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Asura Warrior : The Hero Rises

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The series is about a 22-year-old man named Rudra Chakravarti who gets a bracelet-style asuri device called the "Asuri-astra". Attached to his wrist, it allows him to become a superhero, allowing him to fight evil aliens from Earth and space with his friends and family. Centuries ago, in a great war between Devas and Asuras, the powerful magical bracelet was forged by the dark side. It could make the wearer invincible. After the war, the mystical bracelet is lost and only a true hero can wear it. This isn’t any ordinary bracelet, for the one who wears it can become invincible. Back in modern times, this magical bracelet finds its way to a powerful being, who is silent on the surface and stirs up a storm within.

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Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Rudra was crouching on his toilet seat trying to be safe from a spider. He peered at the spider through his glasses which was still crawling on the floor. His little brother, Rohan, a 12 year old kid wearing his favourite red pyjamas. Rohan prodded with his right leg to ward off the spider. "Wha-What are you doing? Don't you see that spider over there. Be careful.." Rudra stammered.
"Big bro! Do you know your name should be scaredy-cat instead of Rudra. You will never change. Not in the Future."
"Y-You should not tease someone like this. This is wrong," said Rudra, crouching on the seat.
"Yeah...Yeah. Sit down now. Unless, you want to pee on the seat."
Diya, their mom walked in and knelt down on the ground. She was in her mid thirtees. She had long brown hair tied with a ribbon and had a red bindi om her forehead. She was wearing a pink saree and het matching bangles. She was slim and taller than both of them. She smacked the spider with a newspaper at once and then carried it on the newspaper.
"Rudra, Come on Now. You have to go to office, right?"
After breakfast, Rudra paced inside the studio. He was wearing a red and blue patterened hoodie. He walked briskly with his hands in his pocket. He halted near a computer desk and placed his bag on it. There were two similar looking men sitting next to his row of desks. They were twins wearing white sweat-shirts and a blue ID batches on their necks.
"Hey, Rudra! RJ Riya is coming. The cabel is balled. Do something. How will Riya's show go on-air today? Riya will be in a lot of trouble," one the the twins said.
Rudra lifted his head, "Miss Riya is voming. She will be in trouble then." He rushed towards the mechanical room and pulled out some red and green wires from a box. The door swung open and he hurried inside the room. He started attaching the wires with a plier. A women walked past few people toward the recording room. She had black curly hair, pointy nose and had pale skin tone. She was wearing a half-sleeve maroon dress. She stepped in and spoke, "Ruhaan? Ruhaan?"
Rudra kept staring at her blankly. She snapped her fingers and Rudra came back to hid senses.
"No! No! No! No! It's Rudra," he mumbled.
"Whatever. Whatever it is. Just hurry i have to go online."
She closed the door behind him, but he wss still staring at her blankly. A spark of light shot out of the circuit and he screamed, "Ahhhh!"
He had badly burned his index finger. He felt itchy. "Whenever this girl comes near me. She gives me a shock."
The twins knocked on the window-pane. "Sir! Sir! Sir is calling you...." one of them yelled out to him.
"Oh. Ok..Ok. I'm coming wait."
A man in his late fiftees walked out of the elevator scrolling through his phone. His eyes focused on the screen. This man had a thick dark moustache with light streaks of white hair. A dark-skinned man with jet-black hair with streaks of white colour. He was wearing blue t-shirt and white pants. Rudra advanced towards the old man.
"Good morning, Sir!"
The man lifted his head from the screen and spoke, "Oh Yes! Rudra, my son. Bring some cup of coffe, please."
Rudra turned towards the cafe counter. A elegant girl wearing yellow skirt and a red tie on her hair halted near the old man.
"Ok! So now you are making Rudra to work as a peone now? No, its okay. You don't pay him and now you make him work like this..." Tara taunted.
"What? Now you're trying to argue with me. So, tell me who is the person have six fingers not five? C'mon tell me?"
"Sir, Please..."
"See, you cannot answer my question. You sre trying to argue with me. His name is Hritik Roshan," he giggled.
"Oh!" Rudra whispered. He clapped his hands and giggled with him.
"Ha! Ha! Nice one, Sir! Nice one." The old man walked past them and disappeared from the sight. Tara whacked him on his back. "Why are you laughing like this? Rudra, I-I was fighting for you. Don't you feel bad. You are here to become an RJ and you're making coffe for everyone and repairing everybody's computers and networks and what not."
"So, what? Don't you know? Big celebrities and artists have started out as tea-sellers first. I also make coffe for RJ Riya. I think one day i will go on a coffe date with her."
Rudra didn’t bother to stay at the studio like the rest of the employees. When he finally arrived home, Rudra immediately got to work. Rudra lived in a single bedroom apartment that had just enough space to fit a single bed and desk. There was also a TV that was part of the wall but Rudra would only use it as background noise and didn’t actually watch anything.

Planet Mars, Year 2022.
A wide crowd dressed in black and red suit of armour stood firmly holding their super-sonic boom guns close to their chest. These men were gathered in 4 rows. They glanced at the grand throne in their front row. There were bluish glittering spaceships floating in the orange lit sky. A circular portal opened, and a black figure stepped out of it. It was the Alien Lord, Zoraar wearing blue and silvery patterned robes and a black cloak. His right eye was hidden by a metallic eye-patch. The soldiers knelt down on their knees and lowered their guns down on the floor. He nudged his cloak and walked towards the throne. Zoraar climbed the stone steps and halted near the throne, then turned towards his soldiers. He rose his hands and yelled, "Everyone of the Dakshi clan. We are one!"
The soldiers rose up and stood upright. They hoisted their guns in the air and chanted in unison,"Dakshi's are One! We are One!"
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