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Jason HIS Obsession by ASA

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Follow Jason as he uncovers who is behind his misery because they happened to have taken his money. He's really a nice guy though, but watch out, now that he's aware someone has taken what's his, he'll stop at nothing to reclaim what was his.

Thriller / Horror
Antasia S
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Boxing For Champs

Jason HIS Obsession

A boxing club event was tonight and there was a packed house outside, tonight with the fifty year man lurking in the background watching his male obsession onstage, boxing in the ring with some unknown man, whose name he didn’t know. He was very helpful on the nights of the boxing rings’ prime fights, but outside there was a darker interior to the helpful fifty year old man, named Frank. He was a no nonsense typical character, that was all male, in every way. He could smell a foul man coming from miles away, and he knew that the kid on the stage was like an obsessive protege, in the making of this youngster’s wildest dreams. And the best was yet to come, he looked around the sweating men were everyhere, the ladies in the house where either clinging to these, men or had their heads in their laps, and either way the scene was un heard of, for a real live, upscale neightbourhood after all the drama of the death a few years ago we’d think that they would have clamed down now by some decent and degree, but no, to me it looked like another murder was to take place in less than fifteen feet away.

There was a girl there Brittany whom Jason the fifty year old helpful man couldn’t stand, and had his eye on her dying by his hand for a long time, now. And he watched obsessively as she turned to another female, whome he thought was being suckered at that very moment by the likes of Brittany, and little did she know that was.

Brittany was business partners with the owner of the boxing club, and so they needed a new girl to wine and dine the latest boxing talent, and here was the bait and meat that was speaking to Brittany a Tall light skinned girl, by the looks of her hair, she took care of the mane well. Once he found out that the owner was cheating him out of his ends on every weekly paycheck of a few bands, and that was like stabbing him and he’s yet to reveal his secret of knowing to anyone just yet, he did not want to blow his cover, of the under the radar man, whom and that he was. So keeping quiet was more steady and like his speed to him, unbeknownst that, he was going to find a way to confront the owner soon, enough and when he did, he wanted every penny back that was due him, in every way, and he had no other plan, that was only carried out by him, and the tall light skinned girl beside him talking to Brittany.

How much he was cheating me out of every week was still a mystery to him, in every way because he failed to see just what Brittany was really up to and why. So to change this he decided to leave early tonight, and went out to a new drug store off 5th street to dye his hair a color much darker than his blond locks and turned them into dark brown dreads, and after that he had to leave and go out again to those others whom been stealing his money, and he had to change up his schedule and wait for about fifteen hours outside of the owner’s house in a disguise of changed hair, and dark bushes, basically. Then he popped up not all that announced and approached the home from the back. With every intent on finding records of the books for the club himself, too see if he was really cheating himself, or not, was it just hear say, was not going to get left up to chance, and these new changed schulde because he never did ever appear here to his bosses like type of man and friends house before at this hour and to make such harsh judgments amongst the owner of the boxing club. Afterward Jason changed his cell phone and home number too, so that the owner of the boxing club could no longer have access to calling whenever he felt so inclined too.

Brittany found out about the changed phone numbers and has a friend who works in the phone company taps his phone records and gives his phone info to the owner of the boxing club Tommy’s anyway. This little event made Jason begin to suspect that his aim was to kill Jason instead of showing up to work like normal and usual Jason decided to make a little detour that morning and not heading right into John Mill of Steel but too that of Brittany’s place of residence of the sly, with the intent to confront her head on about all the bull that has gone on about the obsession with the young man, in the boxing ring, on the opening week. She played dumb once we got inside of there like she did not know anything about what was going on and this only fuled more fire in the anger and intense feeling and emotion of the sting of the betrayal of such a close allay, in the long run, this great wrong, was one that Jason felt like must be and get repaid, in like kind and manner right away today, while he was standing in the middle of her kitchen while she soundly slept and he crept up the steps, one at a time, going very slowly as not too wake the children that sleep next door, in the house above theirs, and then finally he was reaching the final landing of the stairwell, and kept his hand on the knob for a while, until this urge and rush of enengry right before a kill, on the and in the other side of the door lay prey, to all his problems, he turns the door handle and knobe, and goes in. He pins her with a look and steely words which were “GET YOUR ASS UP, OUT OF THAT BED”.

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