, I’ll see you later.”

“See you later baby, good luck tonight jailbait,” Jewel laughs, sashaying her hips as she walks.

“Fucking jailbait, what the fuck do you see in her?” I growl under my breath.

Kris frowns, looking between us both, shaking his head and running his hand through his black mop of hair that I always wanted to run my hands through.

“Come on, let’s teach you the ropes,” he says.

Half an hour later and the doors were opening, I caught on quickly with the work, the systems were easy and pouring drinks wouldn’t be a problem for me, Dad had always said I knew how to pour the perfect pint every time at home when he was back and mum had always had expensive taste in cocktails, I’d learnt a few things already.

“What are you doing here?” I ask as Mitch sits at the bar a few hours later.

“What on earth are you fucking wearing?” he growls, his fists clenching as he looks me over.

“Uniform, don’t blame me, blame the boss. Now can I get you a drink?” I rolled my eyes, trying to ignore his gaze that was getting me a little hot.

“Beer,” he nods. Kris ends up wandering over to him, muttering to each other quickly as I grab his drink, luckily it wasn’t their busiest night of the week, so Kris had managed to teach me a few extra drinks through the night.

“His beer’s on the house, I’m getting it,” Kris says as I go to tell Mitch the price.

“Nicky… When did you get a piercing?” Mitch says, his eyes catching the glint of my belly button. Kris frowns looking down, having obviously not noticed it before.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business big man,” I say, heading over to serve another customer, ignoring the gazes from men trying to look down my shirt.

I couldn’t help but keep glancing back at the boys, looking at Mitch, who was no means as big as my brother or Kris, but was still toned, his shirt clinging to him in a way that would make any woman drool. However, it was always his eyes that caught everyone’s attention, one brown and one blue. I loved his eyes, he hated them, for a long time he hid them with coloured contacts, but they irritated him too much and he gave up.

“Hey baby, I’ll take a beer and you on my lap pretty girl,” one of the guys’ slurs at the bar.

“I’ll get you the beer, that’s it,” I state, heading to get his drink.

“Get your fucking sexy arse back here now!” He bellows at me, making the guys look towards me.

“Nicky, swap with me,” Kris says, pulling me away from him.

“I don’t want to be served by you, give me the pretty little girl back, she needs to come and sit on daddy’s lap,” the guy slurs with a smirk.

Suddenly the guy is thrown to the floor, I stare in shock as Mitch and my brother are on the guy. When the fuck did my brother get here?!

Kris tells me to serve other people while he talks to security, trying to persuade them not to kick out my brother and Mitch for defending me.

I can feel the anger coming from my brother, his chest heaving as he yells over the loud music.

I’d be surprised if he ever lets me out of the house again…

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