Kidnapped Besties

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This is a story a bestfriends Ava and Erin. They grew up with each other, thier moms have been bestfriends. One night after a thier Graduation party both girls were too drunk to drive home and both didn't have service to call home. They decided to walk it was only a few miles and they figured they could make it but on the way home it started to rain and a nice looking man stopped and offered a ride not thinking too much about it the girls were grateful but the man passed up the turn to Avas house and when the girls tried to open the door to get out they find out the door handles on the inside of the car was broken. I am Ava and this is our story. -This is a kidnapping story and will contain many triggers, please be mindful before reading-

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

We finally finished high school, and it's about time. All those hard school years have taken us to this point. I'm beyond thrilled to be done, as is Erin. We're both staying close to home in the fall. We'll be attending college a few hours away from home.

Erin and I share the same ambition of becoming lawyers. Our mothers both claim that we can argue about anything and always win.

We got lucky that school actually has an excellent program. We wanted to go somewhere that had a good law program. Also neither of us wanted to leave our families behind.

"Girls smile!"Erin's mom Alice called out, waving one hand towards the other that's holding a camera as she takes pictures of us in our cap and gown once the graduation ceremony was over."We are so proud of you both! Keeping 4.0 gpas all through school and headed to Richmond Law next year!" She shouts, happily.

Erin and I have been standing in this same spot for about twenty minutes. Obeying both of our mothers when they tell us to pose for a picture. They are both picture happy and it does not help that Erin's mom is actually a photographer.

I know they each have to have at least ten photos albums of just us.

"I know! They could not have done any better. We are all so proud of them." My mom Layla said, happy tears rolling down her face." Oh, get that one. It's a good shot! We are going to have to get these blown up."

"Yes! I was so worried about having to find a hair stylist for them so last minute but poor Carley did not mean to go into labor." Mrs. Layla said, pressing the button, taking several pictures of Erin and I.

"Poor thing. The baby came a month early. Thank goodness that Emily was able to squeeze them in this morning." My mom said, leaning on Mrs. Layla's back to get a good look at the photos that were being taken.

"Okay, ladies. Enough. Yall got enough pictures. Let them relax and go chat with their friends."Erin's dad Mike said, before pulling her into a hug." I'm proud of you, baby girl."

"Thank you daddy." She whispered, her eyes getting watery as she hugged her daddy back just as tight as he was hugging her.

"Yes. Let's let them be." My step dad Jamie said, stepping up to me and looking down with a look filled with pride. "You know, you have always been my daughter Ava. You may not be my blood but in my heart you're mine. My baby girl and I'm so proud of you angel."

Hearing him say those words to me has my own eyes watering and my throat closing up with emotions. He has always been there for me, him and my mom started to date years ago. I was three years old. My real dad had gotten into a wreck with a drunk driver. He lost his life when I was one year old. It was not a typical step daughter hating her new step father thing. I was too young to really understand what was happening. All I knew was Jamie was super good to my mother and I.

"Thank you, Dad." I smiled, leaning on my toes, kissing him softly on his cheek and when I look back I see the fight to keep his own emotions in check. "You're my dad too. I could not ask for a better one than you." I whispered to him, but apparently my mom having super mother ears heard.

"Oh, goodness. I'm going to ruin my make-up. We better go before we are all just crying messes and embarrass our girls." My mom cried, coughing softly to clear her voice.

"Yall are too much. Go. Go on. We have some partying to do and some fun to be having because we are finally out of high school." Erin playfully yelled. Swinging her arms around me, pulling me close and smacks her lips hard against the side of my head.

"Yall have fun tonight. Don't drink and drive and if yall need please call us. We will go get yall. Have fun but remember to stay safe." Mr. Mike started to lecture us, looking between us both with a serious look on his face.

"Yeah, yeah, daddy. We know. You said the same thing for years. We got it. We know." Erin said playfully, rolling her eyes.

"Don't take anything to drink from someone yall do not trust." My dad added, grinning down when I give him an exasperated look.

"Go." I said, raising my hand towards the parking lot, towards their vehicles.

Our parents all walked away, our dads having to basically drag our moms away. Mrs. Layla tried to snap a few more pictures.

"Im coming, Mike! They only graduate high school once! I need some pictures."Erin's mom grunts when, Mr. Mike grabbed the camera out of her hand.

"You took at least a hundred pictures. We have enough dear." Her dad laughs, shooting us a wink before dragging his wife away.

We won't be seeing them until tomorrow, we are going straight to the lake where a boy in our year Logan is throwing the party. His parents own one of the houses on the lake and they volunteered it for us tonight. That way we would all have somewhere safe to celebrate the end of high school.

Looking around I see all the families hugging and kissing on their kids, all smiling and proud of them for taking that next step in life and it's wonderful. Erins and my family have always pushed us to do our best and that's exactly what we gave our best.

We actually picked to become lawyers from a movie called Legally Blonde. They both were one of our favorite movies when we were children. We wanted to be able to help the families get justice for their wronged ones and it just so happened that Erin and I had the same exact thoughts.

We are not besties for nothing.

"Bitch, can you believe we are finally done with high school?" Erin sighed, leaning her head on my shoulder, looking towards the school.

"No. It hasn't fully kicked in yet." I laughed, looking with her, remembering the past four years of our lives. "It will be in the morning though, when we don't have to get up early for school on a Thursday."

It has always just been Erin and me, and we like it like that. Don't get me wrong, we have other friends. Of course, all the girls on the school dance team as well, but it's not the same. We have always been there for each other and had each other's backs no matter what.

People say we complemented each other, different but yet still the same. I have brunette hair and Erin is a blonde. She is the one with the quick temper and I have always been the one to think before acting. She is more of a bad girl type. She likes to wear black and leather and I like my cute pastel colors. Even though we are so different, we both just click. She has had numerous boyfriends over the past few years and I have only had one. Him and I dated for a good two years though. None of her relationships lasted longer than six months.

Complete opposites.

Completely the same.

It's weird but it works for us both.

She loves horror movies, she loves the blood and the gure. I like my sweet romances like the Notebook. I am also scared of the dark so when she forces me to watch one of those dang movies. I end up keeping her awake all night, for two reasons. One is I'm scared and the other is just payback. If I can't sleep, she isn't going to sleep either.

"Erin. Ava" turning our heads, we see Maddie Collens calling, walking towards us.

"Yall ready to party?" She sung out, smiling huge. She is definitely a party girl like my bestie.

I can get drunk with the rest of them, I just rather take my time and slowly get drunk, not go balls to the wall with shots.

"Hell, yes! I'm ready to get wasted." Erin said, excitement fills her voice.

"We are about to head out. Everyone is going to meet over at Logans within the next hour or so." Rachel Barben said as she joined our little circle.

It's now 6pm and the party is supposed to formally start around 8 but we want to all go swimming before we start drinking.

"I need to stop at my house first. My mom got us some drinks. Yall know I can't stand beer." Maddie groaned, making a sour looking face, like just mentioning the word beer has her ready to puke.

"Get me drunk enough, and I'll drink anything." Erin said, a smirk forming on her lips.

"Oh, don't we know." I giggled, raising my hand up and slapping her arm playfully.

Many nights have spent, holding my besties hair back. When she had to toss up everything in her stomach because she partied a little too hard. I can't complain because she has held my hair back a time or two before.

"Oh, hush you."Erin laughed, sticking her tongue out at me.

I swear my bestie is crazy but I freaking adore her.

"See yall there!" Maddie said as she turned, walking towards her white suv parked in the parking lot.

Erin and I drove here together. We both knew we would be drinking tonight. We did not want to worry about having to deal with two vehicles.

We drove my blue Doge Charger today. Just like men name their truck sometimes well I named my baby.

Blue Jay.

Like the bird because that bitch can fly down the road. My mom was actually against getting me that car. For my first one when I had turned sixteen but my dad talked her into it. He told her that was my dream car and I was his dream daughter.


He won that argument.

Thank god.

"Let's go bestie." Erin said, looping her arm into mine and dragged me towards my car.

"I'm glad our parents thought to give us our drinks before leaving. I would hate to have to go back to one of our houses for that. Our moms would not let us leave. Yours would start shoving that camera at us again." I told her, digging my car keys out of my purse, pressing the unlock button.

We actually lived next door to each other, that was our moms doing, so whichever house we went to the other parents would see.

"Right. They fussed about it at first but come on, they were our age once. They know we are going to drink tonight one way or the other." Erin, groaned. She is probably remembering the conversation we had with our parents the other night over dinner. We had to talk them into getting us some drinks. We feel safer when we are at a party if we have our own. You never know what someone may put into the drinks.

Once we both finally climbed inside my car, we looked at each other and smiled. This summer is going to be the best. Our families are going on vacation together in a few weeks to Spain and we are excited for that. We both plan on having the best summer of our lives before we head out to Richmond Law.

"Look us at girl. We did it. One step closer to our dreams." Erin giggled, bending down, slipping her heels off her feet. "God, I can't stand wearing those things. I would have been much happier to wear my converse." She said, frowning as she switched her heels for her converse.

Erin's mother had to actually bribe her daughter into wearing those black heels. Erin hates wearing anything that makes her already long legs look even longer. Mrs. Layla had told her that she could not wear her black converse with her black dress. It was not going to happen. She told Erin to think about the pictures. Erin had eventually given in just to shut her mom up about it but had fussed the entire way here this morning.

"I love mine. Mom and I found them at Dillards." I told her, looking down at my floor board, looking over my baby blue pumps, the color matched my dress.


My mother was so excited as soon as she seen them, she had quickly snatched it up before anyone else could get their hands on them.

"Want to stop for food before heading to the party?" Erin asked while I put my car into reverse, and started to back out the parking lot.

"What are you thinking?" I asked her. I should have known she would be hungry again. We had gone to eat with our parents earlier today for lunch but Erin could put down some food.

"McDonald's? I could go for a hot and spicy." She said, looking at me with hopeful expression.

"You had me at hot and spicy. Let's go." I laughed, she knows that's one of my favorite things to eat at McDonald's.

The spicy patty.

The mayo.

The lettuce.

God my mouth is already starting to water, just thinking about it.

"Yay!" She clapped her hands, acting silly as I drove out of our schools parking lot for the last time. "Food and then party. Woo hoo."

Shaking my head, I smile at her and drove towards McDonald's.

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