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Asura Warrior : The Hero Rises

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Chapter 2 - The Power of Destruction

The sound echoed in the throne room. Zoraar slumped down the throne and rested his right leg on his left thigh. He peered down on each of their faces. A alien commander, Vroom, wearing green robes and orange skirt walked towards the throne. He halted near the stone steps at the end of the black carpet.
"Master, Zoraar. You seem to have too much trust in Zorawar."
Zoraar chuckled and brushed his white moustache.
"You are good at inciting people."
"No, Your Highness I just..." Vroom interuppted.
"This is actually good. Being competitive is good. But now you will get your answer. It is time for Zorawar to appear."
A spaceship lingered above them, the throne room was surrounded with darkness. A beam of energy blasted from the ship's core and Zorawar zoomed out if it. Zorawar's face was hidden by his helmet. He was wearing a brown glittering armour and a red dark cloak covered with ancient symbols, which fluttered due to the heavy wind.
He walked towards the centre of the throne room and knelt down to bow. Vroom grit his teeth and glared at him. Zorawar pulled down his helmet and placed it onto the ground near him.
"Greetings, My Lord, Zoraar!"
Zoraar ascended down the stairs and halted in front of him. He picked up the helmet and placed it onto Zorawar's head. Zorawar adjusted it and stood upright.
"Zorawar! My Zorawar!"

Rudra examined the golden rubik-cube and traced his index finger onto its carvings. He remembered his father's words, "Numbers and letters in all the sides. It has the total of 54 squares. Hold the foot and twist it to the right." Rudra twisted the lower-side of the cube and then whispered, "And then connect the head properly. He twisted the front side on the cube. His father voice echoed inside his head, "Now, twist the ear thrice and hard pat on the back."
He examined it again, "Dad, what kind of a riddle is this? Neither i couldn't solve it nor could i find you. You wouldn't do anything without a reason. There must be some purpose behind giving this gift to me." He sighed and spoke again,"Twisting the ear thrice. A hard pat on the back." He twisted one side of the rubik-cube twice.
He recalled, "Four numbers and letters fell apart. This secret is exposed."
"A pat on the back? A hard pat..." Rudra mumbled. He smacked the rubik-cube and it dropped down from his hand. He tried to catch it but it was too late. The rubik-cube fell down and each of the cube scattered from each other to create a hole on its center. A black chip popped up in front of the gap on the cube. It hovered in the air until Rudra jumped down and caught it in his palm. He inserted the memory chip inside in his laptop. A video flashed in front of his screen. A bracelet floating in the air. He scanned it. A horizontal programming code was dancing on the left and right sides of the screen.
"That means, dad wanted to find me to find this bracelet. That's why he had hidden the memiry card in my gift. And I am sure this bracelet is the reason for dad's disapperance. I have to find this bracelet. At any cost!" he grabbed laptop and glared at it.
Zoraar spoke," Every living being has a motive. It is time to fulfill your motive. You have to go on Earth, Zorawar."
Zoraar flicked his right hand and a energy beam shot out of his palm. A mystical circular hologram. In it's center was a bracelet floating in it. The mysterious symbols inscribed on it were glinting. Zorawar turned his head towards the right side and glanced at it.
"Decades ago this enchanting ring was created by a powerful race of the intergalatic asura clan. Zorawar, perhaps you are destined to find this."
Zorawar clenched his fists and strode ahead into the hologramic orb.
"We will find this bracelet. There's no doubt. We certainly will," said Zorawar in his hoarse voice.
Zoraar opened his palm and a ray of blue light emitted out of his right hand. Zorawar and Vroom stared in the abyss of darkness. The ray of light touched a metallic cylindrical object and the ground scattered around on both of its sides. A cubical machine floated out of it, levitating in the air. The machine transformed into a brown and orange coloured gun-like structure. Vroom and Zorawar were stunned.
Zoraar raised his hands and growled," The weapon of destruction. A destroyer of a planet."
Vroom gulped opening his mouth wide-open. Zorawar smirked inside his helmet.
"It's the result of my research and efforts of many years. It has such a deadly power that it can destroy an entire planet with just one strike! Just one strike is enough to disrupt the power balance of the entire universe!"
Zoraar turned around and ordered, "And remember! The one who is mighty is the one who gets the power."
Vroom grinned and shook his head from left to right. "Wow! Wow! A grear warrior. A great scholar. A great scientist. And these are not three different people but only one person! Our Master, my grand master, Lord Zoraar."
Zoraar brushed his long white beard and smirked. Vroom continued, "And only a person with foresight can make such a destructive weapon. My Lord, with its single strike we will turn the Earth into a pile of debris! And then, it would be even more essy to find the magical bracelet."
"But it has a drawback," said Zorawar. Vroom turned around and glared at him.
"Energy! A special energy which is only present in the bracelet."
Zorawar pointed at the machine's energy tank which had a empty circular socket.
"But the magical bracelet contains the power to become invincible, right, Master?" Vroom said.
Zoraar turned around and said, "But ghat is one of its hundreds of powers. The bracelet contains so much energy that it can put out the sun, ignite the moon and move the nine planets from their orbits!"
"Once I get hold of this bracelet. I will be able to conquer the entire galaxy. I will make the entire universe kneel before me!" his voice echoed in the arena.
Vroom came in front of Zoraar. "I have a question."
"Well. Go ahead," said Zoraar. Vroom nodded. "Sure. The Earth is the fourth largest planet in the solar system. So, how will we trace the small bracelet in such a large area? Has anyone thought about it? No! Well, Zorawar, how will you trace it?"
Zorawar raised his head and glared at the orange sky. A chunk of land came down from the clouds held by the spaceship's tentacles. Vroom grit his teeth. Zorawar raised his left hand and pointed at it. The fragment on the land slammed onto the floor.

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