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The Chosen Six

By markhamsm10 All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Scifi


After being drugged and made to forget who she is, Raven is remade into what the Chosen Six want her to be: a soldier. There's only one memory leftover to remind her that the Six aren't the good guys. Can she get away from their grasp and find a way to live a normal life again without knowing who she was before the Six found her?


I just wanted to make a couple of extra bucks by helping out a friend. I can’t even remember his name now. They drugged and tortured me until I couldn’t remember what my life was like before they kidnapped me. They: the Chosen Six. I can’t remember the names of my parents, or what they looked like. I don’t know whether I have any siblings or a significant other before they took me. I’m not even sure Raven is my real name, or if it’s just the name the Chosen Six gave to me. I don’t even remember my age or birthdate. I think I’m in my mid to late 20s but I have no way to be sure.

Yet, no matter what they do, I will never forget the day the Six changed my life. They took me away from everything I loved and made me forget. That last memory is burned into my brain, though. Carved so deep that it’ll never fade. Which is why I hate that they made me forget the name of the friend I was helping that day. He was the reason I was in that park instead of safe at home. Wherever that was…

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