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Rebirth of the DiBianco Family

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Leaving the mafia comes with a price that not everyone is willing to pay.

Thriller / Romance
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Men have always underestimated women

Dominic POV

“And here’s the bar. You have everything from waters, smoothies, salads, pasta.” the girl says opening a door to a mini cafeteria." Here’s your card and the key to the locker."

“Thanks.” I thank her still looking around the wide space. She starts heading back to reception.

“Ahh,not everyone speaks English, so when you enter, show the card I gave you and they will give you entry anyway.”

“Thanks again.” I thank her, again. And she gives me a smile before going back to her desk.

Nobody spoke English here and it was driving me crazy. When did I ever think it was a good idea to come to Columbia without knowing Spanish? I was going to kill Zane, that son of a bitch had to send me to the most lost place there was.

“Ohh better learn to speak Spanish fast.” I say to myself as I look at the posters with what I assume are the training hours and appointments for private training. I might as well learn to box.

“Necesitas algo?” (Do you need something?) I turn at the sound of a sweet voice, so sweet I thought I was going to die there.

“Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish.” I say and she smiles

“No problem, I speak almost any language.” she says in a diction almost so perfect that I believed her. “Do you need anything?”

“I wanted to sign up for doubles boxing training. ” She gave a mischievous smile.

“If you’re not afraid of being knocked to the ground by a woman, I can teach you.”

She was the only girl there. I looked at her, she measured about 167 cm (5′6″) and must have weighed ten kilos less than me.

“I accept.” I say stretching my hand also showing a smug smile.

She disappears to the corner of the gym while I go do some cycling to warm up.

I watched her wrap her hands in the bandages, when she finished she lifted her head and her eyes met mine in the mirror. She gave a crooked smile before positioning herself and punching the bag repeatedly. That made me swallow hard, for several reasons.

First because I was counting on a lack of technique and second because suddenly my pants were tighter and it was painful to move. I tried to ignore her as much as I could. Sometimes some men would approach her and she would help to position or help with something. She, however, never smiled at anyone, I found it curious. The girl at the reception came to talk to her there were only two people in the ring. They followed the last ring users to the door. I was on the weights finishing my reps when she came back appearing over my head.

I put the bar down before I sit up.

“It’s time.” She says stretching me bandages and gloves. Giving me the choice. I notice that she has her hands wrapped in bandages again, so I don’t be unfair, I take the bandages too

“Give me a minute.” She says after helping me wrap my hands in the bandages.

I watch her walk to the entrance to turn off some lights and pull the blinds on all the windows.

I wonder if she isn’t planning on killing me. I put the thought aside when she turned around.

“Can we make a bet?” I suggest when she approaches.

Each step she took was like a magnet, the closer she got the greater the force she exerted.

She smiles and damn what a beautiful smile.

Control yourself Dominic you just met the girl..

“If I win, I want Spanish lessons.” I offer.

“It wasn’t what I was thinking.” she says thoughtfully. Was she thinking I was going to suggest having sex with her? Not that I didn’t, because I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything so much in my life. “I accept.” She says reaching out her hand to shake mine. Did she agree to have sex with me? ahh no, to give me Spanish lessons. Get your head out of the gutter Dominic.

“What do you want if you win.” I ask trying to get my head away from the dirty thoughts.

The more I thought about not thinking, the more thoughts invaded me.

Control yourself Dominic.

“Ohh I’ll win, but don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you.”

She jumps into the ring with too much competence, I swallow hard.

“If you know you’re going to win, you need a prize.” I say jumping after her.

She positions herself and with a braid on each side, a privileged view of her top. I knew I was screwed either way. She seemed to read me.

“Don’t worry I’ll think of something. First I will win without mercy, second I will help you to position and correct your mistakes. ”

She talks starting to walk around slowly, until by instinct I also position myself. I notice her watching me learning how I move. When I try to absorb her technique I create an opening that she captures and takes advantage of.

“Two minutes.” she says shaking her head before reaching out her hand towards me. “I was expecting more.”

“Again.” I ask taking her hand, for a second I imagine pulling her to me. The Gym is closed and we’re the only ones there. But then I let her pull me over, ignoring the sudden desire I had for her.

“Second chance.” she says, repositioning me.

We surround each other, but this time she looks at my arms instead of my feet.

But a motorcycle passes in the street making a noise similar to a gunshot and I noticed that she adjusted and aimed at the door for a second without giving me the opening to attack her. How long has she been training? None of us made the first attack.

She looked too young to have so much technique. I was thinking when I see a small opening I try to punch right but she dodges. We come back to surround ourselves to evaluate the other..

“I have all night.” she teases with a smile.

“Me too.” She tilts her head slightly to one side before running her tongue over her lower lip. I swear I saw it all in slow motion. One minute I was mesmerized by her full lips and the second I was on the floor after another right hook.

“Eight minutes total.” She appears between my legs, reaching out to help me again, but this time I pull her and she doesn’t expect it because she loses her balance and falls. I support her. Her brown eyes mirrored mine. Her breathing was fast, but I couldn’t tell what it was.

“You are using your powers for evil.” I accuse her cutting the moment. “I thought you were going to take it easy.”

She clears her throat .

“Men have always underestimated women, we learn to fight with what we have.”

She says getting up.

“Well, you have technique, you don’t need to use seduction. ” I say standing up behind her.

“Seduction?” She asks confused looking at me like I’m crazy. “Believe me, if I tried to seduce you, you’ll knew.”

She jumps out of the ring.

Y”ou have base but you lack technique.” she says with her back to me taking off the bands. “Nothing I can’t work with.”

“You gonna will teach me?” - I ask, she turns to look at me.

“You have several instructors who can teach you, but they only speak Spanish.”

“This is shameful, there is no one who doesn’t speak English at least.”

“You know you were the person who came to a Spanish speaking country without knowing how to speak the language right?” she asks crossing her arms.

“Okay, fair. I’ll take whatever time you have available ” I say discarding the towel I had used in one of the gym baskets.

“Come with me.” she asks and I follow her to the front desk. She hands me a sheet for me to sign.

“This is for you to be covered by health insurance outside the gym as long as you are accompanied by one of us. They’ll attach it to your file tomorrow, just sign.”

“I’ve already signed five sheets that I didn’t know what it said, which is one more. ” I say before signing and returning.

“You are really a danger to yourself.” she says with a smile, before putting it aside.

“Let’s say I decided to trust.” I say taking my backpack from the locker on the way out.

“I’m glad.” She laughs while locking the door. “Because tomorrow at five in the morning I’m at your door.”

And without saying anything else she leaves.

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