Lock and Key: The Daughter's Love

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A father-daughter duo works on building a relationship together after finding each other on a whim of fate. Both father, Xander, and his daughter Rayne will fight against all odds to be able to have the life they were denied for the past ten years. They face many trials and will have to overcome many problems from her drug-addicted mother, Jenna, to the other mafia families who want to overthrow Xander or marry into his ranks. After a new boyfriend has her released from rehab, Jenna makes a shocking comeback. She attempts to take Rayne as a bargaining chip, demanding that Xander hand over custody of their daughter, threatening to take whatever measures are necessary to get what she wants, even if it includes killing Rayne if necessary. In the midst of all the chaos, Xander and Rayne try to pick up the pieces of a shattered relationship while mending their hearts and coming to terms with all the pain they have been through over the months. Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles? Or will they remain broken and lost in their worlds? 

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New York City was entering the fall season as the weather started to cool down from the harsh summer heat waves. Many New Yorkers were down on the streets of New York, trying to get to work and deal with errands on the busy streets.

A man dressed in an expensive black suit was sitting in his office watching the people below busying themselves on the heavy streets. This man was known as the Grim Reaper in the mafia world and was known to be cold-hearted to everyone who did not know him. He was the Don of the Italian family, The Bianchi’s, one of the three Italian families. His mind was working out the information his ex had told him a few months back.

Xander Bianchi was not a man of many words, but he was a family man, and family means everything to him, especially in his line of work. The moment he pinpointed the good orphanage his daughter was living in, he found out and is now trying to figure out how to meet his ten-year-old daughter, who had endured enough bullshit in her young life.

When Xander realized that she was already in college at the tender age of ten, Xander felt like a proud father knowing how intelligent his little girl was. He chose to send in his twin brothers to attend the same college, hoping they could watch over her and become friends with their niece.

His brothers were excited to know that the mafia princess, their niece was out there, and when they found out that she was already in college, they both wanted to be the ones to protect her and bring her home.

The Don carefully set everything into motion, waiting for the right moment to meet with his daughter and bring her home away from the damn orphanage she has lived in since she was little.

“Don, Nickolai Volkov is here.” The Don waved in his men, who had escorted the young Russian Don to enter his office. “Nikolai, if you please take a seat, we can start our meeting.” “Of course, Xander. Let us begin.”


On the other side of the city, a young girl was busy dealing with two annoying men who decided that she was to be their friend. The twins did not know that the young girl knew who they were and was surprised to find her two uncles making their presence known to her.

She could only watch them argue back and forth over nothing while sitting in the café for lunch on campus. “Marco, Matt?” the young girl raised her small voice to get their attention. Both men stopped arguing to watch their little niece puff her cheeks out and glare at them. They could not prevent the grins from appearing on their faces when they could see how much she looked like Xander, their older brother.

“What is it, small fry?” “Marco, seriously? I may be small, but that is because I’m still a child, you doorknob!” the young girl moaned in frustration at her uncle. Both twins looked at each other, amused by their niece and friend.

“Hey, Rayne. You know we don’t mean to call you these nicknames to hurt you? We care for you, and that is just our way to show our love for you, princess.” Rayne pouted and glared at them, knowing Matt was correct with how they treated her. With a heavy sigh, Rayne stood up and stretched her arms above her head, giving them both a hug and kiss on their cheeks before she left for her last class of the day.

The brothers watched their little niece go, and they knew that she would be home soon enough. “Matt, do you think Xander will make the first me or that Rayne might make the first move?” “I don’t know, brother. I know that Rayne knew who we were and what we were to her. It seems that someone or maybe Jenna told her about her father.” Matt said while pulling out his phone and texting his brother that Rayne knows who they are to her. “Let’s get to class, Marc.” “Fine.” Both brothers left the cafe knowing that their niece would be alright and Xander would deal with the rest to bring the princess home.


The sun was setting on new york when our tiny Rayne decided to hack into the FBI database to look for more information on her father and his mafia. She was sitting at her desk, going through many different firewalls, taking them all down to find what she was looking for about her father. When she found what she was looking for, she noticed that her roommate came back with an unknown male that was drunk as well.

With the headphones on, she could ignore all of the noise and sounds coming from the other room, knowing that it was not suitable for a child to hear. Rayne left the FBI database with a groan, ensuring that no one could trace her back to her IP address.

Rayne shut her computer off and closed her bedroom door, locking it so no one could get in. She did her nightly routine before she went to bed, dreaming about the day meeting her father and being happy for once in her young life, hoping that she would have her father’s love and not have to fight against the world alone.

Rayne knew that she was only a burden to everyone around her, even to her uncles. Rayne’s mind has been trying to figure out who had sent them and why they sent them to her when she was a nobody, a young orphan girl trying to figure out her place in the world.

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