The Rogue Alpha

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Abigail Lion-heart isn't the pretiest or the most desired wolf, but she's shy and content with her body, but not everyone sees her the way she does. The Rogue Alpha ; Hunter has been a rogue for over ten years now. He was banished when he killed his father. He has been in search of a very special Wolf that will help him take back his power of a true Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack but little does he know that the Wolf is no t only destined to be by his side but his brothers. Together they have to face a tractor to their pack and a war between them, The Great Moon Pack and Shinning Dawn Pack who are All eager to take what is theirs will anyone be successful enough to take the one Wolf who can stop or bring war to all packs on a hundred mole radius. Abby had no idea how powerful her or her heirs are, will she find out before everything burns? before it all turns to ice. Girls hate her for being her and bully her. Guys treat her like shit. So imagine when you find out your mate is none other than the most doated on boy in your pack, the bad boy Christian Cole. Betta to Tyrone Shane the Alpha of the great moon pack. Your bully. You reject and you run like f**k. Only one problem the asshole has marked you, you run and reject him and seather all ties to the great moon pack and run into unknown territory, a territory full of rogues.

Thriller / Fantasy
Emma Louise
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I felt immense pain as my bones started to crack. I knew it was time my wolf was coming out and I was scared. I was picked up and taken outside. “King, the queen, it’s time.”

“Place her down for all to watch to see what he has given up.”

What was he talking about? I was no one a gammas daughter, no one looked twice at even my mate who had claimed me when all I wanted to do was reject him.

I ran thinking I was safe now I feel dejected. Did this Rogue King know more than me more than he was letting on?

I shifted painfully as evenness stood in a gaze, in awe as my wolf began to take form.

I stood on all fours a pure white wolf with ice blue paws and sparkling topaz ice blue eyes.

I heard a growl “MATE.”


I looked around.

“She’s not your mate anymore, she’s mine!” The Rogue King growled.

“Then we shall fight to death then the last one standing will claim her ”


I took steps back. “Protect you queen, I’ll deal with this low life betta.”

“Bring it on Rogue ”

They both howled, jumped at each other clawing and snapping at each other. The rest of the wolves and rogue’s attacked each other fighting to the death. I looked around the bloody battlefield I had to get out of here.

“Run!” A voice in my head said and that’s exactly what I did. I ran as fast as I could away from the angry and power driven betta and the power hungry King of rogues. Was this why he kept me alive?

I wasn’t wasting another second. I had to get out of here and keep my babies alive and safe.

“I’m glad to finally meet you, Abby. I am Storm, your wolf, it’s just a pity about the circumstances.”

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere safe where neither your mate or that deranged bastard Rogue can find us or the pups they are more powerful than any one of those rogue’s know we have to protect them from their bastard father.”

“I agree.”

So that’s what me and storm did. We ran and ran deep into the night until we found a safe place for me to bring up my pups, alone.

That was six years ago, the twins were now five going on six. I’d flew 6000 miles just to get away from them.

I should’ve realised when I was taken in the Rogue wanted something from me: My powers. I am a very rare wolf. My wolf was called ice and she liked me to wax a descendant of the moon goddess. I guess that’s why I was paired with that useless prick. I am surprised it wasn’t his alpha as I am ind if the highest ranks as we only come to surface every millennium.

My parents hadn’t even told me that I was special, they thought I was worth nothing and I wasn’t important enough cause we were the lowest of the low in our pack we were always frowned upon and rendered useless we were used and abused by the pack members. I guess I wouldn’t have been if they had knew my true identity.

Even though I was classed as a Rogue and even lived like a Rogue. The Shadow Pack had taken me in and given me a house and a warm bed to sleep in. I was forever grateful to them.

I have never forgotten the day I shifted if will be forever scarred in my memory.

I have never once told my children who their father is because I knew that he would use them for their powers. They were so much stronger than mine because their father was a betta and I was a descendant of the moon goddess. I was happy there were the twins but I knew if they even came close to even finding us we would have to leave. I couldn’t let these kind hearted wolves suffer because of me.

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