Green Emerald Painted Crimson

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The world was hit by an unexplainable catastrophe - in the midst of this mysterious era, Luna Lilith was born. Living on the most unapproachable island was supposed to be peaceful, but the little whispers in her head and the shivers she felt whenever she looked into a mirror remembered her that, the woman with vicious eyes, was always watching her, waiting patiently, for her to stumble upon a black stone.

Thriller / Horror
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Trigger Warnings: The following contains depictions of violence (in any form), suicide, and gore. Reader discretion is advised.

A/N: After some reviews, I realized that this story needed some editing. I only wish to give the best experience to my readers :)

The first chapters are short. But after that, I wrote longer and more detailed chapters.

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The reflection in the mirror is twisted.

I see a young woman with long black hair, her light green eyes have a malicious intent and her expression displays coldness, but there is a smile hiding on the corner of her lips.

“Do it,” she whispers.“Go ahead, they deserve it.”

My hands tremble, trying to overcome the temptation. I bite my lip so hard that a metallic taste comes over them. My hand moves to my inner thigh, sticking my fingers inside the transparent stocking, brushing them on the small metal blade that I had placed there. It gives me a thrill, I want more, I need more.

I hear a click, and the door behind me opens. I want to look but I fear what I might do if I actually did, so I remain frozen in place.

“Luna you’re taking forever in the bathroom.” I recognize the voice, it’s Anna Green, my best friend. I turn around, and see her expression change from annoyed to worried. “Are you okay?” Her voice is almost inaudible. I sense a wet drop running down my bottom lip, oh.

I slap my cheeks with both hands to get out of this abrupt trance, “Yeah of course, you know how clumsy I am.” I laugh it out, using my tongue to clean the small drop of blood. Anna gives me back the annoying glare and walks away, I turn to the mirror in a second, and see that she’s gone…the young woman with green eyes.

I exit the bathroom and descend the stairs. This mansion is crowded with people, mostly rich snobs with foreign accents. I take a deep breath, and tilt my head to the left, observing the beautiful scenery through the wide window. Red camellia’s are splattered all across the garden.

I live on the most solitary island on the globe, called Caeruleam. We are known for being unfriendly to outsiders, thus, the world involves us in swirls of gossip and scandals to taint our image. They have claimed many things. That we aren’t normal human beings, that we are descendants of the devil, that we are planning on overtaking other lands and so much more.

Some of these things might be true, and others, not so much. But I’m not one to care about what surrounds me, where I came from, or what society thinks. Maybe I lack the motivation to live...that wouldn’t be too surprising.

I take a lengthy sigh, enough spacing out, I need to find Anna. She must be thinking that I’ve lost my mind. I have to stop acting strange.

I can’t believe I was talking with the mirror again.

“Luna!” My mother waves her small hand in between the crowd, I walk towards her with a meaningless smile.

“Yes?” I answer, taking a sip from the sweet champagne that a waitress offered me.

“This is Michael Brown, he’ll be your companion for the evening.” She gives off a radiant, yet threatening smile for me not to reject.

“I’m already with Anna though.” I speak unamused.

Here we go again with the matchmaking, and with a Vallerian nonetheless.

“Then just introduce him to her too.” Now she glares.

I glimpse at Michael who hasn’t muttered a word until now, he looks at me shyly and greets me politely. He has soft dimples, but they aren’t very visible since he is only giving me a half smile, and his curly brown hair makes him look like a cartoon character, for bouncing at the slightest movement.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Luna.” I greet him, meeting his dark eyes. We shake hands and I tell him to follow me.

The Vallerians were known as Americans in the past. And some of them were even from old England, but after an eventful disaster, their new leader “Adrian Valle” changed their nationalities to Vallerians. I’m not particularly fond of outsiders, but nevertheless, I obey my mother and take Michael with me.

We walk through the crowd, until I see Anna at a corner, furiously texting on her phone as if arguing with someone.

“Anna, I brought someone for you to meet.” I interrupt her, covering her mobile with my hand to grasp her attention. She looks at my thin fingers for a while, probably judging the black nail polish, I know she hates it. She lifts her head and glares at the man.

“Hi, I’m Anna.” Her monotone voice must’ve made him feel discouraged to even speak, anyone can tell that we aren’t in the mood.

“I’m Michael, Michael B-Brown, n-nice to meet you ladies,” he bites his lips nervously, “I own a pretty big shot bar at the moment, if you’re interested, you could visit one of these days…ah, but I know people from this island barely go out though.” He approaches, ranting about his achievement with a grin that seems to be giving an underlying motive, or maybe I’m just paranoid.

I furrow my eyebrows, already impatient with this boring man. I turn to Anna and see her smirk back at him while playing with her hair. “Only some people, I wouldn’t mind seeing your bar.”

Sometimes I forget how persuaded she can be.

I roll my eyes, “Anna, we barely know him.” I spit.

“And the only way to get to know him is by hanging out with him.” She spits back.

Ugh, she’s just impenetrable.

The guy passes his number to Anna, they giggle making sparks appear all around them. Anna blinks from time to time, her dark blue eyes resembling those of a cat, as if she’s a charming princess trying to find her prince. After long torturous minutes, the guy finally says goodbye, being daring enough to kiss her on the cheek, basically at the corner of her lips, and leaves.

“Are you done?” I ask sarcastically.

“Oh stop being so dense, this is exactly why you’ve never dated.” She starts walking outside.

“And this is exactly why you’re considered the easiest girl to hook up with on the island.” My anger gets the best of me, I clench my fists as I follow behind her. She suddenly stops, making me bump into her back.

Everything happens so fast, her pale hand lands on my right cheek, and a stinging sensation comes over me…I just got slapped. I can't even react, the people around us murmur and laugh, and all I can see is Anna’s icy eyes. “Don’t cross your boundaries, I’m sick of you acting like you’re all that.” She turns and disappears from my vision.

My hands start trembling again. I don’t want to see the woman from the mirror, not now, this was just a ridiculous disagreement, there’s no need to overreact.

I soothe myself with the cold breeze that travels up my legs, savoring my skin under the gray dress. After composing myself together, I start walking again.

As I step out of the mansion, I’m met with a sky covered in a black mattress. With the gray light of the moon illuminating the island. Even though we’ve never seen a star shine above us for centuries, we are compensated with a dazzling ocean around the island that has a light blue glow from the shores, until hundreds of meters deep in the ocean. Anyone can see the glow from a distance, that’s how outstanding it is.

Thus, the name Caeruleam suits our island the best, since it means light blue.

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