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Lana finds herself encountering the greatest evil man has ever faced. And it kinda seems like he likes her.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

The woman stared at the darkness, the silver bars glinting in the moonlight, somehow still preserving the anonymity of its captive.

She winced, holding her bleeding hand.

"Please stick your hands between the bars of my enclosure," a dark, accented voice rumbled against the decrepit walls.

"Please, please, please, do. I promise...I won't bite again."

She edged back, a shiver taking over her. Two red flares suddenly appeared. Eyes. He'd stuck her so accurately with his eyes closed?

He cocked his head, eyes glowing, fangs illuminating in the moonlight, a smidgen of her blood still lingering on one. He licked it off with a grin, desperately calling to her once more.

"I'm friendly," he insisted, his voice cracking in desperation. "And completely non-threatening."

"You just bit me," she whispered.

"Oh dear..." he whispered, an aide of regret in his voice. "Can't we let bygones be bygones?"

"I'm afraid it's not that simple," she stated hesitantly, backing further away.

He crept closer, his large hands slamming onto the bars, dust falling from them. Maybe they weren't as sturdy as she thought.

"You don't have to be afraid," he lulled soothingly, extending his hand out of the bars. "I really am so friendly. I've just been trapped here eternity. And why...perhaps I've forgotten my manners,"

The young woman started at that hand, his gentle, calming voice, filling her ears, wreaking havoc on her mind.

"But you can forgive me for that, can't you? And now, Let me take a look at you in light. It's been such an awful long time since I've seen the light."

She didn't dare step closer. "What are you here for?"

He sighed dramatically. "Who can remember a thing like that, really? I've forgotten. I just sit. In my cage. Nary the sun on my skin."

"I see. I thought you might know something. But if you don't even remember why you've been locked in this hell–"

A deep chuckle rumbled from him shaking the walls. "Hell? You think this hell? What do you want from me, dear? Speak now."

She stepped an inch closer, the moonlight shining on her face. Her soft features seemed to shine in the light. He leaned back, narrowing his eyes.

"There was tale of a devil here. Who caused a great slaughter. That he was imprisoned, chained to the walls. I heard he has the answer to everything. Do you know if he's real?"

"Why of course he's real," he grinned. "You're speaking to him. Why, now that you mention it...perhaps I do recall why I am here. I made a bit of a mess of things. Killed everyone. Well...I'll be here forever. But I just say, I do feel a bit better,"

The monster behind the bars narrowed his eyes once more. She hasn't fled.

"There is something more you seek from me, child. Speak it now." He demanded.

"Can he bring back the dead."

It went silent. "Didn't anyone ever teach you, dear, to leave matters of life and death to god?"


"Then congratulations."

The woman felt an eerie feeling creep down her spine.

"You've found one."
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